Endless love Swasan (Part 1)

Guys thanks for liking true love never dies… Here is the my other FF.. ENDLESS LOVE Hope you all will like it
Part 1
12 years back

Ram Prasad Maheshwari and his wife has died in an accident, all his family members left the children all alone, nd occupied his wealth..
Ram Prasad’s son Sanskar Maheshwari is angry to know about his relatives true face and he has broken his relations with them and took away his little sister Ragini along with him
He don’t have anyone in this world except his little sister,

It was night
He took his sister to her favourite beach and makes her sleep,
He sits and thinks about his and his sister future .. as he was very confused to know
What to do? And how to take care of his sister?

After some time
A family comes in a car,
Shekar gadodia with his wife and his daughter Swara (Shona) gets down,
And she starts playing with her ball…
Mr and Mrs Shekar are happy to see her smiling all the time…

That ball hits Sanskar, he looks at her and smiles and gives that ball to her..
Shona smiles and takes the ball from him..
Ragini wakes up and looks at Shona..
Shona: thank you.
Sanskar: your so cute.. What’s ur name?
Shona: my name is Shona..she gives chocolates to Sanskar and Ragini.

Sharmistha sees Ragini shivering and gives her dupatta to her..

Sanskar : thank you aunty
Sharmistha: ur welcome beta..(and she places his hand on his shoulder)
(Shekar comes towards them)
Shekar: beta!! What are you doing here? Go back to your house
Sanskar: I don’t have anyone uncle( and he tells them about his past)
Sharmistha and Shekar feels bad for him..
Sanskar: but I’m not sad!! I want to take care of my sister.. I want to full fill my dads dream, I want to look after my business, I know I don’t have 1re in my hand but I will work hard to get it..(saying this he looks at Ragini and hugs her)

Shekar is impressed with his thoughts and looks at Sharmistha
Shona: papa, shall will take them to our house?
Sanskar is shocked

(Shekar and Sharmistha both look each other and smile)
Shekar: haa beta!! Challo lets go to our house, we will look after you and ur sister.

(Sanskar first denies and watches Ragini holding Shona’s hand and accepts it for his sister)

Shona: (very happy) come lets go to my house and pulls his hand..
Sanskar looks at her and smiles..
In one hand he holds Shona and in other hand he holds Ragini)
They sit in car
Shomi takes Ragini in her lap and feeds her some food.
Sanskar’s eyes are filled with tears, and Shona sleeps holding Sanskar’s hands, he makes her sleep on his lap and caresses her head..
They reach home…
After few weeks..
Sharmistha tooks a best care of both Ragini and Swara, and Shekar keeps guiding Sankar in his education and tells some tips for starting up a business..And Sanskar helps Shekar in his business too..
They all live like a happy family…
But one day..

Sanskar wants to take Ragini and Shona to a park, but Shona has little fever and she stays back at home..
When Sanskar and Ragini goes to a park some enemies of Shekar attacks his family..
They start beating Shekar, shomi sees this and she get to know it’s an enemy attack
And she sends Shona outside the house and tells her to run and don’t come back..
Shona cries and hugs her..
Shona went inside her room and takes her favourite photo album with her, seeing her shomi kisses her
Suddenly someone tries to enter the room, shomi sends Shona and Shona runs from there..

The enemies kills both shomi and Shekar,
And they leave the place..
After some time Sanskar enters the house and gets shocked to see them like that..
Ragini cries looking at them..
He goes to shomi and tries to wake her up but she can’t as she is already dead

Suddenly he hears shekar calling
He goes to Shekar and wakes him up,
Shekar looks at Sanskar and tells him not to trust anyone, don’t be good with anyone they will kill you, he cries with pain and he tells him to look after Shona, and dies..

Sanskar cries and searches for Shona but he dint find her and he thinks that may be they killed even Shona..

After 12yrs
Present :
Early morning
A rich arrogant man names sanskar Maheshwari was congratulated by his staff as he got a big project, he happily comes home and goes to an unused room and locks himself Inside..
That room is filled with photos of his parents, And Shekar, shomi and Shona pics..
He cannot forget them as he has many memories with them..He looks at Shekar pic and thanks him for supporting and for bringing him into this position..and tells sorry to him as he dint save Shona looking at her pic..
He always thinks about shona and cries..because of her he got such a loving family..

