Endless love ff 14


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A:”Where we are now –and I think you already know this– is the grand hall. The west side of the building is the girls’ dorms, and the east side is the boys’ dorms. All the dorms are on the top floors –ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen. All the other floors are entirely classrooms.” His tone was most likely the tour guide.I nodded, storing this new information for future reference. I definitely did not want to get lost and end up in the guys’ dorms. If that happened, I would never be able to forget it. A awkness ran through me as I thought of the humiliation. He looked at me quizzically, and I just shook my head, clearing it.

A:”Do you know any of your classes yet?” I shook my head,refusing. He sighed and looked away.
A:”Well, that was obviously a stupid question to ask. You haven’t even been here a day. I was going to show you some of the rooms of the classes that you are going to attend, but you don’t know any courses.” I nodded.He sighed, sounding a little frustrated and… dejected.
A:”Am I going to get a vocal answer out of you, or am I going to have to keep guessing?” I was shocked,not really expecting him to say that. He has a small smile on his face, his smile makes me irritate.
P:”Sure… I guess.” I was glad he couldn’t see my expressions behind my veil of hair. It was silent for a few moments while we walked the halls.

A:”There are a few classes that are scheduled here, but you can decide whether or not you want to finish high school. To the others, they’ve never been to high school, or elementary school, but they retain all the knowledge they knew before. So we don’t have to re-teach all the basics. But if people want to choose and continue courses, then they can. It’ll be easier to tour you around here if I know what you want to do; want to continue. What are you thinking of doing?” This surprised me some; I thought the only thing we would learn here was… well, I didn’t know what I had expected before. I guess one of the things I thought about is: would I be learning vamp history? It is possoible.
He glanced sideways at me again, and it brought back my unforgetable past.

His silence scared me a little. I didn’t know why, but it did. He hated me; I knew that, but now that he wasn’t talking… It felt like he would never talk again. That revelation really scared me. Why did I think like that? Shouldn’t I be angry at him? Shouldn’t I be avoiding him like I originally planned? Why was I acting like this?Despite the fact that I really, desperately wanted to break the silence, I remained quiet, memorizing all the rooms and where they were. It’s all I could do to ward off my oncoming misery.

He showed me the gym, it was enormous. It must have been at least three to four times bigger than the one I was accustomed to. I think it might have been the biggest room I’ve ever been in.

Then he showed me some of the classrooms I would be going to since I chose to carry on my high school education. The classrooms were like the one you would find in a college, except a tiny bit smaller. They all looked very professional and old fashioned. At the very front of the room there was an enormous chalkboard, and at the far side of the room there were usually high windows with red velvet drapes, matching the chairs…
The last room he showed me was the classroom I had been guessing about. And, yes, there would be a class that taught you how to be a vampire exactly. I had no idea what that class would involve. But on the other hand, there would be no vamp history, and for that I was grateful. I didn’t want to be overloaded with work… especially that consisted of nothing but vampires. I still hated speaking or even thinking that word.

We were walking, not running, at a human pace back up to my dorm. Time was moving very slowly now that this episode was all over.

“Pragya…” I looked up at him; shocked that after all this time in silence he was finally speaking to me.
He looked at me sadly, though. And quickly after, he looked away. It was as though he was ashamed. A new anger arose in me; something I was entirely unaccustomed to. With a start, I realized I was angry. My new temper flared, thinking all the while he should be ashamed of himself. He had changed and killed people for most likely a long time now. He should be wallowing in misery right now for what he’s done.

A:”Pragya, you have to know… I feel awful. I really do. I should’ve done something to prevent it. I never knew this would happen… I wish you didn’t have to live with the same curse as me. You can never forgive me, I’m sure…” He couldn’t finish his sentence because my face suddenly went livid, seeing over. I could barely push my words out because my throat felt cut off from my tension.

