Endless love Swasan (Part 5)

After the marriage Ragini has been sent to her sasural…
At Durga Prasad house 
Ragini hugs Sanskar and cries.
DP: sanskar beta you don’t worry about her, we all will take care of her..
Sanskar gets happy 
They all talk for sometime 

Swasan and sanchit are about to go home but waiting for Swara to come
Sanchit: sanskar, I liked her, I’ve noticed her in the marriage.. She is exactly same as you said, but I need to talk to her personally? 
Sanskar: what?? Personally?? (Shocked for a minute) 
Sanchit: ha Sanskar personally!!! Any problem??
Sanskar: no sanchit nothing like that!! And ya u can talk to her!!!
At Tht time Swara comes…

Sanskar: Sanchit!! I have some work I may come home late, can you take Swara with you??? 
(He signals sanchit) 
Sanchit: haa Sanskar (when he was about to complete the sentence) 
Swara: no Sanskar!! I will come with you, I can’t leave you alone at this time.. 
Sanskar: (angrily) sanchit take her home 
(And turns other side to leave) 
Swara: (sad and holds his hands tightly) no Sanskar plzz il come with you..
Sanskar: (angrily) Swara plz don’t irritate me!! I told you right that I have some work..so for god sake plz leave me alone..
And don’t make me angry again..
Swara: ok Sanskar!! Il go with sanchit!! But plz come home soon.. Don’t take much time.. 
Sanskar looks at her seriously 
Sanchit: Swara lets go, nd he places his hand on her shoulder (intentionally) and takes her away

Sanskar feels sad and jealous seeing them both together (but he doesn’t understand what is that feeling which is hurting him) 

Swara and sanchit sits in car but Swara looks at Sanskar while leaving… He totally ignores her.. 

In car: 
Sanchit: soo Swara!! Laksh and Ragini were married..so what about you?? 
I know Sanskar married you forcefully

Swara is shocked 

Swara: sanchit how do u know??

Sanchit: sanskar told me!! He is my best buddy.. We don’t have any secrets..

Swara: ohh!! Yaa he married me forcefully, I was very sad about this marriage and how the way Sanskar used to treat me but now I don’t have any problem with this marriage.. And in fact I liked him so much .. In this journey I studied him completely.. He is harsh and rude outside but very soft inside..
He scolds me everyday but more than me he feels more sad for scolding me..
That is Sanskar…
(saying this she blushes) 
Sanchit: ohh wow!! So u love Sanskar?? 
Swara: (smiles hearing his question) 
Sanchit: (teasingly) I got the answer seeing ur smile Swara!! 
Sanchit: I know about Sanskar very well Swara!! He never have any interest on girls .. He only wants Ragini’s happiness.. He don’t know the meaning of love!! 
So I’m very happy as you are with him now.. Soo in this happy moment lets go for a long ride 
(He intentionally takes her for a long ride, as he know Sanskar will wait for them and he wants to know how Sanskar will react) 

Sanskar reaches MM and he waits for sanchit and Swara… 
He is working on laptop, but he can’t stop himself thinking about them..

Finally they reach home:
Sanskar goes to balcony as soon as he hears the sound)
Sanchit notices Sanskar and thinks to make him jealous 

Sanchit: Swara one min!! (And he holds her hands and pulls her closer) 
Swara: Kya hua sanchit?? 
Sanchit tells her some joke and Swara laughs..
(Sanskar jealous and angry too.. They both laugh and goes inside) 

Sanskar is angry sitting in his room …and shows his frustration on Swara..

Swara: (happy) sanskar!!! When did you come?? Thankgod you came home soon!! 
Sanskar you know what?? We went for long ride!! Sanchit driving was amazing!! I was scared seeing his harsh driving but I totally enjoyed 

Sanskar: (angrily) Swara!! Will you plz shut up!!!! And From today you can sleep in Ragini’s room..
Swara is shocked 
Swara: (sad) but Sanksar!! What happened?? Il sleep here itself..
Sanskar: Swaraa!! Plz now we don’t need to act… I’m done with it.. I acted only to make Ragini believe, but now Ragini knows our truth about this forceful marriage.. So we don’t need to act it anymore..
I have my own personals.. You can vacate this room
Swara is shell shocked..

