Endless Love Everlasting Family By Fenu (Chapter-22)


Hello Friends !! Fenil is back with new chapter. Enjoy reading!!

At Night

At Tribute Restaurant,Udaipur

Manager : Welcome to The Tribute Restaurant one of the most popular in Udaipur for his services. Its a tribute to “CHETAK” The legendary horse of Maharana Pratap.Tribute gave a lake side view.

Karthik : Thank u so much sir.

Manager take Kaira and asked them to sit in lake side table. Kaira sat there; waiter came and serves water to them.

Naira: What types of foods will be serve here ?

Waiter : We’re serve Indian , Chinese, continental, & Ethanic Curries with Exotic Bread of Rajasthan.

Naira : oky great !! Bring Indian and Continental dishes and Butter Milk.

Kaira holds each other hands and wish love confession anniversary.

Naira : U know karthik , Reyaansh was coming tomorrow ; he will help me in my competition, now this competition became my dream.

Karthik : That’s great but stop talking about Reyaansh.?

Naira : Are u getting jealous ??? ?

Karthik: No way .

Later , They enjoy tasty dinner feeding to eachother and chat romantically and went home after eating Pan.

Next Morning

At 5:30 AM

A boy enters in Singhania Sadan hiding and silently. Suddenly lights get on and boy hide his face with hands.

Naitik : Romeo , U came now stop your drama.

Reyaansh : he hugged Naitik , Always u wake up at this time only for me.

Akshara: So what ! We know u will come at this time only . Now come and drink your morning fruits????.

They enjoy fruits then NaKsh went to their room after dropping their Romeo in his room.

In Reyaansh Room

“Now my sleep went away so what to do ; lets have some fun .” Reyaansh thinks.

He goes to Naira’s room with bucket full of water and throws water on Naira and hide under the bed.

Naira wake up with jerks and screams loudly and find no one in room.

“ I think bhai did this now just wait and watch”Naira murmurs while irritatingly.

Later Naira goes to Naksh’s room holding water bucket but Reyaansh following her silently.

Naira : After spoiling my sleep how can u slept so peacefully bhai and throws water .

Naksh : he wake-up and says what are u doing .

Naira is about to speak jUst then another bucket of water throws on Naira.

Now Naira is in full of anger and understand Naksh is innocent and turns behind and find Reyaansh standing smirking and laughing.

Naksh and Naira smiles and hugged Reyaansh .

Reyaansh : Sorry buddies my sleep went away so i need company so ….

Naksh : So u hit two targets with one arrow.

Reyaansh : Yup !! U know na i m smart.

Naira : oky oky first we get changed then we will chat.

Later , They trio enjoy fruits and talking about their life and gossiping till morning.


PRECAP : Same Precap as Last.

Thank U So Much Friends for the birthday wishes and sorry being late but now i will try to update asap.

Missing Hales Vrushy Reyaa Ekta Rosa and their Ffs.

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  1. Vedanshidwivedi

    Wow rayansh’s entry was amazing excited for kartik’s jealousy mee 2 missing their ff

    1. Fenil


  2. Soumya85

    Awesome chapter bhaiya reyaansh entry was cool…waiting for next chapter egarly

    1. Fenil

      Thanks for reading Soumya.
      Glad that u liked it.??

  3. Vinni05

    Wow amazing one
    Eagerly waiting for next one

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Vinni
      Glad that u liked it.

  4. Hales

    Hey fenil! So good to see ur ff aftr long tym …missed u all too yr! Actually really got busy with my entrance exams …even now i have 2 due it will be done by 2 weeks or so
    Will come back soon with the next part of my ff??

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Hales.
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      Glad that u loved it.

  5. Pls sent the link of previous chapter
    And this one was awesome fenil bro

  6. Neha_Pheonix

    Hey, Fenu that’s a cute and sweet one. I love the way you mold the scenes..they are mature too, sweet ..and bonding!. So, next time any post on the story do let me know, by sending the links. I have loved this and read all the episodes when I was bored with the studying.
    I wanted to give a nice reply hence did not write in hurry bury.

    The story has evolved magnificently, the Kali maa ka madir, ice-cream parlor, Singhania Sadan and many more. I was so happy that you have included Maithali in it. I was missing her. She did bring glamour to the show and your FF too. Even, Gayu..How can I forget her. This is my first Kaira FF which I have followed . And surely you made me fall in love of these adorable couple.
    Waiting for the next!

    PS- Plus, there are many more interesting hightlighing moments too. Enjoyed each and every part of the FF.

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Neha Dii
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      Your each and every words encouraging me.??

  7. Lasyashree.10

    awesome part fenu!! you gave an amazing update!!! i loved it to the core!! just simply mindblowing!! every part was just cute and sweet!!

    1. Fenil

      Thank u so much
      Next will be soon

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    very short

    1. Fenil

      Will try to give u long update.

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