Endless love ff 7

Thank u surbhi di,di,maha, ritu, princess krisha, reji, reshma pradeep, mukund raj and thank u silent readers thank u for ur prayers. Sry for late uploading. Lets go to story.
We arrived home. I saw a concern in his eyes.
P: thank u for driving me back. I won’t enjoyed walking.
A:remember wat i said pragya. If anything happens, get out.
P:i’ll remember tat. I’ll see u 2morrow i guess.
I slowly entered into home. My mom was sat in sofa
S:i’m glad to see u back again. The house had not been cleaned in these days.( I was basically the maid in the house).wat’s ur story.
P: i fell down the stairs.
S:u idiot. U couldn’t tell anything better.
P:u don’t need to tell me mom.
S:u didn’t tell anyone did u? I shook my head. S:tat’s gud becoz u know wat would happen if u ever tell anyone.
P: don’t worry mom. I didn’t tell anyone.
S:who was tat with a new car pragya
P:he was just nice man at hosp. He offered to drive me here.but She didn’t believe me.
S:did u know his name and his ph no. I would thank him properly. P: no need i tHank him already.
S: anyways pragya in few days my company has arranged a party. U can come if u want.
I was very close at tat i never lied to her bfr so she believe me. I entered my room. It was dirty and i thought to clean it. I clean the entire house and cooked for her. My mom was sound asleep. I went to my room and took my medicines and sat on my bed. I told abt my secret to a boy and he is little over concerned on me. I got a pleasant welcome from my mom. It was so confusing. Slowly i drift into sleep in tis thoughts.

“I was in tat forest area. A boy was with me & guiding me. We were under the light now. A glowing red eyes appeared in the dark. I waw freezed for a second. I ripped out of the boy’s arm but he managed to hold me. ‘Don’t do it’ he told me seductively. It was so hard to resist his voice and familar to me. But i didn’t listen to him. I manage to struggle out hus arms and meet the demon which emerged from dark. We met each other in mid air and fell down in ground. I myself like demon fight with it. It is more powerrful tan me. I tried to bite it and scarch it with my nails. ‘Pragya no’ the man screamed. At the moment the wolf pushed me and it is on top of me. I saw its teeth and saliva was driping from its teeth. I daw my eyes reflected on its eyes. Then i was thrown away ny tat man. I tried to see his face but i couldn’t. We hear many roar sound. Many wolves came out. The boy stood bfr me as protecting.’stay back’ je warnd me. All wolves surround us. ‘Get out of here’ he pushed me with force. I fell outside. I couldn’t go inside as all w surrounded him. I couldn’t left him and go. I had a bond with him. I didn’t understand anything at tat moment. I know tat i couldn’t bear leaving him there tp be killes. If then part of me will die with him. I heard ripping and tearing sound. I stood there in shock and i don’t know wat is hapenng. Then i saw a blood pool. I awoke from my sleep.

Firat i couldn’t see anything then i see myself in my bed. I was great relief to me. The dream scared me vry much. I calm myself and laid on bed. I heard a hissing sound. Already becoz of my dream i couldn’t sleep properly now tis sound also scaring me. I peeped outside thr my window but i couldn’t find anything. I covered myself and slept in fear. Then i got up from sleep. I wake up early. I went to fresh up it was more relaxing afr many days. I take my medicines which r givem by doc. I realised something. I was very hungry. I went downstairs. I took food from fridge and put it in micro oven. I couldn’t wait till it us heated. But usually i used to eat for my energy and i will eat small amt of.food. then u took food from oven and placed on table. It is so hot but i gulped it down. For first time i feel hungry. I got reasy for clg and went to my car. I slowly drive to my clg.i reachd early.i parked my car and moved to my clg.
I saw ranveer leaning towards wall with another girl. They were close to each other. Tis was diff girl tan the last. Tat is really uncommon bet. The siblings. Ishani and abhi came near me
I:gud mrg pragya r u feeling better?
P: i am feeling better. Then we three reached near ranveer.
I:come on ranveer, don’t u hav class? Ur cls is going to start. I & ishani laughed at him. He glared at her. It looked like tat they hav another joke i was not aware of. He was little worried i could see it on his face.

I attend all class which misssed tjese days. In lunch; i, abhi, ishani sat on one table. She was excited abt something and he is calming her. She was always staring at me or abhi. P:ishani…..tinaa didn’t try to do anything to u? She laughed at my words. I: no… she eally respects me now if she mess with me she is going to get her face beaten up again. I thought tat ishani was the first one to make ti a respect someone. The rest of the days r basically same.
I went to home, do my househokd works then sleep but the dream is same. It sacred me to death.
The nxt day is very strange. It was weekend. From mrg my mom is behaving strange. Her voice was sweet & she smiled at me and woke me. She asked me to hav breakfast tat scared me i ran out and rushed to my clg. I moved to my class. Today abhi was very nervous and ishani was more concerned tan as usual. She was almost as uneasy as abhi. He now sat besides me in all cls. Our old boundaries r gone. I wondered how we gotten here. It seemed like only yesterday he was stare at me and i would glare at him. But today he us glaring at me more tan he had bfr. I didn’t understand it. I thought to sort out tis pbm. I called him but he is not hearing me. I got up from cls. P: mam i’m sry. I just not feeling all tat well…..can i go home? I toned my voice to sound sick. I saw abhi and tried to express thr. My eyes tat i want him to come with me. He understood my thoughts. Mam:ok pragya if u need to go,go…..just finish ur project.
A:mam may i go with her? She doesn’t seem all tat well to me.
I control my laugh and hide my smile behind my hair.
Mam:will i expect u back?
A:we r both going out . I will drop her in her home so i could not come back. She nodded to us in shock.

We fled from there. We cross the coridor in silence. I grabbed his arm and pulled him to old abandoned girls rest room. He looked at me in surprise. First we sat in silence. I took a deep breathe.
P:abhi wat’s the matter now? Wat’s the pbm? I never understand wat’s going on and its really starting to bug me. I exploded at him. He shook his head.
P:why don’t u tell me wat’s going? R u worries abt my pbm? Or my dream? Ur sister and brother r driving me crazu. He just shook his head and said sorry.
P:i never used to these pbm when i didn’t hav frds. I saw a smile on his face.
A: how did ur appa died?
P:why do u want to know abt him?
A:pls tell me
P:i never told anyone abt him.
A:i’ll tell u if u tell me wat’s wrong.
P: he died in a car crush. He went out afr fight with my mom over me. I think he was careless in his rage. I don’t want u to sympathise but i thank u for ur concern.
He smiled at me.
P:will u tell me now.
He came mear me and knealed down infront of me. I was so stunned.
A: i am so sorry. He grab my shoulder and hugged me for few seconds and stood up and went. I watch him in shock.
I came here to get some answers but he left me with many more questions.

Precap: Memorable day for Pragya.

Sry guys for late upload. Surbhi di, maya, aditi, emmy, prathi and all other authors all ur ff are awesome and mind blowing. Hav a nice day. Be happy and make others happy. God bless u dears with all happiness.

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