Endless love Swasan (Part 4)

episode 4

Sanskar wakes up nd sees Swara beside him.. He smiles looking at her… When he was about to get up, he finds Swara holding his shirt…he caresses her hair Nd kisses her forehead, suddenly he realises what he was doing.. And immediately sits and thinks

‘Omg!! What am I doing? Why am I attracted to her? No Sanskar this is not ur motive.. Ur motive is to unite Laksh and Ragini…, what ur doing is completely wrong’
He was disturbed

He goes to washroom, he gets ready and leaves for office..

Swara gets up and searches for Sanskar,
But she can’t find him..
She gets fresh up and goes down..servant tells her about Sanskar leaving office without having anything..
She rings him, he sees her call but cuts it..
She again rings him, he again cuts it.
Swara: arey what happened to Sanskar? Why is he not lifting the calls? May be he is in some meeting.

Sanskar is sitting alone in his office, thinking about all the incidents with Swara.. (Their marriage, hug, airport scene, and yesterday night scene.)
He was restless..

PA: sir, Mr&Mrs Gupta came to meet you
Sanskar comes to his senses..
(He welcomes them..they talk for sometime ..while leaving, she gives some packet to Sanskar)
Mrs Gupta: sanskar give this to your wife, and bring your wife to the party tonight.. I want to see her..
Sanskar: ji sure..
(They leave)

Durga Prasad house
Laksh is sitting lonely, DP comes to him
DP: Laksh what did u decide about ur marriage? I know you don’t like marriage now, but Sanskar Maheshwari is well settled person, he can guide you in ur own business.. I know his sister, she is good, you both look good together
Laksh is shocked to hear Sanskar’s name
Laksh: Sanskar Maheshwari? Papa what are you talking?
DP : Adharsh brought a proposal for you.. Her name is Ragini Maheshwari..
Laksh is shocked..
Laksh: papa..I know Ragini, she is my junior.. But I don’t know about this match.. Anyways today I’m going to Delhi.. Il talk to her..
DP gets happy, okay Laksh!! But I hope you will get a good news this time

Swara cleans all the rooms, and she watches the unused room..
She goes towards it and tries to opens it..she gets the keys and opens it

Sanskar comes home and gets angry seeing Swara opening the door.
When Swara about to go inside..
Sanskar: ?swaraaaa!!
(Swara shocks and looks back)
Sanskar comes towards her and holds her arms tightly and pulls her to the hall..
Sanskar: How dare you do this!! It’s my personal room, who gave you rights to open this room!!! I married you it doesn’t mean that u can enter into my life… Stay away from me.. (Nd he pushes her)
Swara shocks!
Swara: sanskar I’m sorry!! Actually I don’t know that it’s your personal room..I’m soorry
Sanskar: shut up!!! Don’t dare to speak anything when I’m just talking to you..
Swara cries
Sanskar walks out and again comes back..
Sanskar: and Yaa remember today at 7pm we are going to a party, wear this dress and be ready, (he gives her the packet) il send the driver… And this is my final warning Swara!! Don’t ever dare to go to that room!!!
(Screams loudly)…..Understand!!!
Swara nodes yes..
He leaves the place angrily

Swara cries remembering what all he said to her..

Outside MM:
Sanskar in car thinks
‘What is happening to me!!! Why d hell I scolded her…why am I feeling sad when she’s crying’
Anyways I need to avoid her..
(He starts the car and leaves from there)

Swara opens the packet and gets shocked to see a ‘royal blue long dress with backless and sleeveless …and with some white stone work..
She cries seeing the dress as she’s not comfortable wearing it..
She wears it for Sanskar.. As he clearly told her to wear this dress..

She gets ready!!
The driver comes to pick her..nd she leaves..

In the party
They were many couples, and bachelors too..
Mrs Gupta: sanskar where is ur wife??
Sanskar: she’s on the way, she’ll be here at any moment..
Sanskar car comes
Swara gets down, with the beautiful blue dress, simple stone studs, with a small necklace and leaves her hair..

Sanskar gets mesmerised to see her, he smiles and looks at her,

Suddenly some bachelors starts to shout seeing her backless dress,
Guys: wowwww!!!! She’s sooo hot!!
Swara feels uncomfortable..
Sanskar gets angry.. He goes towards her
And holds her hands.. Swara holds his hands and hides behind him..
Sanskar: Swara!! What is this dress?? You could have wore some saree..
Swara: sanskar but you told to wear the dress from that packet na..
Sankar: what?? Is this that dress??
Swara: haa Sanskar.. I’m very uncomfortable with this dress..
Sanskar: hmm no problem I’m there na!! Challo lets go inside all are waiting!! He holds her arms and takes her inside..

