Endless love ff 2


Thank u for ur support guys Happy bakrit and onam sterday i post it but tu didn’t posted sorry guys for it. Lets go to story.

The day was annoying day with the new guy. As sindhu is out of town for a while i escaped from the punishment for being rude towards her in the morning. The week didn’t go well becoz of 2 things. First is becoz of strange and frightening dreams. It would end up waking me early in the morning. Beco of it i didn’t rush to scl. I really didn’t know how to explain it. But it is very terrific.

I was in some forest area & there was someone with me. I didn’t see his face. I don’t who is it. I felt was in danger and terrified of sonething tat i was facing out in the darkness. A horrifing eyes appeared in tat area. It scared me to death & i won’t admit tat to myself. I didn’t knew wat to make of the nightmares.

Then there was another thing tat the new guy Abhi seemed ignore Tina. He continue to stare at me and didn’t paid any attention to her. It makes her more anger towards me. I encourage her to distract him but it worked rarely. She was confused by my action and anger on me becoz i get more attention from tan her. I expect it would end up hurting me in one or another way 2day or 2morrow. Next day I wake up early & i got ready for my scl. At the same time i preparing myself both physically and mental for tina’s torture.

Sindhu went outside so i fled from my house. There was a lot of time to go to scl so i went to my favourite spot-ancient twisted oak tree. Iknow to climb & in my childhood i used to spent most of the time time here. I climb up the tree. I sat on the branch and rest my head on the branch. The tree gas full of leaves & slight breeze blow through it. I felt releaxed and felt tired becoz of tiresome and sleepless nights. I drifted to sleep.

“It was black everywhere but there was a small light in tbe forest. There was somebody infront of me & his voice was familiar to me. The man infront of me was tensed and was reading to do something. Tyen i saw a shadow and roaring sound. Then something came out of it. It saw its orange red eyes. I startd to fight with it. “No” the man said in soft voice. I was compelled to hear it. Then a beast came behind him. It was a giant wolf. I started to attack it. “Pragya, no ” the same voice called me in angry and worried way. He hold my arm. But the wolf makes a roaring sound.i wake up from sleep and lost my balance. I fell down from the tree. I came to sense and check myself if there is any wound. Luckily there is no wound. Then i heard a laughing sound from the bush. I got afraid and ran from there. I saw the watch it is afternoon. I took my car and rush to scl. It was lunch break so i get my food and went to my usual place. But tina stoped me “where is Abhi?” P: how would i know
T:don’t lie. There is something bet. U two. Don’t mess with me.
P:i won’t mess with u. I really don’t know where he is. She got ready to beat me but at tat time Abhi entered canteen cooly and casually. She left me and went to him and drag him to her table. While crossing me he stare at me i could see a relief in his eyes.

Then i went to my class. He came near me & said hello. But i replied him and sat in my last bench. Now i get to used by his activities like sitting near me, staring at me often. Then he said”i am Abhishek mehra”. I sighned as i know. But he was confused by my action. A: u must be Pragya right.
Iam not surprised by his question becoz i know he knew my name while mam taking register. P: wat do u want abhi? But he laugh at me. P: do i hav a reason to talk to u. I said tis in angry tone. I know if answer him i would get beaten up by tina and her gang.

Atlast class r over i ran to my car. “Pragya,wait up”i heard a voice. I tried to run faster but i caught hold. It was tina. She put her hand on my shoulder and drag me away from parking lot. She pushed me down. All her gang surround me and i hav no way to escape. So i thought to let go by itself.
T: i already gav u last waring but u ignore it so u deserve the punishment. She said tis and pushed me and punch on my face. They started to beat me. I was beaten up cruely. They left me and went. I lyed on the ground with many wounds. My body ached very much. I slowly got up and walk slowly to my car. I drive to my home with more pain. With much difficult i reachd home.

Sindhu was in the home soi thought to enter the home through window. I climb the pipe and sneck into home through the oen window. I fell down in the floor of home. Suddenly lights on sindhu was sitting bfr me.s:good job Pragya. U r coming into home through window. I got a call from scl tat ur car was standing in parking for long time.
P: mom i don’t hav patience to talk to u
I ignore her and went to my room. I banged my room and fallon my bed and slept

Precap: new characters enter.

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