Endless love Swasan (Part 3)

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Part 3

Laksh is shocked..
Shanskar: Kya hua Swara?? (He knows Tht Laksh is troubling her and starts his plan)
He lifts Swara’s chin, wipes her tears.. Nd kisses her forehead..nd hugs her tightly)

(He does this to make Laksh believe that Swara loves him…)

Swara and Laksh both are shocked to see his concern)
(Swara understoods that it’s his plan.. Nd hugs him back)
Laksh gets angry seeing they romance and leaves the place with anger..

Sanskar realeases the hug when he sees Laksh leaving..
He looks at Swara, (both are bit uncomfortable)
Sanskar: Challo lets go.. Where is Ragini??
Swara: she told that she will come home later..
Sanskar: okay Fyn, come il drop you
He makes her sit..

Sanskar: so Swara how did you write your exam?
Swara: (gets excited) super Sanskar.. It was very easy paper.
Sanskar: good!! (He leaves her at home)
Sanskar: Swara you go inside I have a meeting , it takes time…il come home late
Swara: okay!! bye Sanskar

Mm house:
6:30 pm
Swara cleans the house with the help of servants, she arranges her clothes in her shelf..
After all her works her friend Preeti comes to MM to meet Swara..
Swara gets glad to see her
Swara: Preeti.. Wow what a surprise?? Plz come in.
Preeti: hi Swara (hugs her) I’m going to Switzerland today for my office work..
I just want to see you.. So I came..
Sanskar: wow Preeti.. All d best yar.
Preeti: plz come to airport with me, actually I’m so scared Swara.. I just want you to be with me when I leave..
Swara thinks about Sanskar warning..
She calls him from landline, but his mobile is switched off.. She thinks and finally accepts..
She tells the servant to tell Sanskar when he comes
She leaves to Airport with Preeti

Sanskar comes homes, and look for both Ragini and Swara.. He don’t find both of them
He calls Ragini..
Ragini: hello bhai!! I’m in kavya’s house, today I’m staying here.. Don’t wait for me.. Bye bhai
Sanskar: take care Ragini..bye

He thoughts to call Swara, but realises that she doesn’t have phone..
Servant: sir, Swara mam went to airport with her friend..
Sanskar: what?? Whom did she ask and went??
Servant: she tried ur phone many times..but it’s switched off..so she told me to convey the message to you as soon as u come..
Sanskar : okk!! Get me a coffee..

But he feels restless.. He goes to airport..

Swara in taxi, suddenly taxi stops in middle of the road, there is no one around them
Swara: bhaiya Kya hua??
(He looks at her differently, Swara gets scared to see him)
Some 4 guys come and stand in front of the car..
Swara is more shocked, the taxi driver smiles looking at them and goes towards Swara..
Swara gets afraid and runs from there..
Those guys even run back of her.. They hold her,
Suddenly Sanskar who is coming in car looks at Swara in that condition and gets angry and he flashes his car light on they faces..
They all look back… Swara is happy to see Sanskar, and runs towards him.. And holds his hands..

He turn towards her and gives her a tight slap

Sanskar: swara are you mad?? What are you doing here at this time?? Who gave you permission to go to airport, what If something happens to you?? Who will be responsible?? (He holds her arms tightly and scolds her)
At that time those guys leaves the place seeing his anger
Swara: (crying) I’m sorrryyyy Sanskar!! I dint expect this will happen.. She holds her ears and apologise him.. I’m sorry for making you angry, plz don’t give me any punishment, I won’t go anywhere without telling you.. (She kneels down and cries)

Sanskar feels guilt for slapping her and gets sad..

Sanskar: it’s k Swara, Challo lets go home

They reach MM
Swara sleeps on bed and turns opposite direction and cries silently, there was complete silence, Sanskar is working on laptop on other side, but remembers slapping Swara and feels restless..
He closes his laptop and looks at Swara,
He goes towards her,
Swara feels his presence and acts as she’s sleeping..
Sanskar goes near her, looks at her slap mark, and caresses her face..

Sanskar: I’m so sorry Swara, i shouldn’t have react like that.. But I’m helpless, you can’t imagine how I felt seeing u like that..I know ur innocent, but due to my need I’m using u.. I’m so sorry.. Il become a monster when I’m angry, plz don’t do things which make me angry… He wishes her good night and covers her with blanket and he sleeps beside her..
Swara gets emotional and later gets happy seeing his care..

Sanskar wakes up and looks for Swara, at the same time Swara comes from washroom drying her hair..
She sees Sanskar through mirror
Swara: (smiling) good morning Sanskar!!
Sanskar: good morning!!
Swara: (smiling) shall I bring coffee to you?
(He simply goes to washroom without answering her and after a min he again looks back at Swara)
(He thinks: is she alright? Why is she behaving strange?? )
Swara looks at Sanskar pic on the table and thinks that..

(Swara: sanskar your attitude may be monster but ur so soft inside.. I will change you Sanskar.. I will show you love, I don’t know why.. I feel secured and protective when ur around me..

