Endless Love Everlasting Family By Fenu (Chapter-11) Rayu’s Engagement Part-II


Hello Friends !!
Karthik: Now we will talk later first we will do my Big B and Gayu Bhabhi’s Engagement.

They nods in yes happily .

Naitik : lets start & ask Rahulji and Gayu to start with Ganesh Vandana first and takes them infront of Ganesha’s idol.

(Bg Song : Vakratund Mahakay Mantra & Shree Ganeshay Dheemahi )

Gayu & Rahul does pooja of Lord Ganesha as they told by Panditji.

Panditji : He ask Gayu to put her palm under Rahul’s palm. She does the same.Panditji puts one pooja Paan , one sopari , One flower & some Akshat & ask them to pray for their
upcoming life & puts these in front of Idol. Rayu does the same.

Panditji : Pls stand up all as we will do Aarti now.

They all Stands up.

(Aarti : Shendur Lal Chadhyo-Ganesha Aarti-From KZK)

They all does Aarti one by one. Now Karthik’s turn.

Karthik : he ask Zarina Maa & Aman to join him.

Zarina Maa : No Beta We can’t

Panditji : Why not , when u didn’t thoughts once when u takes care him being his hindu , U didn’t thoughts when u does his upbringing then why are u thinking now ?

Akshara : Yes pls join him.

Naitik & Manish : why are u thinking about religion now . pls join him as his Maa .

Rahul : yes maa , U takes care of my chotu & its my engagement pls join him.

Zarina maa : she says oky & join Karthik with Aman.

They does Aarti happily. Aarti finished.

Zarina Maa (in mind) how good ppls are these then why God u make Karthik away from them and gives them pain.

Dadi Maheshwari ( to Zarina Maa): Becoz he wants to join your relation with karthik and God done this by joining Heart Relation with u .

Zarina Maa( surprised) : she smiles and ask u are right but how u know about my mind.

Dadi Maheshwari : She smiles and says I m watching u at door when Karthik meets his family, I sees your happiness ,your tears & I m also maa and knows what maa hearts and mind will think.

Zarina maa : she hugged Dadi Maheshwari & says right when karthik get his family back I m happy.

Dadi Maheshwari : Zarina Beta , its not end your relation but it will take some twists and test .

Zarina Maa : She surprised by Dadi Maheshwari’s words and ask what do u mean dadi ?

Dadi Maheshwari : Wait time will show your answer.

Panditji : Now we will do engagement.

Varsha : Rahulji first u makes her wear ring then Gayu will do the same.

Naira : she came near Gayu & ask her to makes fist and have some fun .

Gayu : she smiles and does the same.

Rahul : (in mind)now how can I touch her forcibly to make her wear ring as we know eachother from one day before. & he didn’t do anything.

Gayu( she understand his mind): She open her fist and ask him to do now.

Rahul : he thanks her and put ring in her finger.

Gayu : She smiles & put ring in his finger.

They all claps.

Rayu takes blessing from panditji and elders and hugged younger.GF, SF and MF and Guest gives them gifts.

Rayu goes to Zarina maa: They takes blessing from her and hugged Aman.

Zarina Maa : she blessed them and gives them Rs.101 as shagun and thanks gayu for make karthik meets his family & Rahul for gives them respect.

Rayu : No need to thanks , As u are karthik’s Zarina maa we will are respect u as our maa.

Karthik : Pls attention ladies and Gentlemen , puts your hands together as now my loving Big B and Bhabhi will do Dance.

They all claps , Rayu get shocked hearing sudden announcement by karthik.

Zarina Maa : See his happiness is on top level now do dance for sometime & gives him more happiness.

Rayu nods and goes.

( Song : Saans… from Jab Tak HAin Jaan)

Rayu dance nicely but little awkwardness on their faces is seen. Dance ends.

All are claps and cheers for them.

After sometime All guest are leaving after having lunch. Families sits for lunch like Subhbhoj ( Like YRKKH)Karthik sits with Zarina maa & Aman which makes Goenka little sad .They finished with their lunch.

