The enemy within Shot 2


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Abhi was shocked to see Tanu like that.. Tanu immediately hugged him saying, I love you Abhi I don’t want to miss you please don’t leave me Abhi.. At that time Apartment door burst open, A crowd cheered, Happy birthday Tanu!!! Everyone including Pragya was shocked to see Abhi and Tanu in such an embrace.. Tanu pushed him and said, Thank God you guys arrived at the right time.(Adjusting her saree)
Abhi dint bother about anyone’s reaction. He went near Pragya and said, Pragya listen to me nothing happened like Tanu reacted when I came, this room was totally dark and… Pragya dint listen to him she went straight towards Tanu and slapped her across her face and said, Tanu I know you love Abhi and bit jealous of us being together but I never thought you will stoop so low to gain his attention, I am ashamed of you.. And you know what this was never love but pure lust.. She turned towards Abhi and said, Why don’t you recognize she was toying with you all the while, I know you are an Idiot but not a devil to do such a thing to a girl.. I thought you are a big guy, just now I realized you are a kid. Abhi was in mixed emotions right then he dint know how to react so he hugged her tight
.. Pragya was shocked but hugged him back.. Kaisa hai Ishq hai plays
Abhi said, I never realized all this while why I was so stubborn in gaining your trust, why i always wanted to be with you, why i always wanted to hear you speak, why i always wanted to be with you..

He knelt down before her and asked, Will you be with me forever as mine!? Pragya replied, Buddhu I realized my feelings for you whenever I saw you with Tanu.. I felt like drowning her in a hot tub of oil and make Tanu 65 and eat it..! Everyone was shocked to hear Pragya’s confession, she then realized she was in middle of a big group and felt embarrassed.. Tanu went missing amidst all these happenings.. Everybody started to search for her by then Abhi’s mobile phone rang it was Tanu.. Pragya snatched the mobile from him and put it on speaker so everyone could hear her.. Tanu said, Abhi I never expected Pragya will trust you this much!! Even before you two realized your love for each other I realized it that’s the reason why I had to do this drama and I can’t live without you Abhi I love you and will always continue to do so.. Abhi asked her, Where are you!?? She said I am at the edge of my life Abhi, wanted to speak with you before I die that’s why I called you.. Pragya realized that she was in terrace and signed Abhi to continue to speak with her.. Everyone rushed to the terrace. Abhi called out, Tanu…. Don’t please I beg of you. Tanu said, I am sorry Abhi I can’t live without you Good bye! Saying this she jumped off the terrace and met her end!! Abhi heard someone laughing and felt that it was coming from within him that Voice (which is now more loud and clear) said, At least you made me happy at the end! Wow that was a feast for my eyes, I will remember this day forever and ever.. Another Voice ( Gentle and feeble) said, How can you say something like this when someone has just died in front of our eyes.. Abhi can’t take this anymore his heart was filled with guilt and remorse. He shouted, Stop it both of you! I don’t want to hear anything anymore stop it I said stop it!! But in vain he heard those voices continuously and ran towards the edge of the terrace to jump off the terrace.. It took 5 people to pacify and bring him down.. Pragya hugged him tight and said, Nothing has happened I am with you calm down calm down. Abhi who was now tiered fighting with those voices within him slept off hugging Pragya.. The next he was taken to a psychologist to get treated…

After few months

Abhi is now all fine he seldom heard those voices nowadays and is very happy being with his chashmish! One day he got a call from an unknown number.
Guy, Hey do you want to know something about your love!?? Come to me I will tell you..
Abhi said, I know everything about my love you come to me I will tell you everything about her and said to himself who is this stupid. He was about to hang up the call by then that guy said, right now you will receive some pics in your Whatsapp please do check it and think whether to meet me or not I will call you again after another half an hour take your time to think and he heard the same kind of laughter he heard when Tanu passed away.. Abhi was about to say something but that guy hung up the call.. As mentioned Abhi received some pics in which both Pragya and Purab were found in compromising positions.. Abhi was shocked and enraged to see those pics.. He suddenly felt someone standing behind him he turned to see but none was there.. He turned back again.. A figure is seen standing behind him just like his shadow silently smirking.. After half an hour he just received a message saying
I KNOW YOU WILL DEFINITELY COME AFTER SEEING THOSE PICS and an address was found beneath that message.. He took his bike and drove to that place mentioned in that message. It was dark and secluded. It was a dark place with just a bulb above with minimal light…
Abhi asks, Who are you!?? (He couldn’t see clearly )
The figure standing in front of him says, I am you!! ( Ha ha ha ha ha)
Abhi gets shocked to see himself in front of him!!!
Other side
Pragya wonders where Abhi went, he dint inform me..
She heard a voice saying, Don’t worry he will be back..
She turned towards that voice and gets shocked…
( It’s a split screen where both Abhi and Pragya can be seen)
Both Abhi and Pragya ask simultaneously to that figure standing in front of them Who are you!? You exactly look like me!!!

To be continued in next shot

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