We are engaged (Part 15)

Hey guys shrukar is back. Sorry guys my trip is extended so i can’t update but ya from now i will be regular i swear. And ya i want to share a good news with you all as you are my friends. So the news shrukar aka shruti kirloskar is engaged viren mathur.

Good news right. I am so happy u know. At present i am studying & he to the same. After 2 years it will be our marriage. I am so so so excited i can’t explain. I just love him a lot.

So please atleast consider my apology & please comment & ya if you people are no more interested on my ff then i will end it for sure.

So here we are

Nandini’s p.o.v continues

I lay there on the bed thinking to myself. What happens if my wolf wakes up, but I still don’t know how to control it ? And what will happen when i can’t control it? Will i become weak like before?

The door opened & manik walked in. He went to the laptop & turned it on. I was still lying on the bed. I turned my head to face him.

“What are you doing? I am bored.” I said & got up walking next to him.

“Nothing just the wedding ” he said & i looked at the screen.

“Can atleast a day pass without the wedding being mentioned ?” I asked.

“I am sorry . You are right the wedding is far away and it is uncomfortable for it to be mentioning every second of the day .” He said & got up.

I looked at him “tell me”, i said ” do you want this wedding, anyways? ”

He stared at me for a while ” Well this wedding is a big part of my life . It is something that i want to remember for the rest of my life. ” Then he looked away “i want to marry some one that i love and that person should…. love me back. ”

There was a moment of silence in the room, an uncomfortable silence.

“What happens if the person you are marrying to doesn’t. …. love u back?” I asked. It was weird asking this question and it felt weird when it came out of my mouth.

It was quite for a whole moment & then he finally spoke “can we drop this topic? ”

I wondered to myself , how am I going to survive?

“Manik ” i said ” i have a lot of questions about. .

“I said don’t bring the topic up” manik said.

“I will not” i said.

“Then what is it?” He asked and sat down on sofa.

“Is there such things as mates in werewolf world? ”


“I was wondering is it true that you could only love your mate and you can’t pick who your mate is” I asked.

“Where did you hear that? ”

“Stories, fairy tale, fantasy etc….”

“Well it is true because your mate is chosen by your soul. And you have to love your mate no matter what. You are not force to love your mate, but you just naturally love your mate. Your mate is your other half. If your mate dies, then you can never love someone and you will die along with your mate. Even if you did love someone you don’t have that type of feelings that you get from your mate. In some rare cases, a female werewolf could have more than one mate. But in that case, the werewolf happens to get angry and fight. They would fight for the female & the last one standing is proven to be the real mate. ” i nodded.

“Is it true that werewolves eat the raw meat? ”

He chuckled “unfortunately yes”.

I gasped & said “ewwww “.

He laughed “ok lets move on to the next question “.

“Wait so you are saying that after i am not sick , i can really eat raw meat and think it is the best thing in the whole world ?” I asked.

“Yeah” manik chuckled.

“And you are also saying that we are. …..mates?” I asked.

“I guess because my mom and dad won’t get me marry someone that i can’t love” he whispered.

Ishq wala love plays

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  1. Inu

    superb epi. I am so eager to know about nandu’s pov after the last statement of manik. Post next one soon dear.

  2. First of all congratulations shruthi episode is awesome

  3. Awesome episode and congratulations shruti

  4. Abeeha

    Congratulations to you may God bless you

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