Is enemity the first step of love? Chapter 1: Breaking news


Chapter 1: Breaking news

Vivaan’s pov
I was watching TV, whe suddenly the breaking news came, so I called: “Dad, there is something you should watch.” Soon everyone came and were shocked, cause the newsreporter introduced the new heir or the new queen of the Singh empire or should I say singh kingdom and the name was: “Ananya(Chakor) Sigh.” “Do why did the dead King and queen hide you and your younger sis Pavitra(Imli) from everyone?” The reporter asked them.” Cause dad and mum didn’t want us to die like our sisters Chakor, Imli and the daughter of the Rajwanshi’s Ragini. Ananya answered back politly. “Why don’t you and your sister show us your face?” He asked them again. “Cause, when the time is right, you will see our faces!” Pavitra answered back. “I think they don’t want to show their faces, cause they aren’t as preety as their dead sisters.” Dad said. “Ji, if they don’t want to show their faces, then there must be a reason.”
End of Vivaan’s pov.

Suraj’s pov
“I need tell you something my sons.” Dad said. “What is it dad?” Vivaan asked him. “Do you guys have a thirst for something.” He asked us. “Yes, I do have thirst for something, but on the other side I don’t have it.” I told him truthfully.” “And, what about you Vivaan?” “I do have it as well, but why are you asking us about it?” He answered and asked a question as well. “Cause you two are Hybrids(Vampire+Werewolf).” “Are joking dad, how can we be like Klaus Michelson(a fictional character, he is an Hybrid) from the originals.” I asked him.” “You can be, cause I’m a vampire and you mother is a werewolf.” Dad answered back, while he drank something, which looked like blood.”
End of Suraj’s pov.

Imli’s pov
“But my queen Chakor, why did you lie to them, that you are someone else.” Our people asked di. “Cause tge Rajwanshi’s think that Imli and I are dead.” She replied back to them.” My queen we will protect you, however we can.” The people and I said.” “And I will promise you guys, that I will protect you!” Di said, with full confidence in her voice.
End of Imli’s pov.

Kamal Naryan’s pov
“Now, my sons will be the destuctions of the Singh’s.” “My left and right hand, will fulfil my revenge against Ananya and Pavitra Singh.” But Mr. Rajvanshi didn’t know, that his sons listen to his whole convo with his wife, who couldn’t say anything against him or else he will kill her.”
End of his pov.

SuVaan convo
“I thought dad is finished with his revenge, he already killed Aakash and Raina Singh.” Vivan said. “I know, but I don’t think, that it was Mr. Singh, who killed our sister.” Suraj said, but they didn’t know that they were overheard by a Naagin(snakewoman), who can change herself from a snake to any person, she wants to be.” “The snake is….” “But, bhai we will just pretend like we will help him, but we have to find out the truth.”
End of the conversation.

ImKor convo
“When we are outside the palace we will change our name back again to Chakor and Imli but our surname will be Singhania.” Chakor said. “Ok, di!” “But what will we so against the Rajwanshis.” Imli asked Chakor. “We will plan everything after we have met them.” Chakor replied. “We should try to meet them as soon as possible di.” “Yeah, we have to.” “So, how will we meet them?” Imli asked. “We will use our superpower!” “Are you sure di!” “Yes, my dear sis!” “Ok, di!” “Kamal Naryan, now you should start counting your days, when our kind of people want to take revenge, then we will do everything and anything, that it will get fulfilled.”
End of their convo.

Soon after the convo, they went to bed, cause they were tired.

The next morning

Tejaswini’s pov
“Why does he think, that killing Ananya and Pavitra, that our dead daughter Ragini will come back.” “It wasn’t the Singhs fault, that our daughter and their daughters died.” “I miss you my best friend Raina snd I’m sorry, that my husband killied you and your husband.”
End of her pov.

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      Yes I watch the Originals and I love them too, just waiting fro the 4th season to start, then I can watch it again?????

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