Mrs Gupta: woww Sanskar your wife is soo cute..(she pulls her cheeks)
And all other girls in the party comes and pulls Swara cheeks..
Sanskar: hello excuse!! Can you please leave my wife?
He excuses and takes Swara from there..
Mrs Gupta watches them and smiles..

The party was going on.. Suddenly a guy comes to the stage and announces..

Guy: hello guys!! Now there is a couple dance for the newly married couples, the couple who wins will get the best gift from Mr and Mrs Gupta.. So I welcome all the couple to come to the stage

Some of the couple went and did they dance.. Audience were enjoying..nd calling for the next couple
Mrs Gupta tells Sanskar and Swara to go… Sanskar finally accepts it..
He holds Swara’s hand and they made they were through people and reached the centre of the dance floor

Sanskar gives his hand to Swara, he nodded towards his hands making her understand that she had to take it.
He slowly put her hand on his shoulder, and she herself did the same thing with other hand one, lacing them behind his neck..

(Janam janam from Diwali song plays)

Sanskar puts his hand on her hips and pulls her towards him..
He holds her hand with his one hand and other one on her hips and stars dancing to it..
Swara and Sanskar have an eye contact..
Sanskar remembers scolding her and angrily turns her around..
Swara just looks at his eyes, as she can feel his love for her…
(And she smiles)
They dance for sometime romantically.. They forgot about everyone..
He comes close to her… As they breathe heavily to become a unique one..
He leans close to her lips to kiss her, Swara shivers to feel his touch and stops him..
Sanskar comes back to his senses and looks at Swara worriedly, as she’s looking down..
Suddenly all the audience claps..
Swara gets shy and hides behind Sanskar..
Mrs Gupta appreciates them and gives them the gift..
Sanskar feels sorry as he was about to kiss her
Mrs Gupta: Sanskar if you leave ur wife, then I can take her.. All are waiting for us..
Swara looks at Sanskar..
He signals her to go..but she holds his hands tightly signalling him to come along with her..
(Mrs Gupta watches them)
Mrs Gupta: what a sweet couple!! So sweet of you guys!! Swara, don’t worry il be with you, all ladies are waiting for us..
She takes Swara along with her

Swara watches him helplessly, and sanskar feels something is going far away from him.

At that time some guys come and takes him to the bar chamber..
All guys enjoys having drinks, Sanskar feels sorry as he was about to kiss Swara..
He thinks…
‘Swara what have you done to me? Why am I thinking about you continuously.. Why do I feel like kissing you’
He takes drinks continuously..
He is fully drunk..

After some time Swara comes and searches for Sanskar..
Some guy watches her and goes to talk to her..
Guy: hello what are you searching for??
Swara: I’m searching for Sanskar
Guy: he is waiting for you near parking
Swara: Kya?? Kk Thankyou
And she leaves the place..

Sanskar friends Rohit hears their conversation and he goes inside the bar..nd he is shocked to see Sanskar inside..

Rohit: sanskar ur here??
Sanskar: haa why what happened?
Rohit: but they told Swara that your waiting near parking area?
Sanskar: Kya?? Where is she now?
Rohit: I think she’s went to parking place..
Sankar: okay Thankyou
(He goes to parking place)

Parking place:
Swara is being ragged by them..
Swara: plz leave me..
1st guy: arey wait!! Give me a kiss!! I will leave you..
2nd guy: woww backless hottie!! Your soo s*xy!! Challo!! We are totally 5 members il give u a chance.. You should kiss at least one..(saying this he keeps his hand in Swara’s shoulder)
Swara tries to take his hand and cries
(Sanskar comes and watches them teasing Swara and silently sits beside them)
(Swara is happy too see him and rest others are shocked)
Sanskar: arey!! Why did you stop!! Carry on..continue I won’t disturb..
1st guy: sorry bhaiya!!!
Sanskar: come here!!!
(He goes towards him… He gives him a tight slap)
(While all others are shocked)
He beats all of them, suddenly a guy comes and was about to hit him with the knife.. Sanskar stops it with his hand, and his hands starts bleeding..
(Seeing the blood all guys runs from there)
Swara comes to him crying and starts caring for him..
Sankar: (hugs her) Swara are you alright??
Swara nodes yes..
Swara: (crying) Sankar your bleeding… Wait let me check..
Sanskar: Swara!! I’m fyn.. See nothing happened to me..
she takes Sanskar to the lawn
Swara sees his hand , (she ties her hanky)
And kisses his hand..
Swara: Thankyou for saving me again Sanskar.. (And she sleeps on his shoulder)
Sanskar gets emotional..
Sanskar: Swara I’m sorry for scolding you..I don’t know what am doing? I’m a bad guy Swara, you can’t stay with me..
Go away from me Swara, il end our marriage..I don’t want to hurt you more..
(Swara is shocked)
Swara: no Sanskar, I can’t stay without you.. You always do good for me.. I feel very protective when your with me..
I want you Sanskar, plz don’t leave me.. I don’t have anyone in this world Except you..
Sanskar very emotional… Nd hugs her tightly..
Sanskar caresses her face and remembers the airport scene where he slaps her..
Sanskar: I’m sorry for slapping you Swara
And he kisses her cheeks…

