We are engaged (Part 14)

Hey guys its me shruti. Yes yes yes you guys can scold me. You all have that right too. But please yar forgive me for being but what to do my situation is difficult so i can’t update till now & ya another bad news is i am going to trip for 1 week from tomorrow & i will be back on 11th. So in these days i cannot update. Sorry for that seriously.

But ya i will if incase i got any chance i will update for sure. Ye vaada raha. Thanks for your lovely response.

Here we are

“You really feel this nervous about me next to you right? ” he asked being so close to me.

In bg saare hadhe meri ab meine tod dhi plays (from hasi song)

He silently got up and left the bed. I am watching him from the corner of my eyes he went to closet & grabbed a blanket and went to sofa & laid down. I didn’t feel sleepy & walked over to the window & sat down and i stared at the moon.

Same hasi bg continues

The wedding is going to be held after two weeks & it was getting close. I am confused about my life.

Next morning

I woke up on the bed with the blanket on top of me. Weird how i came here? Hope i didn’t sleep walk. I freshen up & went to down for breakfast.

Mrs Malhotra : Nandini aren’t you suppose to be on bed right now?

Nandu : No why?

Mr. Malhotra : Don’t you feel sick.

Nandu : no what’s the matter? Why every one seems worried?

Mr Malhotra : Ok lets talk about this after breakfast.

Manik looked at me & i looked away. I quickly finished my breakfast.

Mr Malhotra : Are you sure you are ok nandini?

Nandu : Yes i am fine.

Mrs Malhotra : Thats unusual.

Mr Malhotra nodded.

“What’s unusual? ” I asked.

They looked at me & said “you are suppose to be sick after you eat medicine. It is a pill to wake your inner self up. ” they explained.

“What do you mean the ‘inner-self’ is a werewolf inside me? ” I asked.

“Yes but I don’t know why it is not working ” they said.

“Maybe if she eats it long enough it will work ” Mrs Malhotra said, ” the werewolf is probably deep asleep “.

“Sure you took the pills ” Mrs Malhotra asked.

“110% sure” i said.

“I have to investigate on this case. This never happen before. ” Mr Malhotra said.

“Is it possible that my wolf would never wake up “. I bursted it out in accident.

“Never that never happens before . I don’t think that it is possible that it could happen. I has to wake up. But in your case the pill before the new one that I have prescribed it your wolf to calm down. We have to make the wolf asleep because you don’t know how to control it. The inner you is very wild. But now this medicine wakes the wolf up. Now that you are grown up you will be able to control it. ” Mrs Malhotra explained.

My head spun.

“May i be excuse? ” I asked.

They nodded “i know this is a lot to sink in, but soon you will deal with it. Now you go & rest.”

I walked into my room & threw myself on the bed. She starts thinking “what happens if my wolf wakes up but still i don’t know how to control it. And what will happen when i can’t control it? ”

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