Endless Love Everlasting Family By Fenu (Chapter-18)


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At Kali Maa’s Temple

Karthik arrives there & goes in and puts his hand upon Diya and cries reminding Aman’s condition and and winked in pain.

Panditji : What are you doing beta ?and trying to remove karthik’s hand from diya.

Karthik : Nothing I hurt my little brother so I am punishing myself.

Panditji : Is this punishment will give happiness to your brother ? No he will get more hurt when he see your burnt hand. Uski care karne ke badle tum yahan aake hath jala rahe ho yeh kaisa pyar hain ?

Naira : (she comes as she notice Karthik’s bike down stair of temple) she removed his hand from diya and hugs him.

Karthik : He breaks hug and again tries to put hand on diya.

Naira : she takes his hand back and says Panditji saying right Aman will be hurt when he sees your burnt hand & What is this madness ? by punishing yourself will make Aman’s pain and wounds vanished ? No they will get more pain.

Panditji : Take this chandan lap and applies on his hand.

Naira : Thanks and takes bowl .

Rahul and Naksh also arrives.

Rahul hugged Karthik and scolds for his stupidity. Naira is applying lap on karthik’s hand and cries.

Naksh : he informed Akshara and ask them to come now we will go home.

Karthik : I m not coming and goes in garden area.

Naksh connect video call to Maithili and ask about Aman.

Maithili : Aman is fine and gain conscious .

Naksh : Good now holds Cell infront of Aman and ask Aman to talk with Karthik as he is denying to come home & he goes near Karthik.

Video Call:

Aman: Bhaijaan !!

Karthik : he turn as soon as he heard Aman and smiles but sad and hides hands back side .

Aman : See your Dadi is giving me bitter medicines.

Karthik : Takes them it will help you to recover.

Aman : No you come then I will eat and says I know again you hurt yourself right so….and he ends call.

Karthik : Aman….Aman and runs to bike.

Naksh , Rahul and Naira comes.

Naira : Aye Mendhak sit in my car , bhai will bring your bike.

Naksh nods and takes keys from Karthik and they leaves for home.

Goenka Villa

In Hall

Karthik : he runs inside house and sits on knees before Aman and says I am sorry pls talk to me and hold ears.

Dadi : She sees his hand and ask how did this happened ?

Aman : Again he has hurt himself and hugged karthik.

Naira : Yes Aman, he burnt his hand in temple.

All get shocked.

Karthik : He stands up and goes to Zarina Maa.

Zarina Maa : She raises hand to slap but stopped and says I can’t hit you in dream also and breaks down , mil gayi khushi mujhe pareshaan kar ke, apne aap ko hurt kar ke.

Karthik : He takes Zarina Maa’s hand near his face and says hit me , I am not good son and not good brother.

Zarina Maa: She takes her hand back, see all of you pointing towards Karthik’s forehead where stitches marks are there.

Manish : Zarinaji yeh toh Bachpan mein lagi hogi chot hain na , aap ko pata hi honga.

Zarina Maa : No yeh bhi isne khud hi apne aap ko hurt kiya tha rishikesh me jab hum Avantika ji ki barsi pooja karne gaye the.

Flashback Start:

Karthik was seen sitting near riverbank and then Aman comes to call him but he slips due to wet mud and falls in river and drown in water. Karthik shout for help because he didn’t know swimming and then Naira jumps in water and after much difficulties she brings Aman to riverbank and pumping his tummy for removing water from his body.

Karthik : Thanks naira and cries seeing Aman’s condition.

Later naira and Karthik takes him to hospital and Karthik goes saying he will come in sometime and informed Zarina Maa also.

Zarina Maa comes and ask about Aman and Karthik.

Naira : Aman is fine now but karthik didn’t come yet but shocked seeing something..and point towards stretcher where Karthik was lying in full of blood.

Zarina and Naira runs to him and cries seeing his condition.

Man : I found him in temple which is on cliff I think he hit his head with pillar many time as pillar had also blood on it. So I brought him here.

Naira : Thank you so much pls calls doctor.

Man: he nods and goes to call doctor.

Later , Doctor comes and says he is out of danger now after his minor operation, he will get conscious in some time.

Later on discharge time Zarina Maa shocked seeing bill amount having 1laks .

Flashback End:

Zarina Maa : At that time I have no much money so Naira paid bill from Naitikji account and cries….at that time I took promise from him that he will never hurt himself again but today he broke promise.

All get huge shocked and get teary eyes.

Zarina maa : Naitik ji , I am trying hard to save money from my Tiffin service business and Tailoring work , I will repay soon.

Naitik : yeh kaisi baat kar rahe ho aap ? no need to repay oky.

Manish : zarinaji , I will repay .

Zarina Ji : No I will repay but now I decided to go back to jaipur with Aman and goes with Aman in her room.

karthik also goes behind them but they closed door and he sat outside door saying Sorry Maa pls don’t go, I promise I will not do this again but don’t separate me from you both , Zarina and Aman also cries inside.

In Hall.

Manish (happily) : Zarina Ji took right decision now karthik will stay with us and our relation will get priority in his life.

Suwarna : What are you saying Manishji ? U didn’t see what he did in past and now , I am scared what if he does something…cries

Akshara : Yes he is attached with them from childhood and I am seeing he is not at all adjust here with you all fully.

Dadi : Yes , kittu is staying here from 2 weeks but he is always in Zarina’s room , hum se kam baat karta hain.

Dadi Maheshwari : Suhasiniji , I will try to talk with Zarina and Goes towards Zarina’s room.

Zarina’s Room

Karthik : Dadi , take me also inside.

Dadi Maheshwari : She asked Zarina to open door and says to Karthik , go in your room I will talk with you later and stop crying oky they will not go back oky.

Karthik smiles and goes to his room.

Precap : Youngsters outing for movie. Game : Rab Ne Banadi Jodi. Reyaansh’s arrival next day.
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