Hi everyone….itz me little princess…..i am here with an one shot…its my first try…this concept is of my close friend who love,care,motivate,guide and support me…it was his motivation and faith that made me write this….this is for our friendship…..U R THE BEST MY LALU CUTIEEE….THANK U SO MUCH FOR THIS IDEA AND FOR BEING WITH ME TILL THE END OF OUR STORY…LOVE UUUU….hope u all will like our story…i would like to thank my dear n dearest meher for inspiring me…LOVE U DEAR…




When someone makes u the happiest person and the saddest person @ the same time, that’s when it’s real… That’s when it’s worth something…

All alone in this darkness in the same place that used to soothe myself. I am right there, where i make myself calmer n forget my pain…but now everything seems different here…don’t know why. Those sounds of sea, splashing waves, and seagull screams that awaked a peaceful soul in me is not yet to be experienced now in this very moment @ which i badly need to take over all my pains just like the splashing waves.. The moonlight that paved the way to bright pleasant night now engulfs me in the depths of darkness.. I can’t even imagine or accept the bitter truth of my life. It’s something that i can’t even imagine to be worst nightmare.. Destiny stood me across such a situation in which i can’t distinguish what’s wrong n right. Destiny played an unfair game with me

Whenever i try to close my eyes, the only thing that comes before me is her beautiful face with an angelic smile that has the power to conquer this entire world with her charm just as the moon that shines in the darkness…the only thing that i could hear is her sweet melodious chirping voice. I could inhale her fragrance where ever i go…omg! Now i am really suffocated n can’t even breathe properly…. I can’t take it anymore

The cool breeze touches my face softly just like a mother who pats her child with all her love n care whenever her child needs someone to soothe their pain…now i am missing something precious… I am feeling totally empty…i really wish someone beside me to take me in their embrace to comfort me..At least i need HER beside me…HER???? Yeah whatever you heard is right. My inner soul and heart demands her presence n feathery touch n some assuring words right now…it has the power to heal his wound….

But it’s true that, “Stab the body n it heals…but injure the heart n the wound lasts lifetime” Nothing can’t be like before…everything is over!!!

But still remember how i met her. The moment that i realized to be the most blessed one later somewhere in my life.. That day was the worst day of my life as well… You all may be guessing that how come the same day be a good day as well as a worst day for me…. Let me tell u all why it was the worst day of my life…it was the day in which i lost my beloved wife n unborn baby….the dreadful day that wiped out my life…the sign of our love. MY EVERYTHING left me all alone in this cruel world… I was in love with a girl for past many years. She was a orphan…the most pious soul i ever seen in my life.. V both were so close to each other… She knew me better than anyone else in this world.. She was my world…i proposed her for being my better half n she nodded with teary eyes…it was the tears of happiness… I made her my
wife…now it’s been 6 months of our marriage…i am not a person who makes plenty of friends everywhere..i am a busy one who rarely gets leisure time…it’s the specialty of my job…oh! I forgot to tell u that i am one of the most famous cardiologist over here…i am the one who owed to save others life…and i was successful as a doctor…. I was a good hubby too..i always find time in b/w busy schedules for my wife… Everything was going well in our life….my wife loved me more than anything in this world so as i…love was on the air…it was indeed a heaven for us…once we came to know that a new angel is going to join us to complete our family…we both were on cloud nine…. We could nt even control our happiness n excitement of being parents for first time. The more love n care enlightened in our life from that day onwards. But that happiness didn’t last for long…A big tragedy hit my whole world upside down. My all happiness was washed away by an accident that taken away my wife n unborn baby whom we were eagerly waiting for… ‘I should not have let her go alone for checkup, I should have accompanied her…then nothing would have happened …it’s all happened because of me..i am neither a good husband nor a good father…i destroyed everything just for being a good doctor’ ,i cursed myself… I couldn’t join her for regular checkup due to my busy schedule.so i send her with driver n care taker…
I couldn’t be there with her when she needed me the most…was my love for her not enough that she left me or must say god snatched her away from me….