Swara: (cries) but Sanskar we might act but our marriage is true.. You married me.. Ur my husband… And I already told you, I can’t stay without you.. 
Sanskar: (angry) but you can’t be my wife Swara!!! I never wanted a girl like you.. Just go away from my life.. 

Swara crying and sanchit listens to their conversation standing outside 
Sanchit knocks the door.. Sankar stops it.. Nd tell Swara to go to Ragini’s room.
Swara calmly leaves the place crying 

Sanchit: so Sanskar!! What’s up man!! 
Sanskar angry at him..
Sanskar: sanchit what the hell are you trying to do?? What did you tell me and what were you doing?? how dare you take Swara to a long ride!! And wt was that harsh driving!! Can’t you go slow?? What if something happens to her?? 

Sanchit: wats wrong with u Sanskar!! What’s ur problem!!! If Swara accepts me then she’s gonna be my wife within few days.. I like to drive like that.. Y do Ur feel as if I took ur wife… Oh sorry she may be ur wife but she’s nothing to u.. U clearly said that you don’t want her in your life

(Sanskar is shocked to hear such answer from him)
Sankar: haaa Yaa!! If she accepted she gonna be your Wife!! I’m soo sorry sanchit!! I was bit worried that’s it..chill anyways Do u wanna have a drink?? 
(They both spend d night drinking and Swara keeps on crying thinking about Sanskar, their hug and kiss.. 

Next day morning!! 
Swara doesn’t come out of the room.. She keeps on crying..
Sanskar comes for breakfast, but he doesn’t find swara.. He looks at Ragini room and when he was about to knock the door, but stops it and leaves to office …sanchit follows him..


Sanchit: sanskar i wanna talk to you,
See Swara really loves you man, yesterday when we went out the only topic we had was about you.. 
She loves you soo much!! It’s only the matter of 1 month.. You guys were together..but her love was like since ages.. 
Don’t leave her man!! I may marry her, but she can’t be happy with me as she is with you now!!

Sanskar is shocked!!!
Sanskar: what the hell man!!! You were giving lectures to me!! You know about me ryt Tht I don’t trust this love and all..

Sanchit: but Sanskar ur already in love man!! The moment when you spoke with me on d phone, the only word u used was Swara , non stop you were talking about her.. That time I understood how much you love her.. Nd yesterday, when I said I want to talk to her personally..your face became red.. When I am taking Swara!! I can see that pain in ur eye.. Nd if you don’t care for her, why were you worried when I took her to the long ride!!! Ur cheating urself Sanskar.. 
Just start ur life with her it will be beautiful!! 
Nd plz don’t see matches for Swara!! She loves u soo much!
If u don’t like her just don’t love her, But plz don’t see matches for her.. Plz don’t hurt her… As a frnd I want to see you happy, decision is yours.. 
(He hugs him and he leaves) 

Sanskar thinks for a moment, he was bit confused 
Am I really in love?? 
(No no Sanskar!! This can’t happen) 

Suddenly he sees a newspaper and gets shocked


He remembers that house, it was Shekar’s house.. 
He thinks some happiest moments he spent with Shekar, shomi and Shona..

He thinks: 
I need to get that house at any cost..I can’t let someone to occupy it..

And he tells his PA to get a ticket for Mumbai as soon as possible..

(Sanskar leaves to MM)

He searches for Swara!! 
Servant: sir from morning she’s in the room itself.. She dint even had anything.

Sanskar: what!! 

He goes and knocks the door continuously ..
Sanskar: swaraa!!! Open the door!! Swaraaa!!!! 
After few mins she opens the door..
Sanskar is shocked to see her

(Swara comes out with crying face, her face is fully tired…she’s with the same dress that she worn in Ragini marriage)

Sanskar: Swara!!! 

(He was about hold her face but stops it) 

Sanskar: Swara!! Get ready and come fast.. I need to talk to you?? 

(Swara gets ready, and she goes to hall silently..Sanskar takes her to his room) 

Sanskar: (he gives her a divorced papers)
I’m going to Mumbai!! For some urgent work!! By the time I come I need ur sign on these papers 

Swara: again starts crying looking at divorce papers

Sanskar: Swara plzz dont start again!! 
I’m leaving now!! First have something..
Nd remindes her about the papers..

He leaves to Mumbai….
Swara looks through the window, 
Sanskar feels her presence but competes ignores it.. 

Episode ends 

Precap: sanskar gets to know the truth that Swara is Shona!!!

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