Endless love ff 13


After getting out of the shower, I felt much better about the situation. All my dried up blood had washed off and left clear, pure white skin. But the tone of skin had only gone whiter by a shade. I had been very pale tan bfr.

Speedily, I dried off, even though I was trying to talk to Bulbul. To admit the truth to myself, I was just doing everything so fast to investigate how fast I could go. It was a really weird feeling; going from human speed to vampire speed. Being a vampire, everything just sped up. Usually when you are waiting for something, time tends to move slower.

Sighing in frustration, I walked to the door, grabbed too small uniform, and slipped it on easily.

There was a white blouse, black tie, black overcoat, and a plaid skirt. Bulbul had also slipped some shoes and other essential things I needed in while I had been distracted in the shower.

Once I was done, I went to examine myself in the mirror. And was completely shocked and stunned at what I saw.

It didn’t even look like me. Compared to myself before, I had been painfully thin so I didn’t seem to have any curves. Now, I did. I hated when people say things about how skinny I was. Now, they couldn’t really object. I just looked… ‘natural’ now; like I was naturally thin.

I realized I had to let go of the past… that included trying to forget how I last looked. Abhi had been right in how it was best to lose your memory of your previous life before… I stopped thinking of this, and went back to what I was doing.
The uniform fit nicely, loose for the most part, and I could definitely move in it. I guess it wasn’t that bad… I took in the rest of my new looks.

With the uniform, I did look like a school girl. Just like everyone else here. Maybe physically I would blend in. I spotted a hair dryer on the vanity and dried my hair.It took about fifteen minutes, to dry it completely. After that, I looked back in the mirror, deciding if I was suitable to be seen now. I noticed with shock that my eyes were green –much more vibrant than before.
I guess i look alright I took a big breath.
It was time to face Ammu(bulbul).
I crossed the bathroom and opened the door to find a very anxious Ammu standing almost in front of the door waiting for me. Her face turned from restless to shock . I surprised when I saw that. She was probably thinking that I looked horrid, and if she thought that, most other people would think..
B:”Oh… Sorry. It was just a surprise. You look amazing. I’m afraid I’m jealous.” Her answer shocked me to the point that I almost looked like her as she was only a few seconds earlier, but I kept my expression clear. What did she just say? How could I ever look ‘amazing’? i was afraid tat all woyld stare at me and i don’t want anyone to notice me. i want to be simple.
P:you wanted to talk, right?” My attempt to distract her was successful, and she had my hand wrapped tightly wrapped in her tiny hand, and was pulling me over to the comfy couch. She sat us down, and stared at me eagerly.

P:”Do you want to start, or should I?” I sighed and looked away.
B:”Maybe you should.”
P:”Okay. First of all, Abhi found me in the forest of my home town.”
B:”Where exactly do you live?”
P:”I’m just outside of Simla”
B:”So that’s where Damian found you?”
P:”Speaking of Abhi I have to find him later and ask him a few questions,” My voice was reluctant, and Ammu noticed because she smiled
B:”Really? Well, we can make our conversation short, and continue later. It’s more important that Abhi shows you around, and explains a few things to you. Let’s go find him.”
I grabbed her wrist before she could grab my hand to pull me along.
P:”No, Ammu just sit down and we can talk some more. I’ll talk to him later,” She shook her head, grinning wickedly. Her eyes were alive with excitement.

B:”Nope; let’s go see Damian now. Besides, I haven’t seen him in ages,” Her smile grew wider at every word she spoke, and I wonder what had her in such a good mood. But I could not think about anything for much longer becoz she dragged me to his dorm. We were in front of another door that looked identical to our door. Ammu tapped on it lightly before we heard a reply, that was not Abhi’s voice call us in. Ammu pushed it open, revealing Purab surprisingly enough, sat on the edge of one of the beds, the one close to the window. He didn’t look a bit surprised to see that we were there.
Pu:”Abhu’s not here right now, why are you looking for him?” he smiled at Ammu, then at me. My expression was confused, I could tell.
Pu:”I think he might be touring a few others around right now. Are you going to look for him? Or should I give him a message?” He looked at me now, waiting. I stared at him blankly for a moment more before I answered.
P:No, just give him a message. Tell him to come visit us up in our dorm. Ammu and I are going to talk some more.” He nodded, smiling slightly, and he looked back to Ammu. She blew him a kiss, and then closed the door, pulling me along behind her. She smiled and her face took on a new look of determination.
She didn’t answer me and pulled me behind her.
P:I won’t run away on you. You can let me go.” She ignored me, still dragging me along behind her. I was little suspicious and irritated.