an extremely cloudy weather with storm…a bad weather that shows something bad is gonna happen… The screen shifted to a place where some people gathered around the graveyard in white clothes n are moaning, weeping n crying…the priest present there is doing some necessary things as per rituals…then our eyes fall on a handsome person who is standing with the support of 2 people…he seems to be a lifeless body who has no soul…anyone could easily notice that how much hurt n broken is he from inside…he is none other than our hero.. As the cremation was over, everyone started leaving one by one…suddenly his eyes fall on a unknown person who looks so emotional n sad….Again he was lost somewhere n got engulfed in the grief of losing his beloved once for ever………now everyone left him there all alone after consoling him…now he couldn’t carry his emotions any longer.. He kneeled down with a thud n cried his heart out. Even nature was crying along with him.. It was raining hard…. His tears were mixed along with rain drops n poured down as a stream…it was as if he didn’t cry for ages…all these were witnessed by a pair of eyes with tears…

Flashback ends here…

So it was for the first time he saw her. But didn’t know that what destiny has stored for them…Now god has not only taken 2 lives but also one more life along with them. He was physically alive but died mentally that day itself with his wife n child…now he was no more the
old active n lively person…but a dead soul who only breath n live aimlessly…he now turned to be an alcoholic…he always spend his most of the time locked up in a room where many memories of his good days r still alive or replenished…. In nutshell, he was in a dream world of hallucination… Nearly a month passed on like this… Now he started going to hospital as per the insistence of his friends n relatives…but no one could take him out from the world of alcohol… The gentleman who was once completely dedicated for his profession was nowhere to be found….that enthusiasm in him turned to be laziness n carelessness… He didn’t give any damn to his health n professional life…hospital turned to be his rest place… Just comes there for the sake of name. Now destiny led me to a dreadful day…the day on which i committed my life’s biggest mistake…. Oh no! It wasn’t a MISTAKE…it was a SIN…my carelessness took someone’s innocent life… I don’t know why destiny plays its card in such a way that the outcome will always be pain n sorrows… Nothing else, Why it always happens with me…it was an usual day for me….i was sitting in my cabin n lost somewhere.. Suddenly i got jerked off from my thoughts due to someone’s shouting… ‘Doctor..Doctor..there is an emergency…no one is there to treat the patient right now…so you have to attend this case…get ready n come to operation theater fast, the nurse shouted standing from the door steps..i first denied to do it..But was not left with other option rather than attending the case…i unwillingly left for operation. Don’t know what happened to me all of a sudden..Omg i injected wrong high dosage drug to the patient due to my absent mind n led to the death of that patient. How could i be so careless..i was shocked n numb…never done any mistakes like this ever in my life…the only thing that ringed in my mind is that ‘the great cardiologist took someone’s life..u killed someone with ur own bare hands’…i didn’t do it deliberately. It was a mere mistake…. Bt it cost a life…i was too guilty that i couldn’t take it anymore. So i rushed out of Operation Theater with teary eyes… As soon as i stepped out of OT, a girl in early 20’s came to me n asked abt her mom’s health condition with all hope. It was the same girl whom i saw on my wife’s cremation day..i was again shocked to know that it was her mom who died by my carelessness… Even now i could see alot of emotions in her face n her argue to know n ask many things… It was the second time i am meeting her again…but some relation of ages n some unknown connection is felt whenever i meet her….its again the destiny that made us meet…but why????

When she came to know that her mom passed away and the sole reason behind it was me, she sat on the floor with a thud n cried vigourously…i was moved by that…i dont knw why but felt like 1000 knives pierced into my heart… The tears in her eyes was killing me of guilt n it ached my heart…some unknown feelings arosed in my heart to take her in my arms n console her..but something was stopping me from that…but seeing her worsen condition, I couldn’t stop myself.. And this led my way to her..the very next moment i made her stand, she hugged me tightly as if someone will snatch her from me if she loosen her grip on me… I was hell shocked by her act… But it was easy for me to understand that what will be going through her now…so i too reciprocated…and patted her head to calm her down..i don’t know why i did so…my mind was hesitating but my heart felt some unknown happiness n peace..may be bcoz of this my heart won over my mind..later she became calm but was sobbing badly and fainted in my arms due to stress n weakness

