Endless love Swasan (Part 2)

Part 2
Sanskar: Ragini, I promise you, Laksh will marry you.
Ragini: but how bhai? He loves Swara…
Wt if she loves him.
Sanskar: you don’t think about it, Laksh will be yours forever
(Ragini gets happy and thanks him)

Sanskar thinks about Laksh and promise which he made to Ragini and tells his PA to get details of Laksh and Swara.
After some time PA comes and tells him about Swara and Laksh
PA: sir Swara is an orphan, she’s living in an orphanage since many years, no one knows any details of her parents, and she’s a merit student. And Laksh is the son of Durga Prasad.. He is very popular guy in his college.
Sanskar: after hearing Durga Prasad name, he smiles and thinks that ‘Laksh be ready to marry ragini’ and he smirks

Adharsh elder son of Durga Prasad is Sanskar’s partner.. Nd a good friend of him.
Sanskar goes to DP and asks Laksh for Ragini’s hand..
DP gets happy as he knows Sanskar and Ragini very well, so he accepts..
At that time Laksh comes,
DP tells him about everything and Laksh gets shocked hearing about his marriage
At that time Sanskar gets call and goes to some corner
At the same time Laksh takes Annapurna to a side and talks to her

Laksh: ma how can I marry someone whom I don’t love? I love someone else, I really love her so much ma, she’s soo pure at heart, very innocent and I promise you all will like her soo much..I even proposed her today, nd ya she dint accept yet, but I know she will accept me soon, plz until then stop seeing matches for me

AP: (shocked) okay Laksh!! We don’t do anything which u don’t like, and (smiles) ya who is She Laksh?
Bring her home one day,
(Saying this she kisses his forehead)
Laksh gets happy and hugs her..

Sanskar listens to the entire conversation and gets angry.. He thinks that his plan has been flopped.
He gets angry on Swara, and thinks an other plan and leaves DP house and goes to an orphanage

He sees Swara playing with some kids, he goes towards her and holds her hand.
Swara is shocked
Swara:(gets excited to see him) sanskar what are you doing here? Did Ragini came with you ?
Sanskar: (pulls her closer) just come with me!! (Nd he holds her hand and takes with her)
Swara Was very excited (coz it was the first time Sanskar talking to her) and goes after him.. He takes her to the temple

Swara: sanskar why did you bring me here?
Sanskar takes a sindoor and places on her forehead, Swara is in shock
Sanskar: (angry) This is the punishment for cheating Ragini

Swara shocked

Swara: Kya?? What are you talking.. No Sanskar… U were wrong.. I dint cheat Ragini and I won’t cheat her At all, she is my best friend
Sanskar: ENOUGH!!!!!!(holds her shoulders tightly and shouts) yes!!! U cheated!! Ragini loves Laksh!! But Laksh loves you.. You are the reason for my sister sorrows
Now ur mine!! Your Mrs Sanskar Maheshwari ..Now no one can love you Swara, not even Laksh!!

Swara is broken..
Swara: no Sanskar… I don’t love Laksh!! I dint accept him!! My career is important to me.. Plz leave me.. I will go far from everyone. Let Ragini marry Laksh, I don’t have any problem and Infact im very happy for them..
Sanskar: shut up!!!! Just shut up!!
At that time pandit ji come and he tells him to wear the chain and to do the 7 pheras to complete the marriage..
He wears that mangalsutra and takes Seven pheras..
(Mangalyaam tantuna song plays)

