We are engaged (Part 11)

Hey guys shrukar aka shruti kirloskar is here with another thrilling episode. Guys i hope u are my ff so much. Thanku for your encouragement & ya guys please take my request that i want more comments.

I know i am getting awesome response from you but please yar i am getting very less. So this is my sincere request to you guys is please if u know any of manan fans please tell them about my ff & please ask them to do read my ff.

Please please please do this for me guys.

Now i will start buttering you all & here we go in to the story.

Manik’s house.

Nandini after knowing about her truth that she is a werewolf she is in utmost shock & not even talking to anyone. Manik is quite worried about her.

Nandu’s p.o.v

Next day morning i woke up & want to take a shower. I got up and went to grab a t-shirt and pant.

I headed towards the bathroom but the moment i was about to close the door, the door was flew open. There was loud giggling & i was nearly knocked over. There were maidens in the bathroom giggling or setting up something. I raised my eyebrow.

“Umm” i said & every one turned to me but they were still giggling & talking.

“Excuse me this is bathroom & i am planning to take….. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHJH” i screamed.

I swear this is the craziest thing that happened to me. One of the maiden stepped forward & started undressing me.

“What the hell are you doing? ” i screamed but this time everything stop. The bathroom was in silence & you can hear a pin drop from the basket that a maid was holding.

“What do you mean, sweet heart?” One of the maid asked.

“What are you doing in the bathroom? I am trying to take a shower.” I said.

“What do you mean? We help you, we…..” Another maid said but i interrupted.

“I can take a shower on my own. I don’t need any help. ” I told them.

“We are hired to help you. We can’t just sit around & do nothing. We got paid for this. We are your personal makeup artist, personal spa worker, make-over agent, personal cloth maker, dress preparer. ……” they went on & on & on about what they do. I rolled my eyes.

Does this family suffer this everyday i thought.

“So??? What is this all about? ” i asked & sat on the side of bath tub.

“Well” said another maid ” We are supposed to make you look perfect tonight. The first dinner with the king, queen and prince. ”

I stared at them. “Who?” I asked.

“The king, queen and prince. ” said the maid. She made it sound like i am a stupid.

“Ok i know but who are they?” I asked.

“You know Mr Malhotra? ??? He is the king. Mrs Malhotra is queen & manik is the prince.” They said.

I gasped it was weird.

“WE ARE ALL OF THEM ” manik’s voice echo in my head. Now i got what manik means.

Maybe he is a royalty. I am starting to have a feeling this is coming more & more true. The ugly truth. I know from now my life never considered as normal.

“King and Queen of what? ” i asked. “And is it true that they are werewolf? ” i asked quietly. I really wanted to find the truth and i don’t want to pretend like am listening to a fantasy story. I just want them to tell me that this whole thing is not true.

“Don’t be silly, of course they are. ” one of the maid said.

“Ok sweetheart lets not worry about these things. We have to get you ready for the big night. ” Another maid said.

Everything is setup. The bathtub is filled & full of bubbles. The make-up was set up on the sink, the towel, bathrobe & the slippers were ready.

“Did you pick this outfit?” Maiden asked & i nodded in yes.

“I can’t believe -i mean. Ok forget it i will help you in picking another outfit.” I think she is my personal cloth maker.

I told the maid to go out & come back later when i finished the bath. She went out & i got into bath tub & started to relax but again they came back giggling.

Uff not again i thought.

They gathered around me & started their job. They were taking my hair & washing it with this green thing & rubbing it with green leaves. Another started massaging my shoulders & putting long black oval stones on my shoulders. My muscles are starting to relax a little it was good.

Then another grabbed my hand & started massaging my arms, hands & fingers. Another maid was massaging my feet & using cool ooze that makes my feet feel good. I was glad i am not ticklish there. I really like this whole thing.

Thats it. Sorry guys i know its boring but its necessary to show how royal is manik’s family. Please bear me & ya please dnt forget to inform your friends about my ff & please comment.

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  1. Inu

    Superb epi but i think nandu will feel so awkward.

    1. Shrukar

      Ya u are right is was awkward

  2. Y dont u upload it regularly…. I always wait for u and this and look plzz make it longer it is so short and let me tell u onffonethintht u r a amazing writer I like ur ff alot and I only and only wait for u………… Plzzzxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update regularly

    1. Shrukar

      Thanq shaira ur comment means a lot to me & ya i update regularly

  3. Very gud but can update a long epi next time i wanna enjoy it at a single time fuĺy

    1. Shrukar

      Sure aanchal thanq

  4. Very nice. .. nandu is in a really award position. .. ha ha ha… really great. .. i think ur ff is very good. . Keep going. .. update soon. .

    1. Shrukar

      Thanq luna

  5. Nyc dear

    1. Shrukar

      Thanq aswini

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