Endless Love Everlasting Family By Fenu (Chapter-12)


Hello Friends !! Happy Maha Shivratri To all my friends .

Karthik and Naira hugged Gayu & thanks her.

Gayu : she smiles and says go in garden and talk because of all these u are not get time to talk with each other.

Kaira goes in garden.

Karthik : he hugged Naira & says see my Bhabhi make our relation official today.

Naira: yes mendhak , my Gayu dii is always rocks & says I am happy for u today.

Karthik :yeah but tell me how much u love me ?

Naira: she kissed on his lips little and says itna.

Karthik: bas itna & he turns to other side.

Naira :she goes to him and says oye mendhak & holds his face and kissed him , karthik also participate in it after sometime they break kiss & hugged each other.

Karthik : I love you Sherni

Naira : I love my mendhak more than myself & ask him, Are u going back or stay here only ?

Karthik : No I am going back .

Naira get sad & runs to her room.

Karthik also goes in.

Zarina maa : pls give me permission now we will go in evening’s train & karthik will stay here from now on.

Karthik: No maa , I am coming with u

Dadi : No beta, you are not going any where now.

Zarina maa : yes beta, stay here and not to worry about us , armaan chacha is there for us.

Karthik: no I m coming means I m coming.

Maithili: she hugged him says pls don’t go chotu u came here after a long time and now u r talking about leaving us again & cries.

Karthik: he wipes tears of his dii nd says pls try to understand, I will come back in few days after make my transfer to Udaipur’s college and Aman’s school also.

Zarina maa: no u only stay here I will talk with trusties tomorrow and Aman will stay in jaipur only.

They starts explain eachother with Dadi and manish.

Dadi Maheshwari : Stop it , Karthik will go today with Zarina beta and come in next week after completing all procedure of his and Aman’s also and (to Zarina maa) U both will also
lives with karthik only.Late ho raha hain jao….Suhasiniji pls give permission.

Dadi: she nods in yes.

Karthik ,Zarina maa and Aman leaves for Jaipur.After some time MF And GF also leaves for their homes.

Vaikunth Dham

Rajshree: Maa , apko unki baat mein nahi bolna tha.

Varsha : No maa , Dadi did right warna bematlab ki Arguments mein bante hue rishte phir se bigad sakte the.

Dadi Maheshwari : Right Varsh Beta , I know from the beginning of the day what will happen next, and its just start. Yeh jo naya rishta bana hain na usko ab Karthik aur Zarina ko hi
manage karna hain.

Varsha : hmmm

Goenka Villa

Dadi: Karthik again goes away from her, but at least I know about him now that where is he ?

Suwarna : ha maa.

Manish gets call from Dadi Maheshwari and gives to Dadi.

Dadi Maheshwari : hello suhasiniji , forgive me for interfere in your personal matter .

Dadi: Don’t say it pls, you are elder in these 3 families and when u said that I know u said after thinking well .

Dadi Maheshwari : yes , karthik has join heart relation with them now your turn to manage this new relation of karthik well.

Dadi : yes I understand what are u trying to say….Radhe Krishna and ends call.


Karthik reached Jaipur.

Karthik : Maa I will come in sometime and goes for walk.

Zarina maa : ok

Karthik walking on road in deep thinking ,when he heard voice..

Suwrana : Karthik beta ,ghar chalo tumhari yeh maa raah dekh rahi hain

Zarina maa : Jav beta aapki maa ke paas jao

Dadi : Kittu chalo , inhe hum naya ghar bana ke denge

Arman chacha : Mat jao karthik , Zarina ka kaun khyal rakhega ,uske pyar ke liye ruk jao

Rahul and Maithili : Chotu chalo , hamare saath raho bahut sara bachpan jee na hain ..

Aman : Bhaijaan ,Khush rehna bhulna mat hame….

Armaan chacha : Beta , Aman ke liye jo promise kiya hain who pura karna hain …

Karthik shouts loudly : stop it…and collapse on middle of the road and cries badly .

Karthik: mujhe maa ko mana na padega Udaipur le jane ke liye , aaj Dadi maheshwari ne kaha to sahi but muje pata hain maa will not come. & he return to home.


Rahul calls Gayu

Gayu : hello Rahul , How are u ? I tired so much

Rahul : I m good , ohh then take rest I will call u tomorrow

Gayu : No say why u call me..

Rahul : Thanks for bring karthik on our special day , u gave me a such a precious gift on our engagement , I will never ask for any gift from u now .

Gayu: Don’t say it , Karthik ko lane mein bahut mehnat kari hain mene sirf thanks se kaam nahi chalega .

Rahul : yaa u are right then say what to do ?

Gayu : Do which make us happy ?

Rahul : oky then done I will come to pick up u tomorrow , till then take rest …Good Night !!

Gayu : Good Night Jaan and ends call.

Rahul : he shocked hearing word jaan. And smiles.

Precap : I don’t know
Sorry Guys this is last update of this month becoz I have internship , M.com’s Internal exams from 01.03.2017 to 07.03.2017 , M.com’s Final exams in April and CA exams in May-2017 so I will come after May-2017. If possible then I will give u small updates of this ff .

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