P:”You know damn well I won’t. How could you do that? Gain my trust, make me believe that you were a friend of all things, and then go do that? Do you realize how many people’s lives you’ve ruined? It doesn’t look like you have any sense of self worth –maybe you don’t even have a soul in there. It seems you do your ‘job’ without a bit of remorse… it seems like you’re emotionless. You’re a wretched creature, you know that right? You should feel horrid. You changed all those people, made them something horrible to unleash upon the world. I don’t know how one could cope with the world, with yourself, as well as you do with all that you’ve done.” The whole time his face remained blank, unchanged, as my hurtful words came out in a venomous whisper. He looked down for a few minutes at his feet before he would answer.
A:”I guess I deserve that. You’re right, and I don’t know how I cope with myself either.” My face retained immense shock as I stared at him, disbelieving. How could he agree with me so easily on this subject? Didn’t he have any self respect? I’m sure he did, but how could he agree with me?

A:”Maybe I should leave you alone now…You know your way back right?” He didn’t wait for my answer before he continued. He already knew I did.
A:”I’m sorry once again, Pragya. I wish I could take everything back, I wish we never met, for your sake… but I can’t undo the past. Hopefully over time you’ll learn to deal with what you are as I have.” It sounded like a last goodbye, and I panicked. But I felt like that only a second, because I was utterly seeing still. I think I may have felt a few ice cold, angry tears roll down my face, and it brought me out of my trance like state. I turned around, wiping my face with my hand roughly. I stalked off in the other direction, appalled, and absolutely furious. He deserved to rot in a hollow somewhere. How could he do that to so many people? Did he have a conscious? Did he have no morals? It was as though he was
It didn’t seem like it, and I didn’t know if I would ever forgive him.

A few seconds later, I was in my dorm again, where I saw Ammu pacing by the window. She turned as she heard my approach, a smile on her face, but it was wiped away as my expression registered in her mind. Her eyes became wide and concerned. I sat down on the couch, feeling like a tiny little bomb about to explode… again. I had trusted him… I don’t think I’d ever been betrayed and hurt so badly. And I wasn’t talking about physical, but rather psychological. At that moment I really missed my numbness that was long gone now.
B:”What happened?” Her words were almost a gasp, she was so shocked. I sighed and shook my head, my jaw locked.
P:”Nothing… You don’t need to be so concerned.” But she sat down beside me anyway, looking at me intensely.
B:”Is it Abhi? Tell me what happened. He’s my friend too, you know.”

P:”Fine, you asked. I almost kill him off, I swear… He made me so angry. Do you realize how many people’s lives he ruined? How many people he’s killed? He killed you too. And how do you feel about that?”
She stared at me wide eyed. I awaited her answer.
B:”You didn’t actually try to kill him off, right? Because it is possible to do that…”
She said that after a few moments, and I almost burst out laughing. I shook my head.
P:”You know what I mean… right?” She smiled after a few seconds

B:”You have to realize that it’s not his decision really. What you have yet to learn is the council controls absolutely everything. He doesn’t have a say in what he does –in fact, no one really does. Abhi has been with us for a long time, longer than you can imagine, and he was selected to essentially do the council’s dirty work. He is ordered to go change people into what we are, and if he didn’t obey, they might kill him. The council is oppressive, and if I was ever caught saying something like this by a snitch for the council the consequences could be dire.”
I had fall back into the couch, listening to all of this with a little bit of a disbelieving expression on my face. I didn’t know what to make to that.

Ammu patted my shoulder, understanding written on her face.
B:”I know everything is hard to comprehend. I’m having a little bit of a hard time adjusting myself, since you told me the truth. But I have Purab… and I know I will eventually accept it fully. There have been a lot of things I’ve had to rethink lately.”