(Swara is shocked)

She understands that he’s drunk..
He holds her waist tightly in his grip, and looks at her and leans to kiss her lips..
Swara closes her eyes,
And they finally kiss.. He kisses her passionately,( he shows his all love to her in that kiss)

After the kiss..
Swara feels shy to look at him.. And hugs him.. He sleeps on her lap..

Swara and Sanskar comes back to home
Swara takes Sanskar to the room, removes his shoes, socks, coat and switch on’s the ac..
SHe looks at sleeping Sanskar and stares at him lovingly..
Swara: sanskar why do u love me soo much?? I don’t have anyone Sanskar, I was very afraid when we got married.. But now I don’t have any fear… The first time I’ve seen u I felt that I know you before..
(She caresses his face)
I love you Sanskar..
She kisses his cheek and sleeps beside him holding his hands..

Next day..
In Delhi
All college students enjoys themselves in their rooms..
Laksh takes Ragini to a side
Ragini: Laksh Kya hua??
Laksh: he tells everything about the match proposal
Ragini: what?? Bhai dint tell anything to me about the marriage proposal
Laksh: will u marry me Ragini??
Ragini is shocked and happy too..
Laksh: haa Ragini.. My parents were happy with this proposal, so I want to make them happy.. I know I can’t forget Swara, but I have to move on, and I promise you Ragini, I will love you with all my heart..
Ragini gets happy and she hugs him..
Ragini: I love you Laksh!! I’m very happy today!!
(They both talk for sometime)

Swasan room
Swara wakes up and gets fresh up, she prepares breakfast
Sanskar wakes up but he feels bit dizzy.. Ha again sleeps and thinks about nights incident..(beating goons, Swara taking him to lawn, kissing)
Omg!! What did I do?? Did I really kissed her or is it my dream?
He thinks for a moment…
Ohh Noo!!! I really kissed her.. Sanskar!!! What are you doing man? I’m soo sorry Swara!!

(Swara comes to the room…but she is very shy to look at him.)
Swara: (looks down and speaks) sanskar!! Ur coffee.
(Sanskar notices her face, he can see her shyness, tensed and all kinds of expressions)

(He goes to shower and thinks about the incidents, and he thinks about Swara’s confession last night…)
(He looks at the mirror and talks to himself)

Oh Noo!! Sanskar Wtever happened is not at all right.. Let’s end this matter…
she’s soo sweet yar, she need some love, she can’t love me…I’m not suitable for her, she can’t be happy with me…she should be free from this relation… so sanskar Swara should hate you,
Do Wtever you can do break this relation..
He comes out of the shower with his towel..

Swara comes to the room,
She is shocked to see him…
Swara: I’m sorry Sanskar!!
Sanskar:(attitude) no problem, you can come in (he searches for his shirt)..
Swara: (smiles) sanskar Here is your shirt and Blazer..I’ve selected… is it nice??
(He sees the shirt and blazer which is full of white and white)
He gives his attitude look to her and takes out his black shirt and black blazer..

Swara feels sad.. And when she was about to go..
Suddenly she feels his hand on her waist..
Swara looks at him shockingly..

Sanskar grabs her holding her waist.. And pins her to the wall..
Sanskar: (seriously) never ever touch my belongings again, you don’t need to give me anything… I already said you yesterday.. Don’t dare to enter into my life..if u ever try it…you gonna pay for it… Just act like Mrs Sanskar Maheshwari, but don’t become like that…. Understand????

Swara eyes are filled with tears, her tear drop falls on his hand, he becomes numb for a moment to see her crying..
And becomes more angry..
Just go away from here… (He pushes her away)

She cries remembering yesterday’s incident..

Breakfast table:
Swara serves him breakfast, and waits for his first bite but he just simply eats it..

Swara looks again shockingly…

After eating he leaves from there, and stops near the door
Sanskar: Swara???
Swara gets happy hearing him calling her name..
Swara: (excitedly) haa Sanskar!!
Sanskar: ur tutor will come today, be ready..
(He keeps his goggles and leaves)

Swara gets sad seeing his strange behaviour

In Sanskar’s office
DP and Sanskar talks about Laksh and Ragini marriage and they finally fix d date..