After the marriage is completed.. Swara is in shock, she never seen Sanskar in this side..
Sanskar: Swara Challo!!
But she doesn’t move
Sanskar: (shouts) swaraaaaa!!
Swara suddenly jerks and gets afraid seeing his anger.. He angrily drags Swara and makes her sit in his car.
Swara silently cries…
Sanskar: (shouts) Swara will you plz stop crying.. It’s so irritating!!
(But Swara looks outside the window and cries silently… Which make Sanskar more angry)
He stops the car
Sanskar: Swara!! Look at me!!
But she won’t respond
Sanskar: (shouts again) swaraaa I said look at me!!!
She gets scared and looks at him,
Sanskar: listen!!!! I know your not ready for this marriage, even I’m not interested with this marriage, but I want Ragini to be happy..
I want you to be with me for ever… This is your lifetime punishment…until and unless you be with me Laksh won’t dare to look at you..
I just want Laksh to love Ragini forever in his life, dats what I wanted.. So you need to be with me forever…this is final
And ya don’t tell Ragini about this force marriage!! Tell her that we both love each other!! Noo no wait!! you don’t tell anything, she may get doubt.. Wtever I say u just say yes to it.. And Whatever you do, you just need to ask my permission…………………GOT IT???
Swara slightly nodes yes…
Sanskar : good!! I hope you will listen to me!!

They reach MM house:
Ragini opens the door and gets shocked to see the newly married couples
Ragini: bhai??? What’s this??
Sanskar: surprise!!!! (Saying this he keeps his hand on swara’s shoulder and pulls her closer) did u like it?

(Swara looks at him shockingly..)

Ragini: but bhai?? I don’t understand anything..
Sanskar: Ragini.. When Swara came here for holidays, we both started to love each other, but we just thought to wait until ur marriage is done.. But yesterday when you said Laksh loves Swara… I was speechless.. I got soo angry on Laksh!! How could he love my girl!!! So we both planned and got married… What u say Swara?

Swara is silent..he holds her arms tightly, coming to her senses she just nodes yes!!!

Ragini: (hugs Swara) woww Swara!! I’m soo happy for u!! U cheater.. U dint tell me anything about ur love story…Swara cries holding Ragini tightly..
Sanskar notices it and gets angry..
Sanskar: Ragini.. Now she’s not only Swara.. She is ur bhabi..call her bhabi from now.. Nd by d way give some privacy to the newly couples
(Saying this he lifts her into his arms… Swara is shocked… Ragini giggles)
Ragini: ooffffooo bhai!!! Ur soo romantic and she teases him..
(Sanskar smiles and takes Swara to his room)

Sanskar room:
Sanskar puts her down, and tells her to change her dress..
But Swara stood silently thinking
Sanskar: (pulls her closer and again shouts) swaraaa!!! Can’t you hear my voice, why do u always want me to repeat it for a second time… I told you to change your dress!! Just go and do that!!
Swara: b..bu..butt Sanskar I don’t have my clothes with me!!
Sanskar: ooffff yaaa I forgot!!
(He calls Ragini and tells her to bring a night suit for swara)
After some time he hears Some sound and thinks that Ragini is coming
As soon as Ragini enters
he hugs Swara, (he knows that Swara doesn’t like his touch) but he need to do this to make Ragini believe, swara tries to push him but he holds her more tightly..
Ragini: (smiling) oops!!! I’m sorry bro… Am I disturbing you guys..??
Sanskar: hmm Ragini.. Kya timing yar?? (And he leaves the hug)
Ragini smiles and gives the night suit to Swara..
Ragini: (whispers to Swara)congrats Swara!! Today is your suhagraat!! All the best yar
(She leaves the room)

When Ragini leaves the room Sanskar closes the door and tells Swara to change her dress.. She goes to washroom, she opens the tap, and cries remembering what had happened sitting at the corner..
Sanskar knocks The washroom door and tells her to come fast..
After 10mins
She comes out.. She sees Sanskar sleeping on the bed, she takes the pillow and bedsheet and sleeps down..

Sanskar wakes up and looks at Swara who is sleeping peacefully..
He stares at her for sometime..
Suddenly they was a knock..
Ragini: Swara!! Bhai!!! Open the door!!
Sanskar is shocked, he wakes up Swara, but she doesn’t wake up, he immediately carries her and when he was about to place her on bed, he slips and falls on the floor and Swara on top of him..
Swara opens her eyes and looks at Sanskar, (there was an eye moment..and Sanskar touches her hair and keeps it back of her ear.)

