Endless Love Everlasting Family By Fenu (Chapter-10) Rayu’s Engagement Part-I


Hello Friends !! I came up with new chp. Sorry for wait becoz I am at outstation for Government Audit For last 5 days.

At Night

Jaipur, Rajasthan

At Garden, Near Karthik’s Home

Karthik: Maa, I am so happy when today when I heard about my family.

Zarina Maa: Why u will not feel happy after all they all are your own .You have to go in your brother’s engagement.

Aman: Yes Bhaijaan, Big Bhaijaan must be missing u on his special day.

Armaan Chacha: Yes, U should not punish your other siblings and relations by stay away from them because of your Dad’s anger. Till now u are here as you don’t want to go and
we are not forcing u but today when its happy moment in your sibling’s life u should go there and make happiness double by going there.

Karthik: Yes u all are right but now my life is attached with u all and my Big B is much understanding person.

They all goes their respective homes and sleeps.

Udaipur, Rajasthan

Singhania Sadan

In Gayu’s Room

Gayu: How are u naira and your karthik ?

Naira : I’m fine and my karthik is also good. U say about your first meeting with Jiju !!

Gayu : Yes that was awesome and show her his first gift and says my gift is also same .

Naira : Lovely Gift, What a connection your and Jiju’s thoughts are matching?

Gayu: Yes , U Invited karthik and Zarina Maa ?

Naira : Yes Gayu Dii .

Gayu : Oky now sleep here only today ,tomorrow is engagement …

Goenka Villa

In Rahul’s Room

Rahul (Holding Photo frame in Maithili,Rahul and Karthik’s Childhood Pic is Framed): Chotu ,today I meet your Bhabhi .She is such good person and Beautiful , but u always wanted to see my marriage , now you are not with me. how I will handle your absence on this special day, this is your dream which is going to start fulfill ,today Maithili Dii is with me but u are missing.

Suwarna (comes in Rahul’s Room): Rahul what if karthik is not with u but his memories and his dream are with u na ,he will not wanted to see u sad on this happy moment of your life right ?

Rahul : Yeah maa , but all are here except Chotu and this dream was only seen by him only na.

Suwarna : Yes so what he is not with us make his dream more beautiful that when he will come he get happy to see that without him u fulfilled his dream beautifully .

Rahul : Right maa ,Oky Good Night !!

Suwarna: Good Night and leaves.

Fresh Morning

Jaipur, Rajasthan (4:00Am)

Karthik ,Aman and Zarina maa infront of Lord Krishna’s idol praying. After Zarina maa and Aman done with their morning Namaz.

Karthik: Good Morning Krishnaji , Sorry for so early .Today Big B & Gayu Bhabhi is going to start new phase of their life pls give your blessing to both of them.

Aman : Bhaijaan ki wish puri karna .

Zarina Maa : Hey Lord Pls give happiness to both of them.

They are having breakfast.

Zarina Maa : Karthik beta , pls take me and Aman to “Mulla Talai Mosque” today itself as I want to go there .

Karthik : Oky Maa we will leave in 10-15 minutes as in its long route.

They leaves for mosque after having Breakfast.

Udaipur, Rajasthan (6:00AM)

Goenka Villa

Inhouse temple

All are there and doing Aarti (Aarti : Shendur Lal Chadhyo-Ganesha Aarti-From KZK).They all takes Aarti and blessing from lord Ganesha ,Rahul and Maithili takes blessing from elders.

Dadi: Today is my Rahul’s engagement ,Lord Ganesha give your blessing to both of my Childs and families.

Rahul: Dadi ,Gannuji is always with us but chotu is not with us .

Dadi(Sad): Toh kya hua he is not with us but for him we will make this day very memorable that when he will come he get sad that why he is not with us & smiles.

Maithili : Yes Dadi, Pls everyone go and get ready Muharat 12:00PM(Noon) ka hain.we have to reach Singhania Sadan on time .

Manish : Akhilesh pls check with all items and guest.

Akhilesh : Yes Bhaiya.

They all goes to ready.

Singhania Sadan(6:30AM)

All are doing Aarti in house temple (Aarti: Mein Aarti Teri Gaun Oh Keshav Kunj Bihari-From YRKKH).They takes Aarti and blessing from lord Krishna.Naksh,Gayu and Naira takes blessing from elders. They heard Radhe Krishna & turn towards Voice & finds Maheshwaris At door. They greets them & welcome them .

Varsha : Ha now tell us which work is pending we will help u.

Karishma : Ha Bhabhi , me , u and Naira will make Gayu ready as u are expert in make up , and me in hairstyle …Naira will handle with jewelleries.

Rajshree : Yes Varsha go and make Gayu ready fast …12:00 baj jayenge pata bhi nahi chalega .

Varsha,Karishma ,Naira & Gayu leaves to Gayu’s Room.

