Is enemity the first step of love? Chapter 3 Some truths revealed

Chapter 3: Some truths revealed

SuVaan + Tejaswini convo
“Mom, do we really have to go to Dehli to Singh’s empire.” Suraj asked lazily. “Yes, you guys have to!” Tejaswini said in an angry tone. “Mom, please calm down.” Vivaan said. “One side my husband wants to kill the daughters of my best friend and the other side my sons don’t want to do, what their father wants.” She said a little bit to loud, cause SuVaan heard it and asked her: “Mom, what do you mean by best friend?” “I will tell you, boys!” Someone else said, who heard the whole convo and it wasn’t Kamal Naryan, but it was Anne.
End of the convo

Pov of Anne
“There three kingdom’s, who weren’t enemies, The Singh, Rajwanshi and the Rajput kingdom. Our fathers were bestfriends, my father is a witch, your father is a vampire and Aakash singh, who didn’t kill your sis was a vampire, your father killed his best friend, but the truth is that the Mahek empire killed Ragini, cause they hate hybrids, the next princess, who they will assasinate will be me, because I’m an hybrid as well, but I’m a witch and a naagin.” “My mother is a naagin, like Raina Singh and about your mum, you know, what she is.” I told them everything, I knew. “Why, should we believe you?” SuVaan asked. “Don’t you recognize you old friend Maya(Anne).” “Maya?” Tejaswini asked. “Yes, aunty it’s me!” “I just changed my face, that I can save my self, from the Mahek family.”
End of her pov

ImKor convo
“Why is Anne taking so long?” An impatient Imli said. “Calm down, she will be coming.” Chakor said. “Di, they are coming to get us, I can feel them, they are getting closer day by day.” “Who?” A confused Chakor asked.” The Mahek dynasty.” Imli answered back. “We have to do something against them, but they aren’t that strong like the Rajwanshi, Rajput and our kingdom and now we have to work with our father’s muderer.” Chakor said, while she was biting her nails. “No di, we won’t take their help, we will protect ourselfs.” Imli said and Chakor asked: “But how Imli?” “With our hybrid powers, we will train even more with our Naagpeople and Vampirepeople, so that we get stronger and stronger.” A determied Imli said. “Good idea sis.” Chakor said.
End of convo

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