She smiles and goes to get coffee to him..
Sanskar comes out, and Swara gives him coffee..
Swara: (happy) sanskar what should I do for breakfast?
Il do chapati…no no Puri..no no idli is best for breakfast.. Do you like idli?
He looks at her shockingly,
Swara: okay then il start doing idlis, you come fast.. And ya what should I do for lunch… Hmm k il talk about that later.. ( When she was about to leave)
Sanskar stops her holding her hands..
Sanskar: Kya hua Swara? Why are behaving strange today? Are you fyn??
(And he touches her forehead to check whether she’s alright? )
Swara: ha Sanskar I’m fyn.. And by d way I’m Swara sanskar Maheshwari.. Yesterday you told me to look after the house..So I’m doing my job
(Saying this she smiles and leaves)

Sanskar smiles hearing her answer..

Swara serves breakfast for him, when he was about to eat.. Swara stops him.
Swara: sanskar where is my first bite?
(He was completely shocked)
He feeds her shockingly.. Swara gets happy..
After having breakfast someone comes with books..

Sanskar room:
Swara: sanskar someone came and gave this books to u??
Sanskar: those books are for you Swara..

Swara is shocked

Swara: Kya???

Sanskar: (arranging his files) haa Swara, because of me I don’t want u to stop
Ur studies.. I’ve talked to ur principle, he said you can do corresponding course studying at home itself, and you can write ur exams in colz..I even arranged a tutor for u..from tomorrow your classes will start.. So get ready for ur classes..

Swara gets emotional and hugs Sanskar,
Sanskar is shocked again..
Swara: thank you Sanskar, thank you soo much.. (And cries hugging me)
Sanskar: Swara Kya hua ? Ur so strange today..
Swara: yesterday night u told me na, that you will be monster when ur angry?? So I’ve decided not to make you angry anymore.. Nd I promise I won’t do such things again..
(Sanskar smiles but doesn’t hugs her back)
Sanskar: hmm kk take care.. I have meeting bye
(Saying this he leaves)

Afternoon Ragini comes home
Swara:(hugs) Ragini where were you? I missed u lot..
Ragini: (smiling) ohh really!!! I thought to give new couple some privacy so I left you guys, so now tell me Swara, how was ur suhagraat??
Swara:(blushes) Ragini plz stop it na
Ragini: achaa ur feeling shy( she keeps tickles nd teases her for sometime)

Sanskar joins them for lunch..
As routine he gives his first bite to both of them..
Ragini: bhai I need to tell you something
Sanskar: haa Ragini what’s that?
Ragini: bhai!! We are going for Delhi for college tour tomorrow afternoon, and today We decided to go to Delhi with Kavya as her parents are staying in Delhi..
Sanskar: but tomorrow is ur trip and how can u go today?
Ragini: ha bhai, we do some shopping in Delhi and Kavya can spend some time with her parents.. And after that will join our classmates..
Sanskar: okay Ragini.. Enjoy ur trip.. But this is your last trip..I won’t send again..just remember that..
Ragini: okay bhai thank you and she kisses him..
(Swara smiles seeing their bond)
Swara: come Ragini, il help you in packing..

Ragini room:
Swara: Ragini.. Even Laksh is coming to the tour ryt?
(Sanskar suddenly stops hearing Laksh name and listen to their conversation)
Ragini: ha Swara Kyu?
Swara: this is the time for you Ragini.. Confess your love to him..
Ragini: but Swara how do u know abt it?
Swara: Sanskar told me.. Leave abt that.. Laksh is very good, I know he is angry at me… So this is the chance, if u confess ur love to him.. Defntly he will accept..so don’t waste your time okay??
Ragini: but I’m tensed Swara
Swara: just give a try, let’s see what he says.. Just imagine Me and Sanskar, you and Laksh we all can be together.. Soo Don’t waste your time…you should bring a good news to me when u Come back.
Ragini: smiles and hugs her..
(Sanskar smiles hearing Swara’s words)

Evening 4:00pm
After few hours Ragini leaves for Delhi and Swasan comes home from airport
In car:
Sanskar: thankyou Swara!! For helping Ragini in Laksh matter..
Swara: no need of thanks Sanskar.. I already told you I don’t have any problem with Ragini and Laksh relationship.
Sanskar: but what was that last dialogue you used? I’m confused!!
Swara: which dialogue??

Sanskar: (teases) Me and Sanskar, you and Laksh we all can be together
What do u mean by that???

Swara: (smiles and covers) I mean, I told her like that so that she will take it seriously..
Sanskar: (laugh) achaa!! Wahh!!! Swara!! Ur a great actress!!!
(Both look each other and smile)

They reach home
Sanskar is very busy in work.. Swara searches something and makes the room messy
Sanskar: Swara what are you doing??
Swara: sanskar I’m searching for my album, that’s my fav album.. I don’t know where I kept it..
Sanskar: did u brought it?
Swara: haa Sanskar!!! (And she thinks for a moment) no!! I mean I think I left it in orphanage..
(She sadly sits and thinks about the album)
Sanksar: Swara!! Don’t worry.. Tomorrow go and get that album from orphanage.. Or else tell Preeti to get it..
Swara: haaa Sanskar I forgot it.. (She goes towards him) Sanskar!! Once give me your phone!! Il call her..she is in Switzerland

(Sanskar gives his phone and she calls Preeti)
Swara: hello Preeti!! Did u find my album??
Preeti: Swara this is too much!! U dint even ask me how I am..instead ur asking about ur album?
Swara: plz Preeti I’m serious??
Preeti: haa Swara!! Ur album is with me!! Don’t worry.. That day u left it in orphanage!! I brought it to MM to give you but I forgot!! Now that album is with me..
Swara: thankgod!! Plzz take care of it!! It’s my life..
(Sanskar looks at her)
Preeti: haa Swara!! Don’t worry
Swara: k Preeti!!! Bye tc..