He comes outside the room, suddenly someone comes from back and closes his eyes…
Sanskar: who is this?
And when he opens his eyes it was his sweet little sister Ragini..
Ragini: hello bhai, congratulations..I’m soo happy today
Sanskar: thank you Ragini,( and he kisses her forehead)
Ragini: ok bhai.. I need to go to colz as its my first day..
Sanskar: bye Ragini (saying this he smiles at her)

First day:
In class
Ragini makes friends with everyone,
Suddenly a girl enters the class with white churidhar.. All boys looks at her stunningly,
(She is non other than Swara)
She is very tensed and calmly sits beside Ragini..
Ragini: hey hello!!! I’m Ragini Maheshwari.. What about you?
Swara: I’m Swara.
Ragini: I think I’ve seen u somewhere?
Swara: Noo I dint see you anywhere..
Ragini: hmm okay!!
All introduces each other and all becomes friend within a short moment
All starts teasing each other, crackling jokes.. But Swara just simply starts reading her books.
Ragini: ooffffooo Swara, this is our first day!! And look at you.. R u studious??
Swara: haa Ragini, this is very important to me, I don’t have money with me, I don’t have parents, I’m only depending on scholarship so my career is important to me.
Ragini: (gets impressed with her)

Outside the college:
Seniors are teasing juniors,
A guy name Laksh, he is an handsome guy in college.. He always teases girls.
Swara comes outside the college, A guy name Nithin looks at her and calls her.
Nithin: hello white dress!! Come here!!
Swara goes towards him
Laksh is stunned to see her and stares at her lovingly
Nitin: SD bolo?
Swara introduces herself and they get to know that she is an orphan..
They start to tease her… Swara starts to cry
Laksh feels sad for her, he liked her innocence so much.

Suddenly Ragini comes and scolds them, she supports Swara and talks on behalf of her..
Laksh: guys, leave them, look at her how she is crying
Ragini looks at Laksh and likes him..

They leave the place.
Swara hugs Ragini and cries
Swara: thank you Ragini. Thank you soo much
Ragini: come on Swara!! Ur my friend, nd ur a special friend of me
Saying this she hugs her back..

(They both becomes friend, Ragini starts to love Laksh and Laksh starts to love Swara.. He always take chance to speak with Swara by using Ragini, ragini thinks that he is intentionally coming to speak with her and blushes)

After few months,
They got Diwali holidays,
Swara cries to think that she will miss Ragini so much..
Ragini looks at her crying and she invites her to her house..
Ragini: Swara!! Y can’t you stay at my house.. Will have fun
Swara first denies but later accepts

Maheshwari house:
Sanskar in his room,
Swara enters the MM with Ragini, suddenly Sanskar heart beats fast, he feels some happiness after a long time.
He goes down,
He is shocked to see a new person with Ragini.
Ragini: bhai she is Swara, my college friend, from today she will stay here..
As soon as she saw Sanskar, she feels the same happiness in her heart.. She thinks that I’ve seen him somewhere..

Sanskar: just goes inside without talking anything..
Swara: Ragini!! I think ur bhai doesn’t like me to stay here..
Ragini: come on Swara!! My bhai is very moody always, I promise he has no problem with u..
Swara smiles

Sanskar goes inside to his room and thinks why I am very restless seeing her, he feels strange and leaves for office..

(Swara and Ragini spends they holidays happily.. Sanskar never talks with Swara when ever they meet while breakfast and all.. Seeing sasnkar attitude Swara is very afraid of Sanskar…

Laksh misses Swara very badly, and he decided to propose her d day when colz starts)

After holidays
Swara goes back to her orphanage, and next day she goes to college happily to meet Ragini
Ragini and Swara meet in college…Laksh meets them and gets happy to see Swara.
He proposes Swara in front of Ragini and she gets broken..

She cries and goes back to MM…
Sanskar sees her crying and gets worried
Sanskar: Ragini what happen? Why are you crying?
Ragini: hugs Sanskar and cries… (She tells him everything)
I want Laksh!! I can’t see him loving Swara
I want Laksh bhai plz get him back to me..
She cries hugging him
Sanskar gets angry on Swara and Laksh,

Sanskar: Ragini, I promise you, Laksh will marry you.
Ragini: but how bhai? He loves Swara…
Wt if she loves him.
Sanskar: you don’t think about it, Laksh will be yours forever
(Ragini gets happy and thanks him)

Episode ends

Sanskar goes to orphanage and takes Swara along with him.
And he marries Swara forcefully
Swara is shocked..

R u all interested to know about how Sanskar gets to know about Shona who is non other Swara

So guys how was my FF… Do want me to continue??
This is totally love and hate relationship of Swasan

(I’m sorry as I killed RP, Shekar and shomi character)

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