Zarina Maa : we will leave in evening’s train , now u stay here with your family.

Karthik : No, I’m also coming with u both.

Zarina Maa : No Beta , see they are so happy with your arrival if u want to see them happy then stay here only .

Karthik : No….and goes.

They all are now in hall and talks.

Rahul : He ask Gayu how u get Karthik ? U didn’t know him as I also didn’t identify him .

Gayu : She smiles and says I know Karthik very well as he is Naira’s Boyfriend.

Naira and Karthik coughs . All are looking at them .

Gayu : When rahul told me about him on the same night..

Flashback Start :

Gayu : Oky now sleep here only today ,tomorrow is engagement … she cuts off by naira.

Naira : Gayu dii , I want to say something about Karthik.

Gayu : Oky tell fast.

Naira told Gayu everything and she get shocked.

Gayu : She smiles and says chalo achha hi hua jo hamne pehle se hi karthik ko invite kar liya hain and they slept.

Middle Night

Gayu : she wakes up to drink water and thoughts what if karthik will not come. So she takes naira’s cell and calls Zarnina Maa .

Zarina Maa : hello naira … what happened why called me on this time.

Gayu : I’m gayu and ask Zarina maa is Karthik and u are coming or not ?

Zarina Maa : she says No and says we tried to explain but he is not agreeing.

Gayu : ok & tell her plan to bring karthik to “ Mulla Talai Mosque” which is in Udaipur. & ask its 6 hours long route so u have to leaves by 4;00 to 4:30 AM. And cuts the call.


When Varsha mami and karishma mami leaves after getting me ready then I told Naira that she will come around 12 and leaves hiding from all of u with help of naira.

At Mulla Talai Mosque:

When Zarina maa ,Karthik and Aman comes after praying , Gayu explain karthik but karthik still not agreeing to me & at last

Gayu : Oky I am also not going back home for engagement .

Karthik get shocked , Zarina maa understand Gaytri.

Karthik: he asked her to pls go Bhabhi, Big B must be waiting for u and families also must be worried for u.

Gayu : How I became your bhabhi, when u are not coming to your Big B’s Engagement. How can I leave without u , u know when Rahul told me about u I get happt that yes I have one brother-in-law & I wants you to become part of our happiness. Beacause you are the one whose dream is going to fulfill from today , you are the one who wants to see his bhabhi first on engagement day from your family so see I m here , you are the one who wants to see me in my bridal dress before your bhai & U are saying u are not coming & cries.

Karthik : he is also cries seeing Gayu’s love and care for him and his Big B.

Zarina Maa : Beta I m not coming here for prayers but Gayatri makes this plan , I m sorry for lied to u.

Karthik :he get more happy and says no maa , u didn’t do anything wrong. He goes to Gayu and sits on her feets .

Gayu : she taken back and ask him what are you doing ?

Karthik : I’m not doing any crime bhabhi as u r elder to me as like Big B I touches your feet…. Yes bhabhi , I am the one whose dream is going to fulfill today and I’m comig with u.

Gayu : she gets happy and makes him stand up … she says U will not touch my and your Big B ‘s feets I m giving u permission and hugged him.

Zarina Maa : she is happy and says lets go we will be late .

They leaves in Gayu’s Car to Singhania Sadan.

Flashback Ends :

They all get emotional hearing all this . Goenka Thanks Gayu for giving such a big happiness to them.

Gayu : She says don’t thank me…. Afterall he is my only Dever whose Barat will I take to Singhania Sadan and looks at Karthik and Naira Lovingly.

Kaira smiles and thinks gayu dii/Bhabhi is more dangerous.

Gayu : She request elders to give permission for Kaira’s relation. Zarina Maa’s consent is already there as they start this relation after taking her permission.

Dadi and Manish Lil sad.

SF , MF and GF gives their consent in yes for Kaira’s relation.
Precap: Rayu’s Phone conversation and jaipur.
I know I’m too slow and becoz of that your wait is increasing. I hope that my chapters will repay your wait.

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