At the nxt second we were down the flights of stairs again. I looked around us when we stopped to see the grand hall where we had first entered. I looked around in wonder, but this time my eyes stopped on four figures following the one person I had been hoping to avoid. Now I knew what Ammu was up to. I thought to make a break for it, I wrenched my hand away from her hand and tried running the way we had come. But she caught my arm and held me tightly before I could make it too far. Her eyes were shooting daggers at me.
B:”You are going to have to talk to him sometime, pragz. He’s one of the head vamps around here, so to speak, and he’s everywhere, all the time. I don’t know what you’re problem is with him but…” she stopped in middle.
P:”I don’t care; I’m not ready to talk to him right now.” My voice was a fierce whisper, knowing that if I spoke too loud, even though we were plenty far away from him, he would hear me. She shook her head sadly.
B:”You have a long way to go…” Her voice also reflected that sadness. I was about to ask her what she was talking about, and what she meant by it, but suddenly someone was beside us. I had been so wrapped up in my conversation but she recovered hers
“Hello.” His voice was cheerful and quiet; showing nervousness. And it was as beautiful as everyone else’s voice around here.
Ammu eyed him annoingly and I was wondering why. Despite his calming and trusting voice, I could see suspicion deep in her black gem-like eyes. She took a step back from him, bringing me with her.

“Hello…” She replied, her voice just as cautious as her expression. I surprised at her. Why was she being so rude to this boy? Had he previously done something to make her act like this?
“I’m new here.” he told.
B:”Yeah, I can tell…” But she replied sweetly this time. A little too sweetly to make you believe it was real. she tried to escape from him but he blocked the way and talked to us. tis makes her irritated.
“My name is Nikil. What’s yours?” His voice was kind, and didn’t seem to be affected by Ammu’s offensiveness. His question wasn’t directed at Ammu either; it was aimed at me. He was also staring at me, waiting for my reply. Now I wanted him to go away and leave us alone as much as Ammu did.
B:”My name is Bulbul @Ammu. Now, we’re in a bit of a hurry, so can you please move?”
N:”Oh, all right… But before you go, what is your name?” He was looking at me, and I kept my mouth shut. I did not want to talk to him. Ammu noticed, and pulled us successfully away from Nikil.
B:”Sorry nikil but we really have to go. Catch you later.” I never wanted to see him, to see him look at me like that again.
B: “Damned newborn…men…immature…” she was not impressed with him.
We continue to run suddenly Ammu stopped middle and look someone. I turned to tat side. its Abhi. He was standing right in front of me, looking down at me.
I looked at him, who was also staring at me, but not the way Nikil did which relieved me. The way Nikil looked at me made me feel like eye candy.
A:”Hello Pragya… Ammu.” He nodded towards Ammu’s direction but didn’t take his eyes off me.
B:”Hey, Abhi!” She greeted him jovially. I looked back at her, surprised at how enthusiastic she really was. She winked at me, grinning hugely again.
B:”Pragz thought it was time for a tour of the school. Are you up for it?” He looked from Ammu to me, his eyes slightly disbelieving, but his face as calm.

I looked down at what he was wearing; it wasn’t the casual clothing he had worn before, it was a black uniform, dress shoes, a tie, and a white shirt peeking out from underneath the button up over coat. He had black dress pants on, also. Looking back up to his face, I saw he had one eyebrow raised, his eyes questioning. I was momentarily dazed before I could say anything, I felt extremely embarrassed. It made me look away from his face again.
P:”Well, are you going to take me or not?”
A:”Yes. I just have to finish up with Nikil.I nodded, thankful so that I could talk to Ammu for a minute- alone. He left quickly, running. I grabbed her wrist and ran her further down the hall, just to make sure he wouldn’t hear us.
P:”Ammu, I don’t want to do this right now. I want to go back to up our dorm; can you tell him we can do this sometime later?” She looked at me, her eyes frustrated.
B:”I don’t know why you’re so reluctant, Pragz.”
P:”Ugh. Will you stop doing that?”
B:”Stop doing what?” Her voice was slightly irritated and just as puzzled as her expression. I looked at her pointedly.
B:”Stop saying things you know I have no idea about.” Her brow continued to furrow more until she finally understood, and her expression cleared. She smiled at me kindly, and looked pleased with herself. I didn’t get a chance to ask her why she was saying these things because Abhi appeared beside us, sneaking up on me as always.
A:”Well, are you ready Pragya?” My eyes widened in panic.
P:”Umm…well…umm…” I blabbered I shot panicked glances at Kathy. She merely rolled her eyes at me, and pushed me closer to him. My lip curled back, and I think I almost hissed at her.
B:”I think that’s a yes, Abhi. I’ll see you guys later. Have fun.” She smiled us and went. We went tour the scl.

Precap:I’m sorry once again, Pragya. I wish I could take everything back, I wish we never met, for your sake…It sounded like a last goodbye

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