I nodded, my face now blank as I stared at my knees in silence. Everything didn’t make sense to me anymore, though it really hadn’t made real sense to me in the first place, and I had to figure things out, although I knew I was still furious inside. The edge I’d had before was taken off for the moment as I tried to wrap my mind around things. What should I believe? I guess I would have to think things over as Ammu apparently already had.
B:”Don’t worry… I know you’ll make the right decision and straighten everything out. I can feel it…” It looked as if she were in a trance for a moment, before she straightened up and smiled brightly.
B:”Well, I know something we can do to take our minds off this subject for a bit.” I nodded slightly, and let my head fall to the side on the couch.

P:”I’d rather be thinking about it and get everything back to normal… if there can be a normal here. I just want to stay here and sort everything out.”
She shook her head. Suddenly she was right beside me, on the right side of me now since I’d been facing away from her. She took my hands, and I swear she would start bouncing up and down any second now.
B:”We still need to get you a new wardrobe! The school supplies us all with casual clothes, semi formal, formal, and uniforms. You have yet to go get some new clothes, and maybe even a new dress! It’s not too early to go looking for one… there is a dance coming up in the next month and we should start looking for dresses before all the good ones are taken.”

I looked at her incredulously. Shopping? Really…?
P;”Where are we going to go shopping? And I don’t have any money to get new clothes…” Her laughter was loud in the huge, silent room.

B:”I said the school supplies it –you don’t need to pay a cent. And the store is here in the school. Don’t afraid… we’ll have a spectacular time, and by the end of our little excursion I promise you will appreciate fine clothing that much more. Let’s go in a half hour –I’m going to tell Purab where I’ll be then I’m coming back here to get ready. Don’t leave or go anywhere –I haven’t done this with someone in the longest time! Eek, okay I’ll be right back.” I almost laughed –laughed at the fact that she could be excited so easily, over a simple shopping trip, laughed at her use of her mate’s name, and laughed at how I was going along with this.

Minutes later, Ammu flew back into the room, and shot just as quickly into the bathroom. I shook my head, wondering why she needed to get ready to go out shopping of all things. I waited on the couch, just staring up at the ceiling so far up above me, until she finally came back out. I don’t know what she did different. She looked almost exactly the same as when she went in.

She grabbed my hand and I kept up with her this time so she wouldn’t be dragging me. It seemed she always had to have a hand on me or something when we were not in the safety of our dorm. Did she think I was going to run away from her… still?
We walked through the halls quickly. It was amazing how worked up she was over this. I looked out the enormous old fashioned windows as we passed them by. It was dark outside, the stars shining brightly, dazzling me. It was night time, surprisingly –I didn’t know that much time had passed. I asked Ammu the time, and she looked at her watch briskly before she said around one in the morning. My eyes widened, shock taking over. I didn’t even feel tired… It was a weird feeling.

And in seconds we were in front of a huge glass wall… or rather, door and wall. Looking through the glass inside you could see a huge room filled wall to wall with racks upon racks of clothes, accessories, and miscellaneous objects. You would see a person walk by every once in awhile, but mostly the store looked uninhabited. I guess a lot of vampires didn’t particularly want to go shopping at one in the morning. We didn’t stop for long though –Ammu continued without hesitation into the store. She dragged me up to the desk at the front of the store where a woman with a perfect oval face, short brown hair and glowing red eyes smiled widely at Ammu. She bit her lip slightly as she saw me, but didn’t take too much notice of me after that. She continued to beam at Ammu until she spoke.

“Hey, Ammu! How are you –it seems like I haven’t talked to you in ages.” Her voice was very pleasing to the ear. I noted all of this with a fair bit of surprise, though I should probably be used to it by now. After all, I was surrounded by vampires, and possibly some of those people I would start talking to soon.

B:”Oh, hello Rachna! I’m doing good… Yah, it has been awhile hasn’t it…”
She nodded, her smile still in tact though she glanced back and forth between Ammu and me.
R:”So what are you searching for today?” She leaned on the counter and winked. Ammu laughed.
B:”Well, I’m helping my friend Pragz, here, get a new wardrobe. She’s a newborn.” Rachna’s eyes shifted to my face, and I could see the confusion in her eyes as she looked into mine. Mine were still a dark green, while others were either distinctly red or black. I still had yet to understand why that was.

