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Days passed swasan dont talk too much but they just say hi and bye sumtyms talk in group discussion or during need……
Class room :
Mam was discussing about subject and a man entered the class holding a circular to be announced…
Mam bought the circular and read aloud,

“Dear students we are glad to inform u that our school has organised cultural fest -’17 on 16th feb saturday…..
We are expecting students to participate & express their talents on cultural fest…
Note – kindly bring ur parents.
Class 11th grade – should take the responsibilty being the second most senior of the school since ur seniors are busy in public exam perparations…..
Glad, u would co-operate with administration’s rules & regulations…..
Have a blastful fest and start ur preaparations…..
All the best fellas”……………

Mam – So students, i hope u would be responsible and start preparing for the fest!!!!!!
Students – sssss mam(rhyme happily)
(Y wont we b happy bcz classes will b suspended due to preparations)
Mam – okieee all the bst….
Students gave a wide smile thanking her along…..
Days passed students started their practices with great zeal…
Since school is governed by student council it was hectic for the cabinet members to oraganise the event concentrating on studies and culturals….
Cabinet members arranged a meeting with staffs, letting them to know their difficulties and alas came with solution…
Classes will be held half day and remaining day they would prepare for culturals….
Volunteers were picked from each grade to oraganise the event flawlessly….
Cabinet members from each grade had individual responsibilty like,
# Gathering students & parents
#NCC parade welcoming the cheif guest.
#guiding parents to the venue
#guiding parking lots
#security checking
#maintaining discipline
#stage decorations
#event management
#gadgets management
Every class was requested to give a performance, like wise in 11th
Swara,angel, parth,sanskar and  aaryaman planned to give group performance…..
And group dance by girls and boys separately…….
During the practice girls and boys became close helping each other in many ways and a strong bond grew in their class….
The day has come “CULTRAL FEST -’17”
Entire school was hustle bustle in organising the event in successful manner…..
Swara’s bro and mom came to attend the event where as on sanskar side his bro,mom and sis came to attend the event..
All the parents were guided to assemble in their respective seats…..
Swara’s bro ajay – hey devil when will the event start???
Swara – bhai have patience, around 4.30 event would be starting….
Ajay – oh kkk…
Sumi – swara where are ur friends???
Swara – mom they will b accompaning soon..
Sumi – ok…
Ajay – okie wr is my partner???
Swara – who is ur partner?? Dat too in school??
Ajay – seriously this nuthead is fit for nothing, im asking about sanskar…
Swara – bhai………… dnt turn me into devil..
Ajay – ur r devil….
Swara – bhai since we are  in public place im leaving u…
Sumi – ajay stop teasing her..
Ajay – ok mom, oi swara tell me wr is sanskar???
Swara – y should i tell u??
Ajay – i have my source, bye devilhead…
Swara – mom…..
Sumi – ajay….
Ajay – im leaving….
Ajay went in search of sanskar…
Sanskar was chatting with his parents and friends…..  sanskar and parth family were sitting together…..
Ajay – tapped sanskar’s shoulders giving him a bright smile”hello partner!!!”
Sans – hello bhai and both gave a hug…
Parth – rolled his eyes asking him whom??
Ajay noticed parth and spoke”im swara’s brother and partner of sanskar”…
Parth – oh pleasure to meet u bhai..
Ajay easily mingled with boys and their family….
Ajay rang to sumi inviting her to place were he was sitting along with sanskar…
Sumi – ok im coming…swara come we will move to other side of the gallery…
Swara – y mom???
Sumi – come beta….
Sumi and swara moved to other side and found ajay sitting with sanskar and parth…
Swara – no way mom!!! See bhai is plotting sumthng against me who are my enemies..
Sumi – nothing will happen  im there beta…
Soon both setteled next to ajay. Where as sanskar and swara were stealing glances…
Parth  was laughing by noticing their acts and uttara too joined him….
Program started ,
Many gave dance, few sang and few did dramas……

Host – now our Jingle bells team would give us ear pleasing performance…
Swara was lead in singing, sanskar was playing drums, angel was reading piano followed by parth the guitarist and aaryaman the male lead in singing……
They performed for” katy perry – CHAMPION SONG followed by BREAK THE CHAIN”
(I dont need to drag by adding lyrics)
Song ended and gallery was filled with claps….
Host – it was fantabulous perfomance…..
Next some students were dancing hip-pop…
Swara, angel, neha and akshita have to change their costume for their dance performanace but few boys were blocking their way and talking rubbish hurting their respect…….
Swara was raising voice along with neha and angel scolding them back but being barbarics they never cared their words… akshita was standing rooted to the ground gazing for someone’s help and yelling help… help….
Due to speakers, their voices were not audible to anyone behind the stage…..
Swara was about to slap that boy who spoke ill- mannerly about them but he twisted her hand, other girls were fighting with him and the boys blocked the girls from helping her….
Few boys crossing the path saw the scenario and ran to sanskar and parth and conveyed the message…..
Sans and parth  ran to the place and rescused their class girls from barbaric boys….. the boy who twisted swara’s hand was harshad – biggest enemy for sans+parth from early school days…..
Harshad and sanrth(sans+parth) had a huge fight, to the extent wr blood was oozing from their faces…..
Girls – were shouting to leave but all went in vain….
After 30 mints, fight came to an end…
Sanrth – punched harshad face hardly making him fall down….
Girls and sanrth left the place…..
Girls changed and thanked sanrth for timely help…….
Sanrth went to change their costumes for dance…..
Host – now our gorgeous girls would give u a  beautiful “shadow dance”
Swara and angel were dancing infront of the screen at backside neha and akshita were dancing as their shadow……
They gave magnificent performance….
While ending they gestured the audience to look at the top most corner of the open gallery roof……
Lights were turned off in the gallery and light was focused on top of the building…..
Aduience faced towards the top & next second focusing lights were turned off,
Sanskar, parth, aaryaman and cabir gave skeleton dance……
It was stunning performance……….
Lastly event ended with huge of applause followed by vote of thanks and national anthem………
Gathering dispersed and swasan and parth went to their parents…..
All welecomed them with wonderful greetings……..
Meantime ajay and amrith became close due to business talks……
All bid bye to eo and left to their house…..
Swara finally thanked sanrth for their timely help…..
Sanrth – gave her smile and went off….
Night – swara was thinking about sanskar’s behaviour and she had new hopes on him….

Thanku for reading….
No proof reading…..

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