Endless Love Everlasting Family By Fenu (Chapter-09)


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Fresh Morning

Udaipur, Rajasthan

Singhania Sadan

Karishma comes in Gayu’s Room

Karishma : Gayu wakes up!! Rahulji must be coming in sometime to pick u..

Gayu: Mami, Pls some more time, he can wait na …

Karishma : Ohh… u will not wake up like this ,lets call Baisa…!!

Gayu : No mami ,see I’m wakes up..Good Morning!!

Karishma : Good Morning!! now get ready fast , and she leaves after set up Gayu’s bed .

Goenka Villa

Rahul : Maa , jaldi karo na kitna late karonge.aaj aap bahut slow ho breakfast ready karne mein .

Dadi : Bahut jaldi hain Gayatri se mil ne kii..?

Rahul : yes…no no ,I’m hungry very much , ask Maithili Dii .

Maithili : Yeah dadi

They all laughs .

Jaipur, Rajasthan

They all are ready and having breakfast in kitchen sitting on floor .

Aman : Bhabhi , how many days will u stay here ?

Sudden hearing word Bhabhi naira coughs and looks at Aman shockingly …karthik gives her glass of water .

Naira : Today I’m going , Gayu dii ki engagement hain kal .

Aman : ohh , when will u come again ?

Naira : I don’t know , I want to say something .

Karthik : Yeah tell .

Naira : I’m Naira Singhania , Daughter of Naitik and Akshara Singhania. Singhania friends of Goenkas . U r the same karthik who is my friend from childhood , I m the same naira whom u calls sherni in childhood also .

Karthik,Aman and Zarina Maa get shocked knowing the fact .

Naira : Maine pucha tha uncle aunty se ki karthik kaha hain ? but unhone kaha kit um abroad study kar rahe ho aur wahi job kar rahe ho.

Karthik (smile on face) : Awee , u r the same naira who is 007 of Naksh bhai .

Naira : yes.

Zarina maa : Really world is so small , your childhood friend became love of your life beta unknowingly .

Karthik and Naira smiles seeing each other.

Naira : Most imp baat toh reh hi gayi . Karthik , Rashmi bua ki beti Gayu dii ki engagement pata hain kiss se ho rahi hain tumhare bade bhai Rahulji se . ( most imp thing is that karthik, Rashmi bua’s daughter Gayu’s engagement is going to happen with your Big B Rahulji .)

Karthik gets happy knowing this but sad reminds their childhood moments & tears falls from his eyes .

Naira (to divert his mind): And listen Maithili dii is already came back.

Karthik get more happy heard about Maithili but he didn’t know anything.

Karthik : wapas aa gayi matlab kaha the woh ab tak .(what do u mean by came back ,where was she ?)

Naira : California…Aap sabko bhi aana hain