Death of her mom became a sensational issue..no one could believe that the topmost cardiologist who saved many lives failed to save a life for the first time..the media took over this issue…it should have spread like fire but our hospital being one of the top multispeciality hospital wrapped up this issue to save our fame…even media couldnt do anything as we r highly influential…

Days passed on………….
After her mom’s death she passed on to depression …a kind of paranormal….she was so weak as she didnt have anything… She lost her all charm n turned pale now..she was just a body without life…she also left all alone in this world like me… She had only her mom to hold her hands in this journey through darkness….bt she lost that beam of light also…each n every second that passed while watching her like this killed me myself with guilt of taking someone’s life n thus spoiling other life….i gave her the best treatment but she was not responding to it…may be she lost her hope to live… Her this shattered condition made my heart bleed..i wish to take her out of this hell…my feelings for her was dominating but i was unaware of that fact…. I wanna make her life colourful… LOVE n CARE is the best medicine to heal her wounds…k took her home when this realisation hit me…i started caring her as a mother.. I tried alot to take her out of that trauma…i stopped my drinking habits n resumed my life and lived for her… HER???? I am puzzled,why i am doing this much for her…why i am so concerned for her?? ‘Bcoz u love her’,my heart exclaimed ‘Love?? NO …she is just ur responsibility… Nothing more than that..ur love is no more alive…u only have her memories with u..how could u love someone… Its same as u cheat on ur love’,my mind remind me ‘U can lie as much as u can..but u cant lie to urself.. Accept the fact that u love her n cant even bear single drop of tears from her eyes…it shows how much u love her..life has given u a second chance….ur love is no more alive..she left the world..u r not cheating her..but accepting god’s another bless on u…once destiny snatched everything from u…but now that destiny itself gives u another chance…No one gets a second chance..but u r lucky..never ever let her go’,my heart yelled at me My heart n mind struggled over my feeling..i was really pissed off…

My love n care brought her back to life… The darkness got replaced by light…she started living her life.. We both became good friends…almost shared all happiness n sorrows together n stood with each other… My life also returned back to its track…i again fulfilled my duties as a good doctor..many things had been changed since her arrival in my life…she taught me to laugh whole heartly… Moreover she made me realise how to live the life to the fullest…

Being with her,i realised that the unknown feelings that i had for her was nothing else…but TRUE LOVE…vow!! I again experienced the beautiful feeling called love..really i was falling for her the every second i spend with her……i felt blessed to get her, the real gem in my life..i am deeply madly in love with her… Then suddenly something striked my mind…anyone can experience this heavenly feeling called love…and i am glad that i am one among them…but all r not that lucky to get their love back…i dont knw wht she feels for me…will she have the same feeling as mine…did she ever felt her heart beating fast whenever i stay close to her… Now i am really scared of losing her…once god took away my first love without any mercy… But u send her to me n made me believe in love again…now u cant take her away from me…i cant live without her…i will die

I dont know why but i could always see a spark of love in her beautiful deep dark eyes….that too for me…but still something was hidden in her heart that she always tried to convey through her eyes…bt i couldnt read it… Her eyes always indicated truth n love..i never asked her whether she has something to convey or not…i wished her to pour all her heart out…i was damn sure that one day she will open her heart infront of me…i trust her n will always be there with her irrespective of situation….

