Endless love ff 10

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I felt my heart slowing down and my breathing turns shallow. I am unable to think abt anything.

I felt a familiar hands turning my body upwards……..cold hands.

I hardly found power to do anything. I recognise him Abhi. I didn’t hav enough power to ask question. His expressions surprised me. It has mixed with pain but has deep motive. Abhi is sitting near me. He brought a syringe from his pocket. He slowly pulled the knife from my chest. I felt extreme pain. More blood came out of it. He was doing it quickly. His hands were blur. I didn’t knew and i didn’t care wat he is doing? There is no way to save me. More blood had lost to keep my heart running. I couldn’t even hold for a minute. I slowly became unconscious. I fought my eyelids to open. But the vision was also blanking. I could only see him but he is also blur. He tries ro stop my bleeding. He puts his hands in my chest and gav presurre. It worked a little but it is too late.

I thought to give up becoz it would be easier for him and me. Then he took the injection and it contains a liquid. The liquid was pearly colooured. It shine in the moon light. He slowly inject it near my neck and whispered
A:i am very sry dor tis but it is ur desriny and my duty. I will see u afr it is over.
His words confused ne but i hav no time to think abt it. The liquid enters into my dry veins. He kissed in my cheeks.
A: i promise u it will be ovr soon.
Then the pain took over me. I didn’t knew abt my outside world. I wad slippijng peacefully. I was trapped bet pain and memories. I felt as i was lit in fire. Ally memories came to my mind from my birth. It played in thundering speed. All my worst experience came into my mind. Every beatings of my mom and all my emotions came in my mind. I wanted to scream but i couldn’t. I was filled with pain,hatred, all emotions followed in my mind. I don’t know why i wad tortured bfr i die. Becoz i knew i will surely die.

Firat my memories tortured me then my heart beat sped up and it slows down.
The last memory came it was my mom stabbed me. I could feel the pain now. There were many emotions flowed. I wad not sure it is whether emotion or wound which is worse. Hurt, pain, shock, and hatred. How could she hav done tat to me. I know she hate me but why she gone to tat extend? Suddenly the memory stopped. It was end. All goes in blank.

LAP DUP…….LAP DUP……LAP DUP….LAP DU….My heart stopped.

I was confused . I was lay on something. I swear my heart had stopped but i am alive. There r lot of things around me. I felt very cold as i was kept on ice box. I didn’t remember these kinds of sense bfr. I didn’t knew wat happened to me. I could smell a pleasant smell. I couls jwar a murmuring voice but it was coming feom hundred yarda away from me.
“How r u going to tell her?” I cpuld hear someone whispered. It is Ranveer.
“I really hav no clue. It is hard for me” the voice sounded tired. I recognise it. It is abhi.
It brought back some memories but i couldn’t move. It pains my whole body. I slowly move my hands and opened my eyes. I could see the leaves on the top of the tree. Everything was so sharp and i couldn’t beleive it. It seemmed tat i could see rverything. The ground was covered with most. There r lot questions in my mind. It is like it will burst at any moment. I need answer.
“Abhi” my surprise and confusion increased wen i heard my voice calling out for Abhi. It was improved as it was not like bfr. Wat happened to me? I hear some foot steps and i turned to tat direction. I saw Abhi and Ranveer. I could see abhi worried and stunned face. His expression looked confused as mine.
A:do u remember? First hello? He smiled at me. Can u answer me now?
P:s i guess. Why won’t i? Why u want to know? i remember everything except last night but i will answer u first.
He hit his head lightly with his hand in frustration.
A:it will make harder for u.
P:wat will make harder for me?
A:i will explain it later. How r u?
P:i am fine.
He smiled at me. But i could see his sorrow in his eyes. I hate to see tat. All the apologies and his sorrow indicate something but i couldn’t understand it. I feel i know him for many yrs though we r frds dor dew weeks.
A:so do u want to know wat had happened to u last night? I looked at him and nodded. His voice was depressed and sad.
A:i am not really sure u want ro. U supposed to forget everything wen the change is over. It makes me angry.
P:wat change?wat do u mean? I am supposed to.forget. do u know how it is confusing me? I wake up in middle of forest and didn’t knew wat had happened to me last night?
A:i so. I know how hard it is. But u hav to cooperate and calm down so i can explain u. It will be huge blow to ur world.
I lost my patience. I stared at him in anger.
P:wat change?wat had happened? I shouted at him
A:fine. U.died last night.
It was something which i was unexpected. I must hav looked like ghost.
P:wat ?wat do u mean?.my voice was calm and scared like a kid.
A:technically u r died. Being immortal is good for being died.
I thought it was my hallucination.
P:wat?i don’t undrstand. How am i immoratl. How is rat poasible?it couldn’t be true. It is mythical. Mythical things r unreal. But it is true. I was still breathing with no pulse and no heart beat. It was not my hallucination.
I fell down and Abhi hold me in fraction of seconds who is away from me. I asked him through eyes wat had happened to me?
A:i know u don’t deserve tis. I won’t hav done tis if i were not given order.
It shocked me even more. The one i trusted in my life and be frd with him for weeks. I hav to ask him 2 things bfr i ran away.
P:wat……exactly….did……..u…….change……me…….into? Firat he didn’t answer. His voice was sad and reluctant.
My eyes got widdened. A vampire…. i would take other lives for the sustain to live. I absolutely hate the sight and smell of blod. I pushed his hands.
P:thank u so much for all u hav done to me(sarcarm-pugaluvathu pol palithal)
P: why didn’t u tell me tat ur a vampire.
A:how could i told u, u would hav juat ran away sceaming from me and changing u will be hard for both of us.
P:no i won’t hav i like u for wat u r Abhi and if u told me u were a vampirebfr it won’t be matter.
A:u won’t understand it.
P:wat is more to understand?i don’t qant to hear it and i don’t want to ve here. I ran away from there. I could ran more faster tan bfr. I was feeling betrayal,hurt,angry and shocked. I could feel more new sense. He asked me to stop but i didn’t listen to him. I ran fastly. Abhi and Ranveer came near me and hold me. Ranveer hold my arm and pinned behind my head and Sbhi hold my legs.
Rv:oh God…she is strong even for new born..
A:it is too bad. Will u pls calm down?u r going to hurt urself?
I struggled but they hold me tightly. Atlast i gave up. I stop struggling with them. My life was over becoz of him.
Ptevap:change in pragya’s life style.
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  1. Anuuuu di ! awesome twist di ! U know what this reminded me of someone who is close to my heart ! I am missing her so much but thn happy to read this story ! Pls do continue . waiting for the next !

  2. I have been a silent reader of all ffs i already like your ff but now i just love it. Its just incediblely awsome how it turned to a vapire ff

  3. superb anushri

  4. wow awesome dear anu………….

  5. Ohhhhh god sema twist yaar not even expected tz twist yaar really superb n awesome…

  6. Prathi

    Vampire Story!! yaay!!! Wanna read it so badly as my doll said I too miss her a lot!! She is our sweetheart of Imaginary World!

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