Endless Love Everlasting Family By Fenu (Chapter-20)


Hello Friends !! Dear Lovely I’m trying and in this chapter you will get Kaira moments and from now on only focus on Kaira.

Fresh Morning

Naksh & Naira arrives at Goenka Villa in car and goes in.

Dadi : you both came ,wait for sometime they are getting ready. R u had breakfast ?

Naksh : yes Dadi, we will check out on Aman.
Naksh : Hello Aman , how are you ? feeling better ?

Aman : yes bhaijaan , absolutely perfect .

Naira : so get ready you also join us for movie.

Aman : No, what will I do between love birds and I have last extra lectures today after that I have reading leaves so I have to prepare for the exams.

Naksh : See 007 , he is like me only , Aman I was also studious in my time , your Naira bhabhi never interested in study …

Naira : Because I love dance. Oky Aman take care of yourself and do best preparations for exams ; NakshBhai and I’m here only whenever u need help then come at Krishna hotel
or Dance Academy or home.

Naksh : yes , we’ll help you & Maithu was weak in maths so don’t take her help..

Suddenly someone held Naksh’s neck tightly

Maithili : Nik , you are weak in science oky so better be quite.

Naksh : Maithu pls leave its paining .

Maithili : she leaves Naksh’s neck and says u better be quite in my house oky.

Naksh : See Aman , she is so cruel with me.

Maithili : She punch him on shoulder and says are u stopping or not Nik ?

Naira & Aman laughs seeing Bff’s fights.


Maithili : Nik , we should gave these love birds separate cars !!

Naksh : Yes Maithu, so Rayu will be in Rahul’s car , Naira take my car but Karthik will drive and I will be with Maithu. So now lets go show will start by 8 O’clock .

They all nods in yes and leaves.

Singhania Sadan

On Breakfast Table everyone are having breakfast.

Naitik : Akshara , pls get ready Reyaansh’s Room.

Akshara : Oky but bring these things from market for Reyaansh and gives list.

Naman : Bhaiyaa , presentation was ready , you check once.

Naitik : No need to check , it will be perfect.

Karishma : No bhaiyaa , check once as he prepared at night in half wake up & half sleeping mode and smiles.

Akshara : Don’t tease my brother oky Karishma.

Naitik : Naman pls take care of your health first .

Naman : Yaa Bhaiyaa , Karishma so what I was in sleeping mode and you should respect your husband.

Karishma: Aww my love , be careful from today because now Reyaansh is coming so he’ll….understand ?

They all laugh & Naman was sad thinking of past experience with Reyaansh how Reyaansh was made him eat diet food and Karela Juice.

In Kaira’s Car

Naira : Oye Mendhak , Speed mein chala ,kitna slow chala raha hain.

Karthik : Oye Sherni….lo handle yourself and he speed up car.

Naira : Wow , what a moment ? Mendhak and Sherni ki speedy drive.

Karthik : wow my sherni darti nahi and ask her to play song.

Naira : yes and start FM in car.

Zindagi Ek Safar Hain Suhana Plays On FM

Karthik : Wow lovely song and start humming song.

At Celebration Mall , Udaipur

They enters in PVR Cinema and takes pics with movie poster of “Badrinath Ki Dulhania” and goes in & sat on their seats which was booked at top corner for Rayu & Kaira, and
Mainaksh sat on their seats which was in middle.

Movie start with National Anthem and now scene going on in which Varun Dhawan was Shirtless.

Naira and other girls stand up and started whistles and shouting Love you Varun throwing flying kissing on Varun.

Karthik : He pulled Naira back on seat and says what is this I’m here and u r giving flying kisses to Varun.

Naira : Ufff u just shut up, let me see his abs and again stand ups.


Rahul : Gayu, you are married if you forget that fact then see I’m here.

Gayu : Are you getting Jealous ? See what a body he has..so hot .

Rahul : So what u forget my body ?

Gayu : Shyly … your body has not this charm which is in Varun and now don’t disturbed me.

Kaira Side,

Karthik pulled her back to seat and says sit here quietly , he pulled up his T-shirt and ask Naira to see my body , my 8 Abs rather than Varun’s.

Naira pulled down his T-shirt and says your body has not that charm which is in Varun’s so now don’t disturbed me.

Rahul & Karthik thinks Naksh, why you booked this movie ? you should booked for other movie? ; They get massage from Naksh.

Msg: “ Control your lady love , they are so interested in Varun..hahah yours movie date goes in vain.”

They both sees towards each other and then to Naksh who is winked at them and happy seeing his sisters happy.

Maithili : Nik , you will not change right , you did same in college time with Adi & Pankhi .

Naksh : you still remember that…why will I change…now focus on movie.

Karthik and Rahul has not other option so they also get busy in movie.

Later Movie End ; They came out.

Naira : Gayu Dii , varun was so hot …I love him and what a performance he gave in this movie.

Gayu : yes naira, we both didn’t went out in interval time…

Naira : yes , what if we miss single scene of him !!

Rahul and Karthik (irritate) : Are you guys stopping or not now? Varun…varun…varun…

Mainaksh and Sisters laughs.

Naira : Gayu dii , something is burning !!

Gayu : Yes and both sisters gave hi5 to each other.

Naksh puts hand on brother’s shoulders and says Sorry your movie date goes in vain , try something different now and laughs.

Brothers : Very Funny Naksh bhai.

Maithili : Nik leave them, you come with me there is new coffee shop , we will enjoy coffee and I have to talk with you something important .

Naksh : Yes and they left.

Naira : Karthik come we will see movie again and laughs.

Karthik : Very funny , he dragged her to ice-cream parlor .

Gayu : What about us ?

Rahul : lets do shopping.

Gayu : Good idea and leaves .

Precap : Outing continue ; Love confession of Kaira in flashback.
I can’t believe that my ff reached to 20th chapter , with your support and love this is able possible.

Thank you so much for love and support !! Sorry for late.

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