Naitik , Naman , Shaurya get busy in Decorations , while elders sits in hall and talks about Guest and Financial matters.

Its 11:00Am

Singhania Sadan

Guests starts to arrives Bauji & Vishmbhar are welcoming them . In some time Goenkas also arrives. SF and Mf greets Goenkas & welcomes them.

Dadi : Akshara Beta , Is all preparations are done ?

Akshara : Yes Dadi .

Surekha : Decorations is osam varshaji , simple and sweet.

Varsha : yes & mene aapka favorite Fruit punch ready kar diya hain khas mere aur aapke liye.

Suwarna (to Rajshree): see them they are lost in their own world now.

Rajshree : yes beta , Varsha dost to Akshara ki hain but jab yeh do milti hain yeh do apni duniya mein kho jate hain.

Baisa : Suhasiniji aap chalo hum Bhairaviji (Akshara’s Dadi- I will address her as Dadi Maheshwari ) ke pass jate hain & they leaves.

They all are enjoying talks & takes care of Guests also.

Its 11:30 AM

Dadi : Karishma Beta ,Bring Gayatri down now .

Karishma : yes and about to go but stop by Naira.

Naira : Gayu dii is not at home.

They get shocked.

Baisa : where is she chhori ?

Naira : She goes to picks up her friend Rinks but see abhi tak nahi aayi.

Rinks : What !! I’m here & I already told her that I will come on my own.

They all turn and more shocked seeing Rinks at door with her bags.

Naksh & Rahul : Kitna time hua hain Naira ?

Naira : 2 hours

Naitik : oky princess , Naksh come with me we will check at Railway station .

Rahul: wait I m also coming

Naira : Papa wait for 30 minutes , Gayu dii said me that she will come at 12:00 PM

Akshara : Yes Naitik,Gayu is more punctual about timing so wait for 30 minutes if she will not come then go.

They are waiting . Suwarna get restless and runs to main gate fastly and looking at empty road.

Rahu & Dadi( they came to her as they notice her) : What happen ?

Suwarna : she hugged Dadi and says I’m feeling as someone is coming which is close to my heart.

Rahul : Maa , Aap Gayu ki wajah se tensed ho , comes in & they goes in but all the way Suwarna seeing at Main Gate & road .

Its 12:00 Pm

Gayu comes home & all get relived seeing her safe.

Baisa : She hugged her & ask where are u chhori ?

Gayu : Nowhere , I goes to bring some happiness for me & for all & she goes to door.

All are looking at her confusingly .

Gayu enters with someone.

Gayu : Rahul pls come here & ask him to identify that unknown person.

Rahul : he looks at person and then Gayu & says I don’t know him but feel something connected to him .

Gayu : Yes becoz he is the only one who sees your marriage dream, he is my only Brother-in-law.

( BG Tune : Happy Yrkkh’s Dhol and Humming tune )

Rahul: Kar…Kar…Karthik & loos at Gayu .

Gayu: she nods in yes.

Rahul : He says Chotu & hugged Karthik tightly .

Karthik : He says Big B & hugged him back & they both cries.

Rahul : He looks at Suwarna & Dadi & says Maa , Chotu aa gaya.

Suwarna , Dadi & all Goenkas run towards them & hugged Karthik together & cries.

While hugging they all sits on Ground and they sees lovingly their Karthik ,Karthik also cries badly and sees his family after long time. SF And MF looks at them emotionally other side Gayu , Aman & Zarina Maa also cries seeing their pain of loosing son years back & happiness to get him back after years.

Manish : He holds his ears & sits before Karthik & says I’m sorry Beta…in anger I didn’t realize that what am I speaking….I’m regretting all these years….we searches for u ….Your Dadi also upset with me , she is not talking with me from that day…& cries .

Karthik : he remove hands from his Father’s ears & says I’m sorry I was scared & run away .(to dadi) dadi pls talk to my father but he is looking very funny today & fun to watch him crying & he smiles.

( Manish shocked & Karthik Rocks )

They all smiles seeing that.

Gayu : She bring Aarti plate &(to dadi) Dadi, welcome your Grand son with aarti & give plate to Dadi.

Dadi : yes & takes Plate & says why only me, u ,Rahul and we all welcomes him together.

Dadi & Suwarna hols Aarti plate 7 rest of Goenkas touches each other hands & coonect themselves to Aarti. They does Aarti of Karthik & welcome him.

They about leave but stopped by Karthik.

Karthik : he ask Suwarna maa to do Aarti of his Zarina Maa & his Lil Brother Aman.

Dadi get shocked while rest of are happy.

Suwarna does aarti happily and welcome them & thanks Zarina maa for takes care of her son.
To be continue…….

While writing this Chapter i cries as i m imagines all these scenes . I try to add little fun in last.

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