The enemy within shot 2 (Final Shot!)

Sorry guys I know it’s been a while I don’t even know what I wrote towards the end! Please forgive if it’s rubbish towards the end I just wanted to finish this off! Tisha
love your Journey of love always makes
my day! Maya direction of love awesome
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SA superb yaar! Tina where is my Vampire
Phobia!? I dedicate this Shot to missing friends Veni, Hateera and Anjali guys I miss you please come back waiting for your
stories!!! Thank you for every one who read
my stupid thoughts..

Recap : Abhi was very naughty from his
childhood and continued to be the same until he met Pragya. He used to hear voices within him disturbing him all the while. He
started to change himself for Pragya. In
between this his Friend Tanu (Chipkali) passed away leaving him in a trauma.. He got hospitalized and got better within
months but then he received a call saying
he wants to know about Pragya he has to come to a certain place, He reaches a place to find a figure just like himself
standing in front of him and gets shocked!
Pragya too hears a voice turns back to see someone and gets shocked.. Now let’s get into the story!

( It’s a split screen where both Abhi and Pragya can be seen)
Both Abhi and Pragya ask simultaneously
to that figure standing in front of them Who are you!? You exactly look like me!!!
This side ( Pragya and her look alike)
Her look alike replies, That’s because I am
you. Pragya ( confused state), What!? I don’t understand anything I am you what do you mean!??Her look like replies, To tell you clearly I am just a reflection of your
deeds Pragya. I am an Angel. (Don’t imagine Angel in pure white dress, imagine the Angel just looks like Pragya but you can see some sweetness in her face)
Pragya who is still in confused state speaks to herself, Who is this girl looks exactly like me and speaks stupid things

who is she!? There was a reply, What she
says is right she is just your reflection. Every time she hears the same voice but this time it dint come from within her but
from her look alike. She was shocked and
asked her look alike, What does this mean!? You are me !? Like the voice which used to guide me every time that was you!? So you are my Angel counterpart!?? So
whatever I used to hear from my childhood was true!? Angel and demon counterpart exists within us!? Her Angel replied, Yes my dear you are right.

Pragya asked, But I
heard Angel have halos above their head and wings too you don’t have any Her Angel replied, I told you I am just a reflection of your deeds halos and wings
really!? I don’t know who cooked up stories like that. Pragya said, Fine whatever let it be, I have a doubt. Angel said, Yes please.
Pragya asked, How did you know that Abhi
will be back, I mean you were saying it like you know what will happen next. Angel replied, I know because you strongly believe he will be back. Pragya asked, So if
I just believe he will be back, he will come back!? How is this possible!? Her Angel replied, Whatever happens to us is because
of our thoughts, Our thoughts becomes
action. If you strongly believe in something it will happen definitely.
The other side( Abhi and his look alike)
Guys imagine Abhi’s look alike with a guy
wearing shirt which is open and you can see a sculpted figure with blood shot eyes and angry look.

Abhi asked him who the hell are you!? His look alike replied, Yeah I belong to hell and
have come to take you to hell, Come with me.
Abhi was shocked and at the same time
couldn’t believe like something like this
happens.. Abhi again enquired him, Who are you!? His look alike replied, I am the reflection of your deeds. I am your demon
counterpart ha ha ha ha ha ( laughing
loudly).. Abhi then remembered he had heard this voice somewhere , then it hit him he was so angry that he barged towards
the demon but couldn’t do anything since
he wasn’t able to touch him. Simultaneously Pragya tried to touch her Angel but she wasn’t able to do. ( Split
screen) Both questions why can’t I touch
you!? And the reply they got was, I told you i am just your reflection, just like a shadow of yours. Abhi asked his demon, If what I
have heard in childhood is true then there
must be an Angel counterpart too why am I not able to see my Angel counterpart!?? I used to hear another voice too why is it so
quiet now!? The demon replied, Because
you completely destroyed your Angel counterpart with your suspicions towards Pragya who believed you even when
nobody believed in you…

The Angel
counterpart of Abhi came from behind him (Imagine Angel counterpart of Abhi looking exactly like Abhi but gentle in nature) and
said, Who said I was completely
destroyed!? I am still alive his love for Pragya ( pointing towards Abhi) kept me alive. Demon was shocked to see the Angel standing beside Abhi..

