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Thank u for ur support guys. I hav exams so i cannot upload ff reguarly. I am existed abt other ff also. Pls upload next ff lost love , love of two poles, forced mrg i miss u guys i am eagerly waiting for ur nxt ff. Surbhi di i am u greater fan di. Awesome di. Pls others don’t angry on me others ur ffs also very nice. I will read ur ffs while travelling to my clas so i cannot comment ur ffs. Thank u silent reader u r my support.Ok enough of my vala vala. Lets get to the story.
I was in forest area & it was dark. I was walking behind a man. We got closer to light. I saw horrifing eyes. I got ready ro attack it. Tat time the man near me grabbed me & spoke softly in my ear”no,don’t”. But i ripped out of his arms and met giant beast who came out of darkness. I fight with the beast “pragya”. The man shouts in a painful voice. I hit his paw and rolled over it but it overpowered me. A pack of wolf surround me and all r top of me. My eyes opened. I heard loud beep sound of heart rate monitor. My arms and legs r shaking. Then doc. Came & gav me injection and i slept. Tis happened a few times in these 2 days & these dreams scared me to death. Doc. Asked me abt it but i didn’t told him. I didn’t tell abt tis to Abhi & Ishani.

I was afarid of dreams & tried to think of subject other tan them. Doc. Informed me tat i was healing quickly in last two weeks. I was very happy abt it becoz i could get out hosp. As soon as possible. But doc was very worried abt my dreams. Wen i woke up i almost had panic attack so he subscribe some sleeping pills for me. Then Abhi & ishani came
I:how r u feeling?
P:little bit tired.
A:s… doc told me abt everything. I cursed the doc for telling him.
I:but the good neww is u r healing rapidly fast and doc is amased at how quickly u r healing. She said tis and winked at Abhi
A:doc told me tat he is going to prescribe sleeping pills becoz of ur dreams. I was agitated and embrassed.
P: don’t worry abt me. It’s stupid dreams. I will get over it. Ishani got up and started to go. P: where r u going? I: hav to pick ranveer …. i’ll be back in few hours.
A:i will be with u till she gets back. Doc and i don’t believe u tat u r fell down from stairs, pragya. How could u hav gotten so many wounds from falling down? I remaines silent. I stare at his eyes. I could not tell anyone abt my secret. I couldn’t trust anyone. I looked at his eyes and eye lock (pls guys plug ur headphone and hear ennodu nee erunthal from i movie sry guys i do nit know more hindi songs)i came to sense. P:i don’t know wat r u talking. He glared at me. A:i am waiting for ur answer. There is no logic in how u has fallen down from stairs. Pls just tell me wat really happened? Pls pragya, if u want me to help u ten tell me wat happened.
P: wat makes u think tat i would want ur help from u. I told u many times i want nothing u leave alone in my own way. I saw his eyes it pleaded me to tell and it took off my balance. I control myself not to see his eyes.
A: pls,pragya. I hav been through same thing. I know wat it is like . Just tell me the truth. U hav nothing to loose. He moved closer to me. My eyes widened.i was shocked at his words.
P: someone abuses u too.. i covered my mouth as soon as i said. At tat moment i thought tat someone abuses himm too. I blured out bfr my brain could put together. Mostly he was not abused becoz he has white and pure skin. There is no wound in his skin. His eyes widened and his mouth fell opend. I could see his anger in his eyes. A:who is it? I shook my head.
P: i said away too much. S I has told u many times i can take care of myself. U need to mind ur own way. He sat near me and leaned to me and hold my shoupder. I could feel his hands on me & familiar sense of calm and refreshment. Suddenly i forgot all my pains. He started deep into my eyes and making me lose my concentration on situation.
A:pls pragya, just tell me u don’t need to be worried abt anything. Tell me who hurts u pls. I was hopelessly compelled to tell the truth. He pleaded me. My heart beat raised. My mind & heart battled to tell him the truth.
P: can u keep tis secret. He nodded and came close to me. I opened my lips
“Mr. Mehra visiting hours is over”
Said nurse and entered the room. She shies wen she saw both of our position.
Nur:sry pragya i am sry mehra. A: we’ll continue tis talk later. Sweat dreams pragya. He signed and went out.

The affect on me while his presence was gone. I began angry on myself. I almost given him the key to my death. If i had told him sindhu will just beat me to death. I scold myself.
Few days passed quickly. Abhi didn’t pick up the same conversation i was relieved abt it. Always ishani was there with me so he didn’t hav chance to speak with me. I thanks ishani for this in my mind. They came frequently. I was glad tat Abhi had stopped worring abt me. He didn’t asked abt my health also. It was a great relief to me. Butbhis face shows tensed. Today i would be discharged. I was so happy. A change of scenary will be goos. Doc entered my room.
Dr:i hav ur x rays here. I hav checked it is healing quickly. Tis is abnormal. I just can’t fine the logical explanayion for this miracle. So do u mind if i take blood samples. I was hesitate.
P:i won’t feel comfortable with tat
Dr:i can understand it pragya. If u need something just ph the hosp. And ask me.
P: alright doc thank u for everything. I will remember tat. I worn my old clothes & i went outside. I thought i hav to walk to my home. I disn’t know how long it will take to walk to my home. I saw Abhi outside. I was shocked i didn’t expect him to come. I couldn’t understand why he was here. P:wat r u doing
A: i came to bring u home. Why do u want to walk.
I feel uncomfortable to go with him but he hold my hand and went to car and make me sit in the car. He drive the car. He play some music and its my favouite music. I feel relief in tat music. I was already nervous.
P: Abhi i want to ask u. Why r u always so concerned with wat happens to me? I mean u r always involved with my life. I don’t understañd why.
A:i am ur frd pragya. I don’t want anything to happen to u. I myself don’t understand why u r treated so horribly. I could see anger in his voice.
A:wat happened to u pragya tell me who it was. Pls. His voice was forceful & pleading there is no way to avoid him. P: u won’t tell anyone will u? Becoz i will be dead if u ever told anyone…….he nodded to me.
I took a deep breathe and whispered” it is Sindhu….my mom. He was shocked. He stopped the car in jerk.
A:ur mom. I nodded him.
A: how could….why would…she. he chokked.
I closed my eyes tightly.
A:i can’t bring u back to ur home with her there. How could she do tat?why?how long she has doing tis to u?
P: i don’t know why she is like tat. I think it was becoz i was born. She always said i was her mistake. She has been doing tis to me since i was five. My appa prevented some things but afr his death there is nothing to stop her and is enjoying it.
A: i’m not taking u back there.
P:yes u r. I hav no place to stay. I am serious u must take me back.
A: i willnot allow u to go back to place where u will only hav to go back hospital.
P: Abhi she will not do it agn. I can fake myself as more hurt. She will just give me some wound but as already i was wounded it became big.
A:i told u already i don’t want u to hurt any more. I keep my fingers on his lips to silence him. I was awkward for us.
P: i know to handle her. I promise i will get myself out of there nxt time bfr she decides to beat on me. Pls Abhi.
I could see confusion in his eyes. He took brèathe and comtinued A: u hav to promise tat u will get urself out of there if she tried to lay hand on u. U hav to get urself safe. I agree to him. He started the car and went to my home.

Precap:mysterious behaviour of Abhi.

Thanks for ur support guys. Sry for late upload. I hav exams so i cannot upload regularly but i will try to be regularly. Hav a nice day. Stay happy and make others happy. God bless u all with all happiness.

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