Endless love ff 8

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“Gud mrg pragya” my mom called me in cheerful voice in my room. It kind of scared me. I didn’t know why she is like tis. She came inside and sat on my bed.
S:wat’s happening tonight. She asked me exictedly. I signed as all is well.
S:i told u wen u got back from hospital honey.
I thought Wat is wrong with her?
S:manager retirement party tonight. It will be fun if u come with me
I am confused at her behaviour. If i say no to her i might get beaten up or if i say yes i would suffèr through night surrounded by stranger. I don’t hav gutts to get beatten up by her so i agreed with her.
S:i hav a gift for u .

It was surprise for me. Sindhi never gav me a gift.
S: i will show u in evening. Do u want anything in break fast prepared by me. I shook my head. Then she left my room. I got up from bed and went to fresh up. I was surprised abt her behaviour. I thought to escape from her and ran out side and rushed to my clg. I didn’t understand anything yesterday abhi was behaving wierdly. I didn’t know wat he is talking abt wen he said sry to me.

I reached clg. I looked around to see abhi. I need to ask him some questions. Suddenly ranveer came bfr me with huge smile on his face.
Rv: hai pragya how r u? P:fine and u.
Rv:s gud.
P: so where is ur bro? He laughed at me.
Rv:i thought u know…… u r always with him…. r u going out with him tonight. I glared at him. Abhi and i were dating?
P: wat. Wat gave u the idea tat i & abhi were going out? I shouted at him. He burst into laughter. I thought tat wat had we done to give rv tat idea?
P: i don’t like him at all. I told in low voice tat i and he could hear it but he just keep laughing. All r staring us.
Rv:ur denial is sweet. I punched him hard on his stomach but he is so strong i got pain in my hands. I started walking and he was walking besides me.
P:rv r u going to tell me where abhi and ishani?
Rv: i don’t know really . They left bfr me.

I went to my class. As the class started i didn’t see abhi and his sister. I waited for him in cls. But he didn-t came. When everyone entered the cls i saw them hoping it was him. I was anxious to meet him. Atlast clg was over. I was very dejected. I went to my car and looked for rv. He is not seen there.
I went to home. I went inside and saw my mom was waiting for me. She held my hands and took me to her room. She opened her closet and took a dreas. She showed me the dress. It was long, simple, wine red dress and had a black lace designs on its top. I was amazed. She handed it to me and asked me to try tat dress. I couldn’t believe tat she brought a dress for me tat also a most expensive piece of designer dress. Till now I brought my clothes in my own pocket money.
S:do u like it. P:i love it. S: try it now. She left my room. I put the dress over me and saw myself in mirror. I looked better tan normal. It was correct to my aize and it showed my curves.
S:can i come in. P:sure.
S:pragya u r amazing. U wear tis in the party. I hav to change my dress. We r leaving in few hr.
I put light make up. I took a book to read. I didn’t like to attend party. In every party i used to sit in a corner. I could enjoy it by observing everyone. I couldn’t dance. Them my thoughts r changed i wonder ehy my mom was happy? Where is abhi? Why he was behaving strangely yesterday. My thoughts r broken by my mom and we went out. She asked me.to took my car becoz it was somewhat modern tan hers. I drive the car and we reached xyz place where the party was going on.

I came out of car everyone was staring at me. Why all r staring at me? Am i tat horrible. I was surprised and little afraid.
P:mom can we go? Iam little uncomfortable here. She was shocked at my words.
S: why dear wat is wrong?
I didn’t want her to hurt or else she will turn into monster. P: no……lets stay here.
She smiled at me and we went inside. She introduced to her frds. I looked at ground most of the time. I just stand with her and answer their questions in one or two words. I felt bored and thought to escape but my mom didn’t allow me. While she was busy talking with her frd i escaped from tat place. I found a isolated corner and i pulled a chair and sat on tat place.
There r some in cafeteria and some.r dancing in dance floor. Time passes slowly. To my surprise a man abt 20 came near me. I think he was drunk. He came near me”hello i am vikrant. U look lonely can u join with me in dance? And e joy ursellf”
P: wat does it matter to u? Was tat the only reason u came over here. I cannot dance. I’m sry. I said in anger.
V:ok fine i just asking. He left and went to his frds and told something to them. Then one afr another boys came. I shut everyone of them as vikrant. I was fed up becoz of them. Atlast a boy came near me
P: leave me alone?why do u think u can just? I screamed on him. He got afraid and left place. I stood and moved out the place. I searched my mom but i couldn’t find her so i moved out myself.
I went near door. I was very angry. I pulled the door but one arm grabbed my hand. The hand felt hard, cold,and comforting. I cooled immediately and i knew who it was. I turned around to see abhi in his black suit and he looked dashing. I smiled at him. His beautiful eyes r in pain and he tried his best to hide it.

A:where r u going? Why r u leaving?
I really don’t want to answer his question. It was little embarrasment.
A:it looked like u r angry.
P:wait a minute wat r u doing here?
A:my bro got job in tis comp so he invited me to the party. Ishani went outside so i came alone to the party.
I don’t understand both Abhi and ishani r attractive but they don’t hav boyfrd and girl frd.
A:just tell me wat is bugging u
P:i hate being here. He looked me like he didn’t believe me. These guys r asking me to dance with them i shot everyone but they kerp coming.
A:don’t worry abt it. U know ur not very gud in hiding emotions. He teased me.
A: wat r u going to do now?
P: how long r u staying?
A: i’ll stay as long as u r staying. I think i would die here without u. He looked away. He was like yesterday.
P:ok cheer up we will hav some fun.
A:wat do u suggest?
P:i don’t know wat do u want to do?
A: do u want to dance? I gulped and shook my head. He laughed.
P:it is boring we can stand there and talk.
A: oh right. Wat if i didn’t let u fall? (I shook my head) i promise i won’t let u make a fool out of urself. I am good dancer.
Bfr i could answer he grabbd my hand and dragged to dance floor. P:come on abhi i cannot dance lets go.
A:nothing to worry i will lead u.

He gently took my arm and placed on his shoulders and put his hands on my waist. We started dancing slowly.(guys plug ur head phone and hear sanam re song and unnala song from darling). He began to hum along with the tune and smile appeared on my lips. This was a amasing song. I wish the moment to freeze. He wasn’t tat bad. It was actually nice. Abhi was a gud dancer. He proved it becoz i didn’t tripped once. If it is another person i would fallen on my face on the first step.
A:it is nice to feel a beating heart. He murmured it and i heard it being close to him. I realised we were standing so close together. He could feel my heart beat on his shirt and on his chest. I turned into red. I looked at him and he looked at my eyes. Our eyes locked. I couldn’t look away.
“Pragya” a voice lose my eye lock and it was my mom. She looked in angry.
S:pragya we hav to go. I am really tired.
He signed me and let me go. He looked at me sadly. A:gud byepragya. I am really sry. U don’t deserve tis.
He turned and disappeared in crowd. I thought abt his words and my mom drag me out. It was nice moment. It seemed she liked to break everything of mine from my young age.

Precap: A beginning of an end.

Thank u guys for support. Parthi we will wait for u and astha all the best for ur exams we will miss u. Hav a nice day guys. Stay happy and make others happy. God bless u all.

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