The other side ( Pragya and Angel)
Angel asked Pragya, Do you remember the
first time when you listened to me!?
Pragya said, I think I remember when I was a small kid playing in the park. Angel replied, Yes. And do you know who that boy

FB begins…
A small girl is seen playing in the park, she
notices a boy taking something from the
ground when she tried to see what it was she saw something shining in his hand. She thought of herself what must be that
shining stuff!? Then said to herself never
mind Pragya keep playing. Later she sees another boy searching for something in the ground. Pragya, Hey boy what are you
searching for!? That boy replied, For my
Rs.5 coin which my mumma gave me it’s missing, he was in the verge of crying. Pragya now understood what that shining
piece the other boy had earlier in his
hands. A voice within her (soft and gentle) said, You know what happened stick to the truth, help that small boy get his coin back. Another voice (bit harsh) said, Why do you
mind let the crybaby go to help mind your own business. But she listened to the gentle voice and said, I will get your Rs.5 coin don’t worry. At first she thought of approaching that boy, but she was little bi
t afraid seeing his huge structure. And again that gentle voice said, He seems to be tough guy so better approach his
The rough voice said, Oh really!? Miss. Not so smart listen to me mind your own business, if he comes to know that you complained to his parents he is gonna
bash you real bad. The gentle voice interrupted and said, Always stick to the truth no matter whatever happens, if you stick to the truth you will gain strength to
face any trouble. She became determined hearing this. She approached his parents and told them what happened and was
standing beside them.

Her parents called
her and she had to leave from there.
FB ends
Pragya asks her Angel excitedly, Who was that bad boy!? Angel replied, That it was
none other than Abhi himself.. Pragya exclaimed, What!???
The other side(Abhi and his counterparts
The demon said, Well then I will tell you a
short story of how you hated a girl so badly at a very young age! Do you remember when you were a child what happened!?
FB begins

After Pragya left from there Abhi was confronted by his parents and was asked
to give the coin back and say sorry. He
gave the coin back reluctantly and asked, Who told you!? That small boy pointed towards Pragya. Abhi made faces at her
back. His parents laughed seeing his
antics. And they asked him to apologize to that boy but instead he ran away towards the road and crossed it. His parents ran
behind him without noticing a lorry coming
towards them and met with an accident. He was shocked by the turn of events and was hospitalized for few months. After he
recovered from the trauma he said to
himself, You girl (Pragya) I am coming for you. But as fate has decided his Dadi took him to another city for change of mind and
returned back only to join college. By that
time he forgot everything about that girl.
FB ends..

Abhi asked, What about that now!? And
why did you remind me of that now!? (in a
sad tone) Demon said, Just to tell you that you met that girl. Angel said, No no don’t listen to him Abhi he will spoil your mind.
Abhi (in anger) asked, Who is she!? I want
to kill her now literally. Angel said, Abhi that was an accident that girl is not at all responsible for that act. It is because you
ran away from them, it was your mistake
that you dint listen to me back then. If you had listen to me you would have not lost your parents. It was his plan (pointing
towards demon) to make you vulnerable
and listen to only him. But Abhi insisted in knowing who was that girl.Demon replied, It’s your weakling , I mean your Chashmish. Abhi was shocked to hear this..

The other side ( Pragya and Angel)
Pragya was laughing after hearing what
her Angel had said. But Angel became sad
and said, There is more to that part. You would have known from Abhi that his parents passed away in an accident, Do
you know when and how it happened!?
Angel narrated what happened after Pragya left. Pragya was in tears after listening to what happened to Abhi’s
parents back then. She started crying more
vigorously saying, I am responsible for what happened to his parents na!? Angel consoled her saying that she just stood
with the truth and she is not at all
responsible for whatever happened. Pragya said, Indirectly I am responsible right? Angel replied, No Pragya don’t do
this to yourself, you are not responsible, it
happened because he dint listen to his Angel at that time. Angel continued consoling Pragya. Finally Angel got an
idea to console her and said, Do you know
how Tanu met her end you need to listen to this in order to know why I am saying you are not guilty of what happened to Abhi’s
parents back then. Pragya said, ok tell me
why Tanu did so!?

Angel asked, Do you think Tanu died because Abhi dint accept her and it is his mistake!? Pragya said, No
my baby dint do anything wrong. Angel
said, Now listen to me this is what happened and starts narrating, when Tanu saw Abhi for the first time she just fell for
the way he looks and how popular he is
with everyone around him. She lusted for him, somehow after so many trials she became his friend and she tried to move
closer to him if you know what I mean! But
at that time you came into his life and he dint spend much of his time with her. Her friend gave her a stupid idea which I she
enacted on her b’day. Her Angel always
said, Don’t do this you will end up going to hell but she never listened to her Angel. She listened more to her demoness and
ended up enacting the plan. When she
failed in her plan, her demoness gave her another plan like act as if you are going to fall off from the terrace Abhi will feel pity
for you and end up being with you instead
of that Chashmish..