Again they was a knock..
They come out of their senses…
Sanskar gets up and opens the door,
Ragini: good morning bro and bhabi!! Sorry for disturbing,
(She gives Swara a saree) bhabi you need to do puja so get ready and Come fast.)
She simply nodes yes

Ragini leaves
Sanskar: (gets back pain as he fell down)
Swara: sanskar are you alright? Let me see (saying this she rubs his back)
Sanskar: Swara I’m alright….nd by d way Swaraaa how many times should I wake u? And why the hell you slept on the floor ? You could have sleep here on my bed ryt??
Swara: stays silent
Sanskar: anyways, you need to be like a perfect wife, from tomorrow you need to wake up early, Take care of this house, if you need anything take help from servants, behave like Mrs Sanskar Maheshwari …….And mainly when I suddenly touch you or hug u don’t try to stop me, wen I do that just think that someone is noticing us, instead of pushing me, hug me back…Understand?
Swara: she nodes yes..
Sanskar : morning to evening just get into some work, if ur tired take rest, it’s your house too, be free…. and don’t dare to enter outside without my permission… If u do that, you gonna pay for it..

Swara: b..bu..but Sanskar what about my college?

Sanskar: college?? R u serious??
Stop your education, it’s enough what u studied.. I don’t like you to go to college Now ur my wife, do as I say.. No college nothing..
Swara’s eyes are filled with tears… She automatically cries
Sanskar notice her tears.. He pulls her towards him
Sanskar: swaraaaaaa?why don’t you understand me…. if you go to college that Laksh will take a chance to meet you, and talk to u, if Ragini sees this she will get hurt. Can’t you do this much to your friend???
(Swara looks at him and nodes yes!!)
Swara: ?then wt about my scholarship?

Sanskar: I said no college… That’s it… Don’t bring this topic in front of me, get ready and come fast… After the puja il take you to ur orphanage..
(Swara gets happy hearing orphanage)

Ragini and Sanskar both are waiting for Swara
Swara comes down wearing red saree, bangles..
Ragini: wow Swara, you looking soo hot in this saree yar
Sanskar turns back and gets mesmerised by her beauty…
He smiles and goes towards Swara, places his hands on her shoulder.
Sanskar: my darling is so cute na Ragini?
Swara smiles looking at him (as she knows that he is acting)
Ragini looks at them and compliments that you both are made for each other..
Swara and Sanskar does the puja together
After the puja they sit for breakfast..

Breakfast table:
Servant serves the breakfast,
Sanskar feeds his first bite to Ragini,
Ragini: bhai now you should feed ur first bite to bhabi too.
(Swara bit uncomfortable to listen this)
Sanskar feeds his next bite to Swara, he signals her to eat..
Swara eats from his hand…(she gets bit emotional when Sanskar feeds her) she smiles looking at Ragini..
Ragini: woww such a cute pair, I’m just loving ur couple so much. Anyways Swara Challo lets go to college?

(Swara is shocked and looks at Sanskar.)

Sanskar: no Ragini!! Swara won’t come to college from today, she will be a homely wife, I don’t like her to go to college..
Ragini : but bhai today is our Last exam, at least Let her write this exam, she has prepared a lot for it.. It’s her dream, and you know she’s our college topper.

Swara looks at Sanskar with watery eyes,

Sanskar looks at Swara, and says no

(Swara gets sad)

Sanskar: Ragini you go to college, il take Swara to orphanage and il pick you up after exam..
Ragini: ok bhai.. Bye bhabi
Swara: (hugs her) Bye Ragini.. All the best for ur exam, don’t get tensed, Wtever u know you first write that.. (She keeps on telling her tips)
Ragini: (laughing) bhabi plzz stop it, I know I will fail.. Now plz don’t encourage me to pass?
(Sanskar looks at Swara and laughs but hides his smile)

Laksh is waiting for Swara.. He sees Ragini coming and goes to talk to her.
Laksh: hi Ragini, where is Swara yar, she dint come yet..
Ragini: Swara won’t come Laksh.. You know I’m very happy for her..
Laksh: happy for what??
Ragini: arey buddu.. Yesterday Swara married my brother.. I was shocked.. But later they told that they were in love..

Laksh shocked and broken??

