We are engaged (Part 10)

Hey guys shruti is again here. Sorry sorry sorry guys very late na. U can scold me if u want. I have no objection. Anyways thanks for your lovely response & after reading them i am feeling complete.

Here we go

So upto the story till now manik & his family tells nandu about her health condition & the fact about her being werewolf.

“Yes you do have a power and i want to say next is that you are truly a. …werewolf. ” Mrs Malhotra continued.

Ok i know they are rich but they are seriously having problems telling me that i am a werewolf? Ridiculous. I thought.

“WEREWOLF? ” i asked.

“Remember your mom told you that you were born weak?” Mr Malhotra said.

I turned to him and nodded.

“You are weak when you were born. You have problems and I don’t mean mental problems but inner-self problems. ” He said.

My mouth hung. They seriously want me to believe them? And inner-self problem, what is that?

“What do you mean? ” I asked. I trying to act cool.

“You know how we said that you have power? When you were born your power was too strong causing your body to be tired. Your power was so strong that you couldn’t control it yourself, the power was wild. You lose a lot of energy like that and you soon became weak. ” Mr Malhotra explained.

I nodded my head.

“We are not joking. You are a werewolf and we all are.” Mrs Malhotra said & stared at me. I stared into her eyes.

And the next thing happen, scared me so much i nearly lost my breath. I stared into Mrs Malhotra’s electrical blue eyes and it turned to silver that next second i blink. I gasped but as fast as it came, it went away in left them a blink of an eye. I froze.

This time i knew they were not just talking, but they are saying the truth.

“The old pill that we have prescribed for you before was to slow down your inner pressure. Now your power is well-control. ” Mrs Malhotra continued “the new silver pill is to wakes your inner-self up.”

I stared at her. I couldn’t believe how scary it is to find out the truth about me.

“This pill will make you sick for a while. ” Mr Malhotra said. “You will start taking pill from now. Any questions? ” he asked again. I shooked my head.

“You can leave now” he said. I stood up like lifeless & manik hold my arms for support but i took it off saying let me go.

I am confused & scared about this whole thing. I walked back to the room not talking to manik or even making any eye contact.

“Nandu, i. ..” manik said but i interrupted him.

“I don’t want to hear anything. I am tired. ” i said . “Just leave me alone. ”

“Okay just one thing you dnt have to take the medicine if you don’t want. I will talk to dad.” He said & held my arms.

I hate how he always touches me.

“Stop bothering me” i said. “And i am going to take the medicine. ” i went off & sat near the window.

My life is so messed up right now. I thought & frowned.

My eyes skimmed over the forest.

I wonder what is in that forest? It seems so mysterious.


The experience of different lifestyle.

Thats it. Hope you enjoy it. Please comment.

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  1. Superb dear

  2. raji-tamil magal

    superb epi… now im waiting for the scene where manan changes into werewolves

  3. Inu

    Superb. I am so eager to know what will happen furher.

  4. Great episode. Frankly speaking, I really love these supernatural stuff. I have few books about them. I used to wonder whether they really exist. I would love to become one. Your ff gets me hooked up. I can’t get your episodes off my head. After reading your ff, I have started to imagine if I am a vampire or a werewolf. Few say that I have sharp canines. Great going. Keep rocking.

  5. Wow. .. sooo excited about the next. … but when their differences will be solved? Can’t wait. … pls update soon … and this one was really good. ..???

  6. wow superb…. nice suspense

  7. Neehaa

    Shrukar this was amazing

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