After a moment Rachna smiled at me, and then looked back at Ammu.
R:”All right girls –just let me know if you need any assistance. I’ll be right here, and I hope you find everything to your liking.” Ammu nodded, beaming as she pulled me to the closest rack and began pawing through everything at lightning speed. Every time she would find something she liked, she threw it into my arms and continued looking through everything else.

I occasionally got to pick my own stuff, but only rarely because Ammu wouldn’t let me touch clothes that were too big for me. She chose form fitting clothing –halter tops, short jean skirts, tight jeans… Needless to say I had more than a few fits over what she picked out for me. My eyes widened every time she picked a shirt that had too low a neck line, and when she brandished a skirt that had a very high hem line. How could she pick something so inappropriate?
I asked her that many times, and she only told me get with the times, this was style. I didn’t understand how making your cleavage standout was style though. Finally when I could barely see past the mountain of clothing in my arms, she said I should go try things on.

B:”And don’t skip out on any out fit –I want to see every darling piece of clothing on you.”
I groaned as she pushed me in to one of the many fitting rooms. I immediately dropped them on the floor, and picked up the ones I wanted to try on first and placed them onto the hooks on the door.

I changed into clothing and walked out to show Ammu quickly before changing into the next outfit just as quickly. It may have taken about five hours for me to go through all of the outfits, rather than the two it actually took me. Every time she’d decided that the clothing looked good on me, and sometimes even despite my arguments and wishes, she brought the clothes up to the check out where Rachna laughed as she saw Ammu with a huge smile on her face and the mound of clothing. She laughed even harder when she saw my face.

By the time I’d worn the last outfit, a silky red tank top with frills on the front and tight fitted black skinny jeans, I was relieved. I walked out of the change room, feeling awkward in the fairly revealing top, and Ammu gazed at me in awe.

B:”Pragz you look stunning! Stop looking so pained though.” Almost all of her comments were like this. Sometimes she said nothing, she was so breath-taken, and that made feel more mortified than ever. I saw some of the few people in the store stop and stare at me as I did a quick twirl… and I didn’t bother trying to see the looks on their faces. I was way too embarrassed, and looked away almost immediately.

As soon as she’d made her assessment of how it looked, and her comment was that it was spectacular like almost every one of her other responses, I darted back into the change room and quickly put on my uniform again.
Emerging back out into the store again, Ammu seized my hand and began pulling me along beside her once more. As soon as I saw where she was pulling me, I let out a loud groan, not caring if anyone heard or gave me a weird look.
P:”Ammu I think I’ve had enough shopping for one night… or rather, one morning.” I was looking up at the clock, where it said it was four in the morning. I wouldn’t dream of ever staying up thus late if I were… I didn’t even think the word. I had to stop thinking back to then, for my sake.

B:”Well, I definitely have not had enough. We still have to get dresses for that semi formal dance, and then a formal dress for sometime in the future.” Oh no. I bit my lip and all the way to the back of the store where all the dresses hung. Ammu took her time now, her eyes carefully perusing the dresses and picking out far less in number than my clothes before. I internally kicked myself for letting Ammu drag me here.

Ammu grabbed a few dresses for herself, and kept encouraging me half heartedly, because she was so caught up in finding dresses and dressing up in them, to pick a few. But nothing I saw I really liked in the first place. Everything was very bright and eye-popping… I didn’t want to stand out.

I tried not to think about the past too much anymore. One dress reminded me of the tattered dress I wore here, made me remember that fateful night… could it have been only a day and a bit since then?

Precap:Pragz…… I’d never thought about it. I never knew myself to be a human before, so I didn’t think much of it. But now… I don’t know. How else are we going to live, though?”

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