Finally i decided to confess my love for her and thought of proposing her to make it a special moment that we could cherish throughout our life

every sunday we visits her mom’s graveyard…but that sunday i was all ready to confess
her my feeling..so i had planned something else…. So asked her to go alone n made some execuses n stayed back…. But she was alittle bit upset as i never let her go alone ever since i brought her home… I was so protective abt her….And couldnt leave her at any cost

***Her pov…***

I dont knw why i felt so sad when he asked me to go alone to my mom’s graveyard….many thoughts started rushing into my mind….. I cant even tolerate his ignorance…i will prefer to die rather than being ignored by him… he is the whole world for me…i cant live without him..i was feeling lonely n scared of losing him…

Keeping all those thoughts aside,i moved towards my mom’s graveyard…i saw something different there…there was a bunch of red roses and a letter beside it…my eyes were filled with tears of happiness after reading it..its written by the love of my life…the one whom i love the most…i felt immense happiness in my heart n mind to know that he loves me as i do…i had seen too much of love n care for me in his sparkling eyes..but never thought that he will love me to this extend…i cant wait for long to confess him that how much i love him n what he means to me..but something is stopping me from telling him what i feel for him…sorry i cant give him the happiness he deserves…i cant let him live in the darkness anymore..i have to talk to him…but i know that i am gonna break his heart again…dont have anything left…i cant hurt my love anymore…i am gonna tell him my dark past

I was hell scared of loosing him..i cant even imagine a life without him…but i cant be so selfish…i drove back to home after gathering confidence…

When i stand before our home…i mean his home…dont know when it turned our home…each n every corners of this house reminds me of our happy moments…

My chain of thoughts were broken by a breaking sound..i rushed inside the house to the source of sound…it was from my room…i was horrified by the scene infront of me..finally i encountered our photo frame which was broken into pieces in the floor..then my eyes fell on my love who was sitting in the corner of my room with a dairy..he looks pale n fully shattered as if some one taken away his life from him…tears paved its way continously…i was broken by his
state…whatever happened was something which i feared for..i had this fear in each n every moments that i spend with him..he came to knw abt the most painful truth of me being his wives n unborn child’s killer from my personal dairy…

I never wanted to hide this from him..it was his right to know the truth but i couldnt blurt out the truth..i was so much scared of losing him n his hatred towards me..i didnt kill them deliberately..that accident was my life’s biggest mistake…i was the reason of those innocent souls..i took away all the happiness of a happy n adorable family and been my love’s pain..i was not courageous to confess him the truth..not that i betrayed him but that i loved him unconditionally and was not having that much courage to hurt him again…i love him with all my heart and dont want to hurt him and cant see his hatred filled eyes which was once filled with love…i prefer my death rather than his hatred n ignorance..i was abt to tell him the whole truth but was too late that he came to know abt it himself..now he will hate me more n consider me as a betrayer…

Within a few minutes,my whole world turned upside down again…i lost him forever..

I went near him n placed my palm in his shoulder..i was literally shivering expecting a burst on me…but i wanted to clear everything..he just raised his head sensing my touch and looked straight into my eyes…those brown eyes that always showed love n care for me was emotionless..it was as deep as a sea for me to reach upto that…i couldnt even look into his eyes due to guilty feeling that engulfed me like a cyclone..he didnt utter a word…just jerked off my hands n went out without glancing me

His act pinched my heart…he took away all my happiness n my life along with him…i am nothing…just a body without soul..i falled in my knees and cried my heart out..why always destiny plays a cruel game with me..i lost mom already and now i lost my life who was the sole reason of my existence…i spoiled everything with my bare hands..i lost him..i lost him forever..


***His pov***

Again and again,her memories lashes my mind as a wave….why cant i let her memories out of my mind…i very well know that i cant ever forget her till my last breath…bcoz i love her without any bounds…my love for her is so pure…but the reality strikes me that she took away my beloved wife’s n unborn baby’s life…eventhough the reality is this,i cant hate her..she is too close to my heart…she cant even think of hurting someone, then how will she hurt someone knowingly…she is such a innocent soul who has a golden heart which only knows to love others..it has the power to heal any wound…its so sacred…my this wound can only be healed by her…mistakes can happened by any human being…even i have done a big mistake like her..it was the cruel game of fate in which we became the victims..no one can do anything other than repentance…she also
repent for her mistake as i did…whats the difference b/w us…we both went through same situation..i want to relive all those moments that we spend together-for one more time…i want to capture those beautiful,innocent & crazy,curiosity filled memorable days of my life with her again…

I could feel a soft touch on my shoulder now…its the similar touch that i craved for…its my love…i could feel her…her single touch wiped off my all sorrows n made me relieved..

