Endless love ff 9

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As we r near the car i could hear the song which i and abhi had danced ended. I wasn’t sure i was relieve or disappoint becoz one thing i had been very embarassed abt our closeness othr thing is i enjoyd it. In my clg i hav seen many boys. Some boys r afraid of me but most of boys used to tease me and make me trip and laugh at me but abhi is strange always apoligising. I had decided to confront him. I know the consequence it would be awkward for me.
Afr my dance with him i didn’t know how to face him. It is beyond embarassment. My face become red i felt it real for first time. There is lot of diff bet rv and abhi. Rv was always in parties. He was the guy who could get anyone he wantes to get. But abhi was like me, wanted to be alone, they both don’t hav another frd or family to go with them. Tis was hard to believe how they both licing together alone.

I atill didn’t know abt abhi’s family. On top of tis my mom is also so sweet. It makes me very confusing. It was becoz she want me to be nice to her co workers but it didn’t seem yo be a real reason. She was driving the car and she seemed to be little tense
P:wat is wrong mom?
S:nothing dear so did u hav a gud time dear.
P:it was fun. I said cautiously.
S:where r u disappeared in middle?
P:i sat and watched the dance for long time. Then atlst abhi came and asked me to dance so we r in middle of dance.
S:really. Why r u so red when i found u? R u ill?
It is most embarrasing moment of my life was witnessed by my mom.
P:no i am not sick.
S:wat is wrong?
P:nothing. She laughed.
S:is tat boy? Oh my pragya fallen for….
P:i am not fallen for him.
S:i was just joking.

I wa quiet and too embatrased. I realises tat we r going on wrong direction. I saw her face. She was determines and joy and hatred. She was not the same person as some hrs bfr. I thought tat something was wrong. I could sense it. Fear started through my body.
S:pragya i am sry and really not sry abt tis. As i told to u many times u were a mistake. If u were not in my life , i and ur appa would lead a happy life. He is fond of u. But still he hav time and i am glad tat i can correct my mistake.
My fear grew more stronger. Suddenly my mom took a big knife below the seat.
Bfr i could realise it she hit me with it on my stomach. I could felt it cut all my delicate skin. The blood poured out. She pulls it back and then hit me at my chest so tat i could die. A lot of blood poured out of it like water falls. I felt tremendous pain. I am unable to cry and shout. She slowly remove my seat beat and pushed me at of car.
S;gud bye pragya.

She said and left from there. The knife pressing on the road and putting more pressure on my chest. I felt numb. I was in pool of blood and there is no one to help. I alao don’t expect to help me. I dropped my head and waiting for my end to come. I felt everything was shutting down i felt my heart slowing down and my breathing turns shallow. I wad unable to think abt anything.

Precap: i felt familar hands turning my body upwards…cold hands.

Sry guys i was busy preparing for exams and attending class. I will post my nxt ff on thursday becoz there will puja in my home so there r more works to arrange for it. I will help my amma in those works so sry guys pls forgive me.
Happy navarathri, saraswathi pooja, vijaya dasami, aautha pooja, moharam to all. Enjoy ur pooja holidays.
Thank u for ur support guys and silent readers thanks. Hav a nice day. Stay happy and make others happy. I will pray for u all. God bless u all with all happiness. Take care of ur health guys. Bye.

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