So she enacted that plan too but as you know before Abhi could reach her she fell off the terrace for real and met her end.. Now tell me is Abhi
responsible for her death in any way!? Pragya who was shocked beyond her belief just nodded NO.. Angel asked, I have
another question too! Tell me are you really
responsible for Abhi’s parents death!? Pragya without her knowledge said, No I am not responsible it was his mistake.
Then she realized what she said and said,
Yeah that’s true but Abhi lost his parents at a very young age, I feel pity for him. Angel said, I really wanted to hug you but I can’t.
Both smiled..

The other side ( Abhi and his counterparts)
No Pragya can’t do this, My Fuggi can
never do something like that! She never
ever lets me to even harm an ant. Angel said, You are right she can never do anything like that. Demon said, Just think
how much you missed your parents in
every moment of your life! Demon kept on instigating him against his Fuggi. Angel who was watching this, couldn’t take this
anymore and said, You know how you
ended up coming here!? Demon said, No don’t say it, DON’T I WARN YOU ( in a loud ear drums trembling voice) But Angel continued, Abhi listen to me you were the
one who called yourself to this place. Abhi was confused and asked, What do you mean!? Angel said, Yes Abhi do you
remember when you were admitted in the
hospital after Tanu’s demise? Once Pragya and Purab came to see you, they weren’t allowed inside because you will remember
what happened that night and will become
unconscious and will end up being in coma for days to come.

But through the Windows you saw them both..
FB begins..

Pragya and Purab were walking in the back of the hospital. Pragya was about to slip and Purab held her by her waist. Pragya said, Phew that was close thanks buddy, He said your baby should have seen this then I am gone! Making face like dead man! Both were laughing.. Abhi was capturing everything in his mobile. That day at night he left from the hospital without informing anyone and got himself a new mobile phone and a new SIM card. He copied all those pics to the new mobile and deleted them from his own mobile and slept off. Next day morning he felt very tired and found it difficult to wake up. For few months he was treated intensely and they found changes in his behavior and let him go. But after that he started planning against himself I.e., how to make him believe that Pragya and Purab are having an affair behind his back. So he hired a rogue gave him the new mobile he brought and told him to call to a number and gave his own photo address and said, If this guy doesn’t turn up drag and bring him there. The rogue who was bit confused nodded ok. He was about to leave Abhi called him and sent a recording to the other mobile which he handed over to the Rogue and said, Just call and make him hear this recording that’s enough! The rogue asked, What if he asked Any other questions what to do!? Abhi said, He won’t ask any other questions don’t worry. The rogue thought to himself, Is he trying to make himself come or does he have a twin brother oh God I am confused now. Anyway I got good amount of money .( He left smiling) FB ends

Abhi dint remember doing any of this and was confused hearing what he heard and asked his Angel, What did I really do this!? His Angel replied, Not exactly your demon used your unconscious state to get things done.. ( Guys why Abhi undergone treatment intensely was because he was sleep walking and doing things which he never remembered the next day but after treating him he stopped doing those or so the doctors thought) Abhi asked, How is that ever possible!? Angel replied,You were so weak Abhi, he used you..
Abhi thought of whatever wrong happened in his life and knelt down shouting AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (Split screen where both Abhi and Pragya are seen talking to their respective Angel)
Both Abhi and Pragya asked their Angel, How to get rid of this demon once and for all tell me please!? Both of their Angel simultaneously said to them, Actually it’s not possible because we both balance your life like day and night, dark and light. We give happiness and sadness ups and downs in your life just to balance your life.
Back to Abhi’s side

Abhi said, Oh my God! Pragya must be waiting for me for such a long time. Guys whatever I am leaving meet your later have fun fighting with each other till then! Bubyewinked and went off).
Pragya saw Abhi coming in bike she smiled and turns towards her Angel but her Angel disappeared. She went running towards Abhi and they both hugged each other (Abhi Thinking whatever may happen I will never doubt on you)( Pragya thinking, I will always trust you and shower love which you missed from your parents) They both broke the hug smiled at each other and went towards a cafe. Both of their Angels and Demons smiled at then and disappeared..


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