Endless love ff 3


Thank u guys for ur support. Sry for not posting guys. My appa met with an accident and got hurt on his shoulder so i helped my amma and appa in doing some works. Tis ff is little bit long. Lets go to story.

I opend my eyes. I saw myself with wounds & bloodstrains. I slept with it on the bed and it is nasty. I feel uncomfortable and has more intense pains in the wounds. It hurts me while streching my body. It was time to get up and face the world. I slowly got up from my bed. I took bath and washed the blood strains. I relexes myself in the bath rub. I cover my wound with my long dress and cover my wound in face with make up.

Sindhu warned me not to come late to home. But it was more like a threat. She took pity on me otherwise i would beaten up to death. I son’t think sindhu really wanted to finish me off easily. When i was healed, she would just give me back the wounds. It was her simple routine. Becoz of the attack there are many wounds and it would another week to cure. Till then i hav to cover my wounds.

The only way for my survival is i should avoid Abhi, I shouldn’t talk to him,walk near him, or even glance at him. It will surely lead to many more pbms. It seemed hopeless tat he would break tat habit of staring at me. I think tis will continue till my college end. I got ready and done my morning preparation, i hav some more time to scl. I usually spent my time in tat tree. But afr tat incident i never went there. I didn’t hav tat nightmares. Becoz of the wounds i slept as a small baby without nightmares. I donot know why i didn’t get nighrmares. But it was a great relief to me. My pains got somewhat less becoz of nice sleep.
I done my homework and all other r over. Now i hav to think how to avoid Abhi and other things. Then i drive to my scl. I reachd scl but there is enough time to start the class. So i rest my head in the steering wheel. Afr some time i came out of my car. I walk slowly to my class ans i was reminding myself the whole way to avoid Abhi. Tina came out of her car. She saw me and i was only ashamed tat i couldn’t take care of myself. I don’t know wen it will end. Suddenly tina’s eyes spotted a place. Her face is horrified. My eyes travelled to tat place and my eyes glued there. Abhi is coming with a beautiful girl by holding each others hans. She looked more beautiful tan any other girl and had black eyes. Every one are staring at them. I tried not to show any emotions. Tina is in shock and more jealous. I turned bfr any one see me. Then continue my usual routine like went to class and sat on my last bench.
I won’t let it bother me any more. Its none of my business. But why its bother me? I couldn’t fins a reason. The only thing I knew was there was an uncomfortae feeling. I tried to suppress it. Everyone r in shock abt morning incident. Wen i entered the class, tina was crying & all others r consuling her. I control my laughter. Its english class and all r staring at him in shock. I also couldn’t concentrate the class. At last class was over. I grabbed my bag and went outside. I thought to skip the food becoz i hav no mood to eat. I would save myself from experiencing some unwanted looks & emotion from certain people.

I heard my name being called Pragya,wait. It was Abhi. I recognise his smooth voice. I ignore it and walk continously. But he grabbed my shoulder and turn towards him. I felt the moment was frozen. “Pragya” he raised his hand and brought it to my chin. I was frozen in shock. I felt my heart beat speed up. He lift my face up so tat he could look at me properly. His eyes wide in surprise. All my emotion disappaered for a moment and i looked at him coldly. A:wat happened? He said tis and stared my face in disbelief. It was a good thing i was sweater and jeans. He will be more shocked if he saw rest of my wounds. Suddenly a voice came on his back”Abhi! I found u. I want to talk to u”said tina. He looked at her in angry. Wen she saw me she got anger. T: pragya wat did i tell u bfr? But i gave no response. I just stare ar her blankly. I stepped back Abhi to came to her but his eyes told me to stay. I went near her. T:i thought i made my pt clear enough bfr. Do u need to make it clear.

I know he heard it but it is not his pbm so he needn’t be concened abt it. She slapped me hard in my cheek. T: get out of here , pragya. I don’t want to see u around him. She pushed me hard. I am abt to fell down and closed my eyes in fright but a hand hold me from falling. I opend my eyes. Its abhi who hold me. I moved away from him as it was awkard for me. I started to move away but he hold my wrist and turn towards tina.

A: don’t ever mess with me or pragya again. I hav never had an interest in u & it is a good time forvu to realise tat. Give it up & if i catch u hurting her. He said it in angry and it was extremely open ended threat. She noded her head quickly, nervously and fled. I looked up at Abhi. I felt a warm spread on my cheeks, it is a uncommon thing for me i usually do not blush.
A: r u okay? P: yes i feel fine but u really didn’t hav to do tat. I would hav been fine on my own. A: oh yes, i could see tat. She already did tis to u. He slightly tapped in one of the wound in my face. A: wat else do u think she would hav done if i don’t tell off? So……..wen did she do tat to u? P: never mind, thank u from saving me from tat fall. See ya. A: wait,i want to talk to u. P:catch u later. I didn’t give him a choice. I fled outside.

