Endless Love Everlasting Family By Fenu (Chapter-21)


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At Ice-cream Parlor

Kaira sat on corner table & asked for waiter.

Waiter : Welcome Sir & Mam

Naira : Bring one chocolate cone .

Karthik : One black current with extra toppings.

Waiter: Oky sir and leaves

Naira : Karthik , I’m sorry , see you’re only mine so I calling you with love “My Mendhak” & about Varun ,he is every girls crush so I’m addressing him as varun only.

Karthik : (Smiles)Ha Ha now you will apply butter only !!

Naira : Not at all , Now a days butter is too much costly , so I’ll apply only my love on you.

Karthik (Blush): Bas Bas….Love you too & I think u forgot what is today ?

Naira : Mere Mendhak ne mujhe propose kiya tha aaj ke din…mein nahi bhooli Karthik.

Karthik : Thanks

Order came.

Naira : We take first bite from each other ice-creams so our love will be added in it.

Karthik : Oky and takes eat from her chocolate cone.

Naira : She also takes bite from his ice-cream and says wow yummy kya choice hain teri mendhak.

Karthik : Kyun maan gayi na ki meri choice about ice-cream and u are perfect.

Naira (blush) : yes

They feeds each other ice-cream.

At Coffee Shop

MaiNaksh was seen sitting on middle table of café and enjoying cold coffee.

Maithili : Nik , will you marry me ?

Naksh : (Surprised) Good Joke Maithu

Maithili : Nik , I’m Serious .

Naksh : What happened ? Anyone told you anything ? Mom-Dad is forcing you ? I’ll talk with them.

Maithili : No , I love you.

Naksh : I also love you but what is the reason ?

Maithili : See we both get pain in our marriage with stranger , in your marriage Tara ran away and in my case Raj has extra-marital affair so I divorced him.

Naksh : I know all that , so you thought we should marry ?

Maithili : Yes As we know each other from childhood & we are best friends , our parents will never told us for marrying again but Zarina Maa….

Naksh : zarina Maa ?

Maithili : She told me that Naira will marry chotu only if u settle with someone who cares for you , who loves you not betrayed like Tara.

Naksh (Eyes filled with tears ) : Oky I’ll marry you only for Naira & Karthik’s relation.

Maithili : Thanks Nik , our relation will survive by our mutual understanding , our friendshipwala love.

They smiles.

Manager announce that lets have some fun as today is first day of this café .All customers cheers up.

Manager : We will play game “ Rab Ne Banadi Jodi”

Customer : Interesting.

Manager : We will give you Chits and pen and asks some questions. You will have to write them in the chits after that this machine you can see(imagination) in front of you will make a perfect Jodi .Like The pundits make jodi’s by seeing our kundalis like that .

Naksh : Sound interesting.

Maithili : We’ll win , Nik.

Manager : Couple will get the “Rab Ne Banadi Jodi Award” will have to dance.What say guys ?

All of them said yes we’re ready. Waiter distributes chits & Pens.

Q-1 : What qualities do you want in your life partner ?

MaiNaksh : (Writes) The one who will love me deeply but for her family would be first priority.Cheerful ,who has always smile on her / his face and makes smiles other also. who never give up in any situations.

Q-2 : What is important for you love or money ? why ?

MaiNaksh : (Writes) Love , if there is love in life then nothing is needed.

Q-3 : What you think friends can be a good life partner as now a days this is trend ?

MaiNaksh : I don’t know but we are joining our friendship in marriage .Hope so our understanding and friendship wala love make it out in good sense.

MaiNaksh looks at each other and smiles.

Later ,

Manager : So guys results time , you want to know who is it ?

All : yes.

Manager : So the perfect Jodi is and the who gets the “Rab Ne Banadi Jodi” Award is Naksh Singhania & Maithili Goenka…A round of applause for them pls…All are clapping for

MaiNaksh smiles at each other.

Manager : (comes to them)Give Award & says I read your answers looking like you’re perfect for each other in real.

MaiNaksh: Thanks , can you pls give us our Answers chits.

Manager : Sure and gives their chits.

They all dance on “Pehla Pehla Pyaar hain” romantically .