I opened my eyes sensing her touch n saw my look love who looks so weak n pale…her beautiful eyes r red n buffy due to continous crying…her face dont have that charm n angelic smile that can attract anyone…its clearly visible from her face that how much hurt she is…i cursed myself for hurting her..my over reacting made her condition so miserable….i hurted my jaan so brutely…i want to kill myself for hurting her this much..i was just staring her…i wanted to talk to her and ask her why she hided such a big thing from me…why she bore too much pain all alone…i could see alot of pain in her eyes…the pain of losing me n the guilt…

Now i could easily understand that how much she was hurt to keep me away from the reality…i want her to speak up…but neither did i have the words in my mouth,nor was she prepared to tell me the reason…i wasnt sure to express what i feel..all what i could do is just to stare her to atleast get a answer from he r..didnt she have the faith in my friendship n love to reveal the truth…i promised her that i will always stand beside her n trust her irrespective of the situation… Why didnt she trust me..am i that bad to not worthy of anyones love n trust?? Her dovey eyes that once talked much now has so many mixed feelings..for some unknown reason,i was hopeful that she will tell me everything and mend our relation once again…she will never leave me

HER(while crying): i..i am really sorry for whatever i did…i didnt do anything intentionally…that was a mistake that turned to be a sin…i never wanted to hide this from u…but couldnt speak up the truth as my fear of losing u dominated me..i dont know that when,how n why i fall in love with u…but the only thing i know is that i love u more than anything in this whole world n cant live without u…i know that how much u loved ur wife n unborn baby..so i didnt have the courage to face ur hatred for the killer of ur beloved ones…it may sound selfish…but if i was selfish,i would never ever tell u abt the truth…i was abt to confess u the truth..but i was too late that u already came to know abt it urself…i am sorry… And i really love u alot..but i know that no one will love a murderer of his wife n child ever….u may not be able to tolerate my presence for atleast a second..so i am leaving from here forever n ever…will never come to u……i cant bear the hatred in ur eyes towards me ….i did such a crime that u cant ever forgive me..but dont hate me…bcoz it kill me like hell..

(Her confession made him happy…he felt so blessed to get her in his life to love him for such a extend that no one will love him ever…. But her pain n words that she will leave him stabbed his heart) *********She was abt to go…he held her hands n turned her towards him..both were
crying vigourously….it shows how much they love each other… And how much it hurts them both when the matter comes of their seperation**********)

HIM:if u love me this much,then why r u leaving me like this…do u want me to live a lonely life filled with darkness…how could u think that i will hate u…i cant hate u,even if i want bcoz i love u more than anything.. You are my life..i very well know that u cant kill anyone…i trust u more than myself…dont be guilty..its u who brought me back to a normal life….now,forget the past..it was all because of our fate..we cant do anything.. Whatever happened is so happened… We both have already faced too much and are victims of so called fate…one more thing..i didnt hold ur hands to leave it… I want to discover my all joys,sorrows and tears with you…my wish is you to come back to my life and trace your steps with me,the same way you did earlier…its destiny that brought us together…so will you be there with me till my last breath

She nodded happily with tears in her eyes…

They hugged passionately…the whole world stopped right there witnessing the union of these adorable couples

‘Was it you or i who stumbled first? It does not matter…the one of us who finds the strength to get up first,must help the other’ Here also the same happened.. Both of them stood with each other as their own support…. Their destinies were entangled…likewise their hearts were also entangled…

Here mistakes,exoneration turned to true love…. Destiny brought them into a beautiful relation of love,trust and care… Mistakes are part of life,everyone makes them,everyone regrets them..but some learn from them and some end up making them again…its up to you decide if u will use ur mistake to ur advantage..

so guys this is our story….i hope u all liked it….
thank u for ur precious time to go through our os…
paying my sincere gratitude towards vivek bro,meher n kichu…..
love u all…..
thank u so much….

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