Enemy turn to Lovers – Swaragini (Episode 2)

hii ok i will make it clear its swalak and ragsan ff but next time i will make swasan and raglak ff i promise
back to story

in clg
swalak get shocked to see each other
swara: u cheap here
lucky: u miss….problem here
swara: how dare u to call me miss problem
lucky: u shut up
they start to quarrel
sir came
sir: swara and laksh stop it
lucky: ohh u r name is swara .so boring
swara: hello atleast it not like u. laksh ..ohh sry mr.cheap laksh its sound like old fashion
lucky: uuu
sir: stop u 2 u r in same grp so stop u r childish fight
swara: sir u did not know him
sir: swara stop it i said u both r in same grp
lucky and swara: okk

meanwhile in gm
shekar and sumi decided to marry ragini
ragini also said yes
after a while boy came to see them
sumi: laddoo come down
rag: coming
rag came down
the boy is none other than sanskar
before sanskar could stop ragini
rag: u ….papa y he came here
shekar: beta they came to see u
rag: i will not marry him
shekar: y
rag: papa they r selling girls ( she was about to cry
dp: sanskar what is she telling
ap: yes tell sanskar
sanskar : papa..papa..thatttt
dp: tell..oh i understand she is right
san: noo
dp: ragini never lie i believe her
ap: yes me too sanskar
sanskar was shocked because his family did not believe
before he can speak
dp slap him
dp: u shamed our reputation
ap: u shamed my upbringing
actually sujata was out bcoz of her health problem and her husband too went with her
dp: ragini we did not know this shekar we r sry
shekar: noo
rag: uncle don’t be sry its sanskar mistake
sanskar fumes
sumi and shekar was proud of her
dp: u r really good
they leaves

sanskar and laksh meet
dp forgive sanskar but did not talk to him
sanskar: lucky that swAragini r a trouble bcoz of them my family did not trust me
lucky: yes bhai
sanskar: i have a plan we will take our revenge
lucky: bhai that swara is in my music class so i will make her life hell
san: and i will make ragini life hell
they smile evily
they discuss something and hifi
meanwhile in gm
swara came to all this
she console her
rag: they came to see me
swara: rag they r wrong i have a plan that laksh is in my class i have a idea that we both will make them get their punishment
rag : u r right i will make sanskar life hell
swara : i will make that laksh life
they discuss something
screem freezes on their evil face

recap: revenge

Credit to: aashi


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