She gives his mobile to him..
Swara: thankgod Sanskar!! My album is with Preeti.. Thankyou once again for reminding Preeti’s name..
Sanskar: what’s there in that album Swara!! You becoming very emotional??

Swara: I have my parents memories in that album. (Saying this she switch on’s d tv.) arey woww!! Conjuring!! She excitedly watches the movie..she feels scared and shouts while watching…finally she switch off’s it..

Sanskar smiles looking at her childish behaviour

After sometime Sanskar finishes his work and goes towards his bed, lay down and he switch off the light..
Swara: noooo!!! (She suddenly sits)
Sanskar: Kya hua Swara?
Swara: plz don’t off the light plz Sanskar.
Sanskar: but Swara!! See there is so much lighting coming from outside and y do u need light again..
Swara: plz Sanskar.. Only for today
Sanskar: (thinks that it may be conjuring effect he smiles ) okay fine!!

After sometime
Suddenly the outside light gets off..
Swara: sanskar??
Sanskar: haa Swara!!
Swara: (scared) sanskarrr!!! Why is that light Suddenly off?
Sanskar: (smiles) may be because of power cut,
Swara: thankgod!! We have power
(As soon as she says this, suddenly the room lights gets off.. The room became so dark)
Swara: ahhhhhhhhhh!!! (she hugs him tightly within a fraction of second)
Sanskar: (laughs) Swaraa seriously, r u scared of Devils?? Omg!! I thought ur a brave girl..
(Swara just hugs him more tightly, holds his shirt and hides her face under his neck, she closes her eyes with fear..)
(Sanskar feels her hug, he smiles and caresses her hair,)
Sanskar: Swara!! Someone said (‘arey Woww conjuring’!!) if ur scared why did u watched it?
Swara: I’m not scared of Devils Sanskar!! I’m a brave girl..
Sanskar: achaa!! Hey Swaraa!!! Look there!!!

Swara: where?

Sanskar: (teases with harsh voice) ‘THERE IS SOMEONE BEHIND THE DOOR’
Swara: (scared) sanskarr stop it plzz
Sanskar laughs more loudly
(she puts her hand on his mouth to stop him)
Sanskar teases her while Swara hugs him more tightly and sleeps..
After 5mins power comes,
Sanskar looks at her lovingly, he tries to break the hug, but Swara holds him more tightly with fear.. He smiles and hugs her back …
Nd sleeps…

Morning 5:00 am
Laksh and his friends are talking
Laksh: I know Swara yar!! May be she don’t like this marriage.. I just want to see her now.
Vinod: arey Laksh!! Are you mad?? You wanna go to Sanskar Maheshwari house?
He is a monster and rude yar, if he sees you.. He will Defntly kill you man.
Laksh: I don’t care!! If anyone sees me then il say that I came to talk with Ragini.
(And he walks from there)
Vinod: arey wait even il come!!

They reach Maheshwari house:
They see watchman sleeping and silent a goes inside
Vinod: arey Laksh!! That is Sanskar Maheshwari room!!
Laksh: how do u know?
Vinod: arey everyone of them knows, he is famous na?
Laksh: okay let’s go to his room and check
Vinod: what??
Laksh: haa Vinod.. If they r sleeping seperately then Swara don’t like this marriage.. Then I can get my love back..
Vinod: arey it’s soo risky and wrong too..
Laksh: I don’t have other option man
He goes towards Sanskar’s room and looks through the window!! He was shocked to see Swara and Sanskar hugging each other and sleeping..

He is broken completely
Vinod takes Laksh from MM..
Vinod: arey Laksh!! Now do u need any other proofs? They both are in love man!! It’s wrong to seperate them..plz accept this truth and move on.. Arey Swara is very sweet.. She loves Sanskar so she dint accept ur proposal.. Move on with ur life.. Leave her
Laksh : yes Vinod!! Ur ryt!! She loves Sanskar!! I though that her education is important to her, so I dint believe her marriage… Now I’m happy for her, let her be happy
(And he walks out)

Episode ends!!

Swara tries to open the unused room.. Sanskar : (angrily) swaraaaa!!!! How dare you do this!! It’s my personal room, who gave you rights to open this room!!! I married you it doesn’t mean that u can enter into my life… Stay away from me.. (Nd he pushes her)
Swara cries remembering his words..

(Front next episode the love and hate relationship gonna start… You gonna see sanskar again in monster look)

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