Endless love ff 5

Sry guys i was out of station so i cannot post ff so sorry guys i will try to upload my ff as soon as possible.

I awoke by the sound of steady beeping. I slightly opened my eyes. The room was pure and boring white color. Tis room was familar to me. There was monitorsm & glucose. Then i realises it is hospital. I thought to recollect my memory but i cannot remember how i gotten here. Some one enteree my room which sacred me and made my heat monitor beep like crazy. .I couldn’t believe my eyes. It-s Abhi. He smiled at me and he felt little relief.
P:wat r u doing here?
A: i voluntered to bring ur homework. He laughed lightly and i could understand why other girls drool at him.
A:dis u just wake up now?
P:yes,just now bfr u came into my room.
A:i am sry i cannot come sooner. Tina saw me passing her room so i went to speak to her.
P:why Tina is here? She could hav come to strangle me in my sleep or suffocate me with pillow. I don’t know wat she will do to me? I said tis in serious tone but he laughed at my words. A:i guess u don’t remember whole lot abt wat happened?
P:sit down and explain me wat happened?
A:where do u want me to begin? P:wen i walked away from u afr i came out of restroom?
A:i don’t know why u didn’t tell me. Wat happened to u? Watever i went to find ishani . Then i hear the choking sound. I ran down to see wat is happening. I saw u on the floor and ran towards u. Ishani had already punched tina. Tat’s why tina is here. She has broken nose. I burst into laughter. P: ishani punched tina on the nose? Ishani is little strong for her size. I guess. I couldn’t control my laughter for some time.
A:then we call ambulance & rushed to hosp. U almost died in my arms. Wat happened? ,
P:i was thinking of how long i would hav to stay here? It is very boring.
A: well i son’t think u will be bored. U wil mostly sleeping and wen u r not ishani and i going to visit u. I was little embrassed. It doesn’t seem normal some one came & visit while i am staying here. Even my mom didn’t came to see me. She is the one who put me here.
P: u know u don’t hav to…..
A:we know we don’t have to… but we r …..so don’t argue.
P:whre is ranveer and ishani
A: ishani went out for some work and ranveer is angry on me. Bfr i could ask abt ranveer’s anger nurse came in amd remind abt the time to take pills. He smiled at me and left.
Nurse:good evening pragya. So who was tat? Ur brother?
P: no he is….. he is my boyfrd. I said confidently. She felt jealous . She gav medicine and left. I could find kind and care even in hospital. I stared at the roof. I hear a knock. I thought it is Abhi but it is Dr. Arjun
Dr:how r u feeling now?
P: i am feeling better.
Dr: do u mind telling me telling me wat happened?
P:How long i hav been in the hosp.
Dr: u hav been here since s’terday. I am surprised to see u awake right now. I thought u will be out for while long.
P: okay well my mom went to work night. I woke up at night and it is dark i fell down the stairs. My mom won’t come home in morning. So i wrapped myself with bandage & went to scl. My frd drop me & rest.
Dr:u must mean Abhi. He is smart. He seemed vry worrybabt u. He told me the rest story. Called ur mom but she didn’t pick up the call. Do u know where she will be?
P: she might be out of town doing over work? The pill started working and makes me slep. He didn’t believe my words
Dr:okay. U take rest. Don’t go out withoutvmy permission. I will discharge u if u became normal. He is our family doctor. I am seeing him afr many yrs but also he knew abt me and my activities.

Nxt mrg i woke up. The pain reduced and i could feel it. I pulled blanket around me as it was ice cold. I slowly got down from my bed. But the floor is not as cold as my body. It would make me freeze. I slowly came outside there was no one outside. I moved sown the hosp. And went outside. I only had on my hospital gown. It is very cold outside. I started walking again. I could see trees everywhere.

Suddey my slipped and i balanced myself by keeping hand against tree. Then i sat on the rock and relaxed myself. I had a cut in my hand & blood is oozing out of it. Some hand tounched my shoulder it is doctor.
Dr:pragya wat r u doing here? He then noticed the bleeding in my hand. He guide me to room. His body is warm and i could feel it. I got everything bandagged. He warned me not to move my bed. Afr few hrs Abhi and ishani came. I: how r u pragya?
P: i am fine where is my homework?
A:u havn’t assigned any homework all r taking pity on u.
I:why do u want home work? Whe asked me smirkly.
P: well it’s boring. There is nothing to do. I reached up to push my hair back. Abhi saw my new bandage in my arm. He became worried.
A:how did tat happened? I: how could u hurt urself at hosp.
P:It’s not a big deal. I went for a little walk and stripped. He touched my arm. My thoughts r focusinh on why he was so cold…but he was not wearing jacket.
A: i don’t think u should be going for walks. P: can u pls save lectures i hav already gotten a lengthy one from my doctor. He grined at me and hold my arm.
I:i think we should go remember wat we promised ranveer. He let go of my a4m but i still feel some sensation. I think it is due to drugs. I: good bye pragya…..we’ll be seeing u soon.
I rest my head in the pillow. Wat was my fate?would i remain frds with them?i didn’t knew. He had brought me out of darkness. Whether i was going to stay here or not was unknown. All i did know is tat watever happens, i would most likely be changed for rest of my life.

Sry guys for late upload. Be happy and make others happy. Hav a nice day. God bless u all with all happiness.

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