Ragini: I know Laksh, you love Swara but she’s very happy with my brother.. Yesterday I’ve seen them being so happy.. You need to forget her Laksh.. Anyways bye.. I need to prepare for my exam..

Laksh is speechless

Swara and Sanskar leaves for orphanage..
In car:
Sanskar: Swara I told sisters about our marriage, they are really very happy for us.
Take blessings from them and bring your luggage soon.. U need to hurry up.. Okay??
Swara nodes yes..

All sisters welcome them.. They bless Swara and Sanskar both..
Swara goes inside to get her luggage
Preeti: (Swara’s friend) hello Sanskar bhai!!
I’m Swara’s friend.. Plz take care of our Swara, she’s very innocent and very sweet.
Sanskar: I know.. Don’t worry she will be fine.
( Swara brings her luggage.. But she forgets her album in orphanage)

While she’s leaving she hugs everyone of them and cries..
(Sanskar looks at her crying and thinks)
Ohh god!! From where she’s getting those tears,)

Finally they leave from orphanage
In car
She looks outside and weeps silently, suddenly Sanskar stops the car in her college..
Swara confused
Sanskar:Swara.. goo and write ur exam, 15mins left for ur exam to start.. go hurry up…
Swara: (very excited) really??
Sanskar: (confused) haaa Swara..
Swara: (very happy) thank you..thank you soo much Sanskar..ohh god!! Is this true, I can’t believe this..
Sanskar: hello madam!! As you said this is ur last exam I’m allowing you.. Don’t get soo excited..
Swara: Sanskar… Ur allowing for this exam that’s enough..I’m so happy..
Sanskar: by d way…r u prepared? Can u write your exam now??
Swara: haa Sanskar.. You know yesterday night I was recollecting all my answers.. So don’t worry I will top my exams
Sanskar: (smiles) okay!! After ur exam il pick u up, and ya listen, don’t talk with that Laksh.. If he tries to speak..just tell him that ur married and better just avoid him..
Swara: ok Sanskar… Bye
(And she gets out from the car)
Sanskar: (calls) swaraaa
Swara looks back
Sanskar: all the best
She smiles and goes inside…
Sanskar leaves..

Laksh is shocked to see Swara in saree, bangles and sindoor..
He goes to talk to her, but she goes inside the examination hall.

After the exam
Laksh stops Swara:
Laksh: Swara what is this?? How could you marry someone else when you know that I’m loving you.
(At that time Sanskar comes and looks at Laksh and Swara.. He gets angry seeing them)
Swara: Laksh I already told you that I’m not loving you.. I love Sanskar so we got married.. I’m sorry if I hurt you.. Plz don’t again disturb me..
(Shes going)
Laksh stops her by holding her hands..
(Sanskar gets angry and goes towards Swara)
Swara: Laksh!!! What are you doing?? Can’t you see I’m married.. Plzz leave me
Laksh: Swaraa I know you don’t like this marriage, I can understand that ur forced to this marriage.. Tell me d truth plz.. I know abt u Swara, you can’t do this.. There is someone behind it.. Plz tell me..I will help you
Swara: Laksh!!! Can’t u understand.. I’m not forced.. I did this marriage whole heartedly.. This is my own decision.. Plz stop me
Laksh: Noo Swara, you can’t leave me like this.. I’m crazy abt you Swara..
(She sees Sanskar and hugs him..cries and hides her face near his chest)

Laksh is shocked..
Shanskar: Kya hua Swara?? (He knows Tht Laksh is troubling her and starts his plan)
He lifts Swara’s chin, wipes her tears.. Nd kisses her forehead..nd hugs her tightly)
(Swara and Laksh both are shocked to see his concern)
Swara understoods that it’s his plan.. Nd keeps silent
But Laksh can’t see they romance and leaves the place with anger..

Episode ends
Sanskar angry and slaps Swara as she went outside without asking his permission

Guys sorry for making Sanskar bad, but don’t worry guys you will see Sanskar as a loving husband in further episodes!!

Thanks for liking my both the FF’s..
I’m merging two episodes together.. So that it will be a lengthy part

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