Endless Love Everlasting Family By Fenu (Chapter-19)

Goenka Villa

Zarina’s Room

Zarina opens the door and Dadi Maheshwari enters in room ,They sat on sofa as Aman was slept on bed.

Zarina : Dadi , you are right about your words , I have to manage karthik but I failed .

Dadi Maheshwari : No, you are not failed but yes you should make some distance from Karthik, I’m not saying that you are selfish.

Zarina : Yes. I know but if I stay here then he will be give more preference to me and Aman and his family was craving for his love.

Dadi Maheshwari : Yes but in anger you took this decision to go back to jaipur but karthik was not fully attached with his family.

Zarina : Exactly if I will stay here then how will he attached with them ?Its better to leave from his life as soon as possible after all we are stranger here.

Dadi Maheshwari : I know in your presence he’ll more caring towards you but if you left then he’ll also came to you in some time.

Zarina : Yes, I understand , you don’t worry now I’ll not going back without giving this family their son.

Dadi Maheshwari : Yes, I’m happy that you understand .ok take rest & take care of Aman also. I’ll explain Karthik also so that your problems will get less .

Zarina : Hope so .

In Hall

Maithili : Rahul ,its time to fulfil your promise.

Rahul : Which Promise Di ?

Maithili : Movie , Maa if we can go for movie tomorrow it will change for Chotu also.

Rahul : Good Idea.

Suwarna : Yes , you all youngsters go and enjoy whole day !!

Dadi : Yes , Naksh – Naira you both also join them.

Akshara : Ok they will join them , Naksh book tickets for movie.

Naksh nods in yes.

Karthik’s Room

Karthik was seen sitting on floor crying holding pillow. Dadi Maheshwari come & sit on bed. Karthik puts his head in Dadi Maheshwari’s lap.

Karthik : Dadi , you convince na Maa ?

Dadi Maheshwari : Yes.

Karthik : (smiles) Mein abhi jaa ke maafi maang ke aata hun.

Dadi Maheshwari : No first listen to me.

Karthik : Yes tell me.

Dadi Maheshwari : See beta , your relation with Zarina and Aman is heart relation and I know that relation made from childhood so they are more important in your life but your blood
relations , your family is also important part of your life .Right ?

Karthik : Yes Dadi

Dadi Maheshwari : You lives here from two weeks but you only busy with Aman and your college , you didn’t even ask Maithili and Rahul about their life ? you didn’t spend time with your beloved dadi-maa ,chacha-chachi, papa ? You did that ?

Karthik : No Dadi.

Dadi Maheshwari : They are craving for your attention , your one question for them about their life ? They wanted to spend time with you, they know you attached with Zarina and
Aman but give sometime to them also. You came in their life after a long time and they expect that you share your life with them.

Karthik : Yes Dadi, I will spend time with them , I did big mistake by ignoring them , I will also apologize to them also.

Dadi Maheshwari : Yes now stop crying like girl , if you cry like this then I will marry Naira with another guy , Ohh Reyaansh is coming so I can think about him also instead of you.

Karthik : No Dadi , see I wiped my tears I will not cry now , aap hona tab tak hum sab ki life mein kuch galat nahi honewala and hugged Dadi Maheshwari.

Later , At Singhania Sadan

In Naitik and Akshara’s Room

Akshara : Naitik , we are lucky that we didn’t go through Suwarna and Manishji’s situation , what if Naira had also someone like Zarinaji then how can we handle our relation.

Naitik : Yes Akshara , they are also lucky that Zarinaji is very understanding woman that nothing is wrong going to happen.

Akshara : Yes , I hope all is going well.
Precap : Same As Last

Sorry Guys !!

A/N : Would you like if I bring jealousy track ? Karthik’s little jealousy will turned up into Possessiveness after Reyaansh entry and Karthik will do something and something in possessiveness . What happen when Karthik’s doings will affect Kaira’s Relation and other Relations also. Pls give me your views !!


  1. Vedanshidwivedi


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    This chapter was really good dadi explained kartik soo calmly it was really good chapter
    Yaa pls add kartik jealous sequence it will fun reading it

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    Awesome chapter bhaiya and u can add karthik’s jealousy track it will be fun…waiting for ur next chapter egarly post soon

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