Endless love ff 12

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I started outside the window. All trees r green. I was amased at the sight. It was hard to believe it. I calmed myseklf. I hav to change my mind set and be prepared for it. I had many questiond tat i still needed answers. We r driving for many hours but we didn’t reach the destination. Suddenly rv entered into dirty road which covered by trees and bushes. I was surprised abt the hidden place. Afr few hrs of travel we reach the gaye. It was big gate. Rv lowered hid glass and took his id and scanned it in the wall. Then gate opened and we went inside. There were many buildings. Atlast we came to parking lot anf parked the car. Rv stpped the car and came out.
Rv:pragya come out . We hav to go to office to get form and dorm room no.
I came out of car. I looked at the building. I didn’t know how i am going to fit in tis scl. Would people accept me? I don’t know anyone here. I know only abhi and rv. .y thoughts r broken by abhi words.
A:r we going to bring her up there dressed like tis?
Rv:we hav to. We can’t take her through another way. I don’t hav any clothes for her. She want to tell janki wat size of uniform she needs. It will take bit time longer becoz janki want to hem a dress for her. I hav not seen a girl as small as her bfr.
I thought to punch him but i didn’t. I looked down and saw my dress. It was ruined and had blood strains every where. I couldn’t enter wearing tis dress. I looked more mess ran usual.
P:i can’t go up there like tis. Don’t u hav sweater or something. I could wear.
Rv:i burned all clothes. I don’t hav any one.
A:i hav a sweater in my car.
He took it amd gav it to me. I wear the sweater.
A:it is too big for u but u hav already wear like tat so it will be no pbm for u. I thanked him. Rv walked fastly in the stairs. Abhi and i followed him. We enter the building. It was ģrand hallway. The hall was so spacious and the walls r dark wood and the floor is white marble. The ceiling is very high. It is very crowded. There r more tan hundred of people walking thr. It. The door for main office is dar away. Abhi and rv moved in the crowd. But i stopped there. People didn’t look at me and i also don-t want them to notice me.
A:pragya come on. We hav to go.
P”i really don’t want to be seen like tis.
He hold my hands.

A”i’ll try and hidw u . I didn’t want to be near him but i hav no other way ao i jpined him. He wrapped his arm around me and pressed into side of him. He slowly walked thr. The crowd. Rv saw us. I could see his irritated in his eyes. We went near the door of main office. He let go of me.
We stepped into room..there was a desk and woman of 40yrs was sitted there.
Rv:hello janaki. She looked at him and smiled.
J:how r u?
Rv:great. We came to pick pragya arora’s paper work anf dorm no.
She looked behind rv. I was half standing behind abhi and i came front. She smiled at me.
J:welcome pragya. I modded slight. She looked at computer and operated it.
J:ur dorm no is 33 in 11 floor. We hav 13floor. Top 2 floors r for boys. 9 and 10 r for girls. Abhi amd rv will show u everything. Boys r not allowed in girl’s dorm and it is same for girls also but it is exception for mates but they should not meet afr 10pm. Here r ur forms. She gave me large forms. Rv took it and pass tat to me. J:do u know ur size?i need to get u a uniform.
P:i don’t really know.. i usually wear 5 or 7 size.
J:step out from behind him. I’ll check to make sure. I steeped out into her view
J:take tat sweater off dear it looks too big for u and with it i can’t tell u.
I took off my sweater. I thought she would terrified at my appearance.
J:she smiled at me. Wat did u do with tis one boys. I don’t think i hav seen a person like her. I think u r abt……2. I may hav ur size. U r extremely small size. R u 18?
P:i will be in few weeks. She looked at me and abhi and went inside. She took a uniform for me. It was plain shirt, long sleeve blouse and formal over coat. I fot it from her.
J:abhi will show u around. Pls fill the forms and submit it quickly as i want to know which class u r joining. Class r started already u can join it. Welcome to DARK ANGEL ACADEMY.
We left and we came to dorm 33.
A:pragya r u alright?this is ur dorm. I smiled at him.
A:go and get change.
P:wait a minute. Do i hav a room mate? He nodded. P:who is it
A:i think it is Bulbul. She heard abt her new room mate and excited to see u. Go inside and see her.
I was shockd. It was all planned bfr much earlier. I was angry becoz abhi hadn’t told me anything bfr he had gotten involved in my life. I hold his arm. He looked at me in surprise.
P:why didn’t u ever tell me? Don’t give me any excuse.
A:i didn’t tell u bfr becoz i diddn’t think it would really matter if i told u. As i hav told u people r supposed to forget their past and start their new life. I didn’t think u would remember everything. There is no other reason i would hav told u. I don’t think u would hav run away screaming like i said bfr. U r too open mind and strong. Plus u r curious so i think u would hav stay there to investigate.

I ws stunned. I don’t think my parents knew tat much abt me. He knew abt me. I handed his sweater.
I slowly enter my dorm. I heard some foot steps in some direction. I went there. I saw two vampires. Female vampire who has long hair and fair sat on male vampire’s lap. He is fit in physic. I immesiately straigtened up staring at them in shock. The girl was more surprised. We stared at each other in surprise. I break the silence.
P: hai Bulbul. I am ur new dorm mate. She stood up from his lap and came near me. She hugged me tightly.
B:my name is bulbul but i prefer to call as ammu u can call me as ammu.
She said it fastly. I felt little difficult to understand. “Slow down ammu u r talking fastly poor firl can’t understand it” the male vampire told. She pulled and sat on counch. I looked the room. It was big and spacious and had all facilities.
B:wat is ur name?
P:pragya arora. I held to shake hands but she pushed it and hugged me. He laughed at me.
B:he is purab khanna.
He came and sat behind her. I felt somewat discomfort. She understood tat.
B: i think u hav to change. We can talk afrwards. I will help u in filling these forms. I am going to out to drop him and be comfortable here. I nodded her. She showed me the way to bathroom. I enter it

Precap:Angry on Abhi.

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Thans a lot for ur support guys and thank u silent readers. Hav a nice day. Be happy and make others happy. God bless u all with all happiness. Take care…

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