Later , Trio Couple are having lunch at some Restaurant & MaiNaksh share their decision with rayu and Kaira.

Gayu & Naira : We are happy for you Bhai ,but all of sudden this decision ?

Rahul & Karthik : We are also happy for you both .

Naksh : Thanks for accepting our decision , we thought we know each other from childhood and understand each other..

Maithili : we get bitter experience in past by marrying to unknown person.

Naksh : So we decide to lets give chance to our life by getting marrying to person whom we know.

They smiles and appreciates their decision. MaiNaksh and Rayu went home back.

Later , Kaira arrives at Pichola lake (Udaipur) .

They walking near lake by holding each other’s hands lovingly. After some time they sat on lawn while Naira resting on her mendhak’s lap.

Karthik : Naira, you remember something ?

Naira : Yes , my mandhak confess love in water.

Karthik : Not in water , in our Ganga Maiyaan

Flashback Start :

After Aman’s incident Karthik request her friend Naira to teach swimming to him , Naira agree and from that day Naira gave training to Karthik. They Share a good bonding and came close to each other.

One day , Karthik @ his Dharam Shala.

Karthik’s POV

“I felt something special with Naira , whenever I’m with her I felt free of myself to share anything with her. She saved my Aman’s life . In last some days we’re so close to each other I fall in love with her , her inner beauty touched my heart . She is simple and kind hearted whenever I seen her she was always helping peoples and plying with Ashram’s childrens.”

“I’ll confess my feeling to her tomorrow but what if she… No I know she will accept her Mendhak from whole heart. She thought me swimming so I’ll propose her in our Ganga Maiyaan only as Ganga Maiyaan is the only one who get us met here and our friendship also start by witnessing to Ganga Maiyaan so I will start our love story from womb of our Ganga Maiyaan. Naira get ready for my love.”

Karthik’s POV End

Next Day @ River Ganga

Kathik, Naira, Pungi and other children were talking and gossiping at River bank. Pungi pushed Karthik in river as per Karthik’s plan . Karthik Shouting for help by peeping out from water again and again.

Naira : Oye Mendhak Drama band kar …itne din sikhya na Swimming .

Karthik : Naira , mein bhul gaya sab pls come and save me and goes in deep water .

Now Naira get worried and jumped in water goes towards Karthik . Karthik was already on his knees holding handkerchief on which “ I Love You Naira” was stitched by Red strings (Prepared By Pungi).Naira get surprised and smiles.

Karthik : I love you Sherni , will u accept this frog in your precious life ?

Naira : I love you to Mendhak . I also thought to share my feelings with you today only but now we both confessed.

They hug each other and started swimming by holding each other hand (Just Imagine I don’t know we can swim or not by holding one hand of each other).

Karthik took Ring from his pocket and about put Ring on Naira’s Finger but Ring slips from his hand and fell into the water & was carried away by the rushing flow of water.
They both smiles and start chasing ring but this Love story was not normal in this love story ONE MENDHAK & ONE SHERNI LOVES EACH OTHER. Both failed to get Ring . They share watery Kiss & came out.

Outside , Puni ask Naira about Ring. Kaira laughs.

“Pungi , Ring fell in water & went leaving us alone I think Ganga Maiyaan took ring as proof that ONE UNIQUE LOVE STORY Strated in her womb” said by Karthik Happily.
They trio laugh and hugged .Later Kaira went temple and prays for their relation and then went for lunch.

Flashback End:

Kaira smiles at each other.

Naira : Karthik , why u got annoyed when I throw you in Ganga maiyaan when u know swimming ?

Karthik: I had fear to loose my mom once again at the time of Confession also I had fear but I control my fear for some time.

Naira : Oky.

They both went from there and roaming at other places of Udaipur and does shopping .
Precap : Reyaansh arrives at SS and Karthik’s Jealousy . Naira gave importance to Reyaansh . Karthik get angry on Naira and scold her.

Hope u all will likes LOVE CONFESION and other Kaira and MaiNaksh Part!! I try POV also i don’t know its perfect or not.

Reyaansh Singhania – Mohit Malhotra

Guess if why Karthik get angry on Naira.

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