Enemy turn to Lovers – Swaragini (Episode 3)

hii sry for delay
at mm
laksh and sanskar room
sanskar:my work is done
laksh: mine too
now the sister are gone
at swaragini room
swara: done
ragini: me to
sumi: rag a offer has come to u from a respected family and u have to marry him
rag: but ma
sumi: u have ( actually swaragini r not real daughter of sumi and shekar .they r shekar bro daughter so they have to listen them)
rag: okkk i will
swara : how they can be so rude to u before that sanskar maheshwari they show that they care about us but they return to their vamp avatar y god y u snatched our father yyyyyy
rag: do not cry
swara: rag i have to be strong to punish laksh and sanskar maheshwari
rag: but we will first go to hospital to take her statement

at hospital
swara and ragini
girl: thanks to bring me to hospital
swara: it ok
girl: but where is that boy i have to thank him he helped him and beat that goon
swara: who is he
girl: i think i know him yess his name is laksh maheshwari( they know him bcoz he is popular)
rag: oh no we misunderstand them
swara: but we have to stop our plan first
fb shown
swaragini taking help of goon to beat sanlak

at mm
sanskar: papa me and laksh r going to mandir
they left with a bang
dp: they will never change

while going they msg swaragini.that they want to say sry sorry to them come to mandir
fb is shown
sanlak r taking swaragini no. from dp phone

recap: shock

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