Ragini calls him
Ragini: hello bhai!! Thankyou soo much!! Laksh accepted me!! I’m soo happy!!
Sanskar: congrats Ragini!! Just now we were talking about ur marriage.. We fixed it next week..
Ragini: bhai can I ask you something?
Sanskar:haa tell me
Ragini: do u really love Swara or married Her forcefully for me?
Sanskar: tells her everything about the marriage and all..
Ragini: (shocked) bhai I’m so angry at you but I’m happy.. Becz of you, Laksh accepted me.. Nd I feel sad for Swara..
She is very good bhai, y can’t u accept her?
Sanskar: no Ragini!! I can’t cheat her more!! She is so young, she can’t Tolerate me, She is my responsibility, il divorce her so that she can lead her own life…
Ragini: I can understand, how can you stay with a person whom you don’t love, do onething after my marriage, you can see a best match for her, so that she won’t have bad impression on us
Sanskar: (shocked)
Ragini: okay bhai!! Take care of her.. Bye
(After the call)
Sanskar thinks of Swara, and what Ragini said, and decided to see the best match for her so that she can be happy with him..

he gets call from his friend Sanchit
Sanchit: hello dude!! How r u?
Sanskar: hello Sanchit I’m gud yar, sup man? Where r u ? US?
Sanchit: I’m in Kolkata yar, My parents are searching a girl for me? I decided to get married this year..

Sanskar: oh wow!! By d way what type of girl do u want??

Sanchit: she should be simple, I need a perfect family type girl sanskar..

Sanskar thinks for a moment..he knows sanchit very well.. He is very studious, well settled.. He thinks he is the best match for Swara..

Sanskar: If u don’t mind I know a girl, she is very sweet, but she don’t have parents, and (he keeps on telling about her positively)

Sanchit: arey wow!! Sanskar!! You r talking about a girl, that’s really unbelievable..
Ur giving a positive review for her, I don’t need see her also, by the way who is she?

Sanskar: she is my wife!
Sanchit shocked?
Sanchit: what???
Sanskar explains him everything… Now I want to see her the best match yar..
Sanchit: I trust you Sanskar!! But just give me some time il talk to my parents and il tell you..
(He cuts the call)

Sanchit thinks..
first time Sanskar speaking about a girl very positively!! But why is he doing this?? I think he is in love with her…but he is not realising this…I should defintly go and I should sort of things between them..

He calls Sanskar
Sanchit: ha Sanskar!! When should I come to see her?
Sanskar is very happy..
Sanskar: Ragini marriage has been fixed, you can come at that time..
Sanchit: sure Sanskar!! Il be coming.. Bye!!

Sanskar is very happy..nd looks at Swara pics!! And talks with the pic!!

Swaraa!! I’m soo happy for u!! Sanchit is really very gud.. He will give lots of happiness.. You should forget me Swara!! (Saying this a tear drop falls from his eye)

After one week:
(Sankar keeps on avoiding Swara, Swara gets sad whenever he avoids her)
Sanskar is busy with preparations for Ragini marriage, he completely ignores Swara!!

marriage time:
All are very busy with preparations
Laksh sees Swara and comes to her
Laksh: hello Swara!! How r u??

Swara: hello Laksh!! I’m gud…all d best Laksh!! I’m so happy for u and Ragini..

Laksh: even I’m happy for you and Sanskar…. At least Will you accept my friendship?
Swara: haa sure Laksh!!
They both give shake hand and talk for sometime

Marriage rituals were taking place..
And finally they got married
Sanskar feels bad thinking about Ragini and goes to his room
Swara notices him being sad and follows him..
Sanskar stands near the window.. And watches silently..
Swara understoods and hugs him from back..
Sanskar shocked
Swara: Sanskar!! I know your thinking about Ragini.. But don’t worry, you can meet her whenever you need..(she gives him some support) he feels bit comfortable and gets strength listening to her words…
She hugs him more tightly, but he won’t hugs her back.. Instead leaves the place..

A new entry comes to MM.. Sanskar welcomes him.. He congratulate both Ragini and Laksh!!
He is non other than sanchit..

Sanskar: Thankyou for coming sanchit..
Sanchit: where is Swara yar..
(At that time Swara comes down)
Sanchit: woww she’s soo pretty..who is she?
Sanskar: she is Swara..(nd smiles looking at her)
(Sanchit notice this and smiles seeing his love for her)

Sanskar brings Swara near sanchit and introduces her to him..
Swara hides behind him, holding Sanskar’s hand..
(Sanchit understoods that even she loves him so much)

Episode ends
Sanskar tells sanchit to drop Swara in his car..
Swara looks at him angrily… Sanskar feels jealous and sad seeing Swara and sanchit together..

Guys sorry for late,
Nd I have mixed 3 episodes together!!

Neha Sainani is my name plz.. Check it in FB for further episodes o

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