I reached backyard. I saw a big tree. I climb the tree. At tat momentvi was really glad tat he didn’t follow me. I thought tat everyone else would hav just let me fall but he saved me. Then i heard a sound in the tree. I saw a boy exactly same ascAbhi except Abhi has dark hair and green eyes and tis boy has black eyes like the new girl. He smiled at me and said” hey, don’t look so stunned. Its almost insulting “. He ask “so…….why r u up in the tree?”. P: i could ask the same to u. He laughed at tis. P: pragya and u r? He said “i am Ranveer, why do u lookbso surprised” p: r u ….. Abhi’s bro? R:how did u guess it. P: so r u at tis scl now too. R: yes. But nobody know tis becoz all r surprised to my sister with abhi. A million of questions arise in my mind. His sister? The new girl is Abhi’s sister. P: tat girl was ur & abhi’s sister? R:its hard to tell. Though abhi told her tat he was having trouble with some girls. So she volunteered to act as his girl frd.

Suddenly bell rang. R: want help down? I won’t want u to fall out. I was shocked & surprised & accept his help. We land safely in the ground. I thank him and went to my class. It was art class. I enter the class. Tina was very sad. Abhi is siting near my bench. I saw him he gesture me to come sit with him. I waa not used to it but there was no way all r seated. So i sat near him. Teacher started her lesson.

A: r u okay? I mean tina slapped u hard & u hav lot of wound on ur face. P: no i am fine u don’t need to be so concerned. A: wat happened? U never answered bfr & i am really curious how did ahe hurt u so badly. P: i don’t think u need to hear abt my life’s petty pbm. Tis is my pbm and i can deal it. A:no i want to hear. He told it sternly. P: tina & her frds beat me afr scl last week. He was angered. P: Abhi. wat’s the matter. A: oh i just dislike tina very much. I burst out laughter disturbing all over the class. A: wat r u laughing out? P: yes i guess u won’t like tina. Hecalso joined in my laughter. I saw tina is staring at me. I could tell from her look tat i was going to get a big tonight but i ignore her. Class passes quickly. Abhi & i said good bye and i went to my biology class.
I saw the new girl in the lab in my place. She said” i am Ishani” i gav a look. She was confused. P: i know tat u r Ranveer and Abhi ‘s sister. I: of course,ranveer told u. Abhi doesn’t want everyone to know it. Ishanibwas a nice person. We chit chat for only few minutes. She asked abt my name, subject even my favourite color.

Class r over. I ran to praking lot. I saw Abhi was waiting for me there. He walked up to me & put his arm on my shoulder to guide me and walked to the door. P: wat r u doing? A: helping u. I saw him in a confused manner. I saw ishanni was waiting for us. She came and joined us. She held his arm and said “u know Abhi. U aren’t a convincing actor. U hav to work hard”. He was slight confused. I: she know. A: how. I:i didn’t tell her Ranveer told her. P: don’t worry. I won’t spill the beans. He laughed at me. P: thank u. I won’t hav been Tina’s chew toy again if it weren’t for…… i felt too embrassed. He smiled widely. A: no pbm. I saw tina was looking at us in a few distance. I sat in my car and started it. Ishani continue to waving to me till i was out of her sight.

Precap: some compications in Pragya’s life.

Guys i cannot upload on saturday and sunday i hav class sorry for it guys. If u feel bored pls inform me guys. Thank u guys for ur valuble comments and thank u silent readers. Hav a nice day. God bless all with happiness.

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  1. Princesskrisha

    Superb epi loved it really so cute of abhi caring pragya n is ishani abhi n ranveer sister or ranveer is their cousin??pls clear my doubt may I call you sis?pls tell me.. Waiting for next epi

    1. Anushri

      Thank u sweet heart i don’t hav a sis i hav bro ur my sweet sis. Ranveer is ishanni’s bro for now ur doubts will be cleared in my coming ffs so hav patience sweet heart hav a nice day

  2. Prathi

    Nice epi not at all boring keep writing yaar!!

    1. Anushri

      Thank u dear i will continue my ff nxt ff will be post on monday

  3. Nice episode yaar really it’s super interesting yaar

    1. Anushri

      Thank u nxt ff will be post on monday

  4. different one pls conti

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      Thank u soon i will post my nxt ff

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      Thank u soon i will post my nxt ff

  6. Mukundraj

    nice wating for next one

    1. Anushri

      Thank u bro my nxt ff will be post on monday

  7. Reshma_Pradeep


    1. Anushri

      Thank u so much nxt ff will be on monday

  8. Monesha

    Hi dear darlu princess sissy sorry for my late comment it is Bcoz of my school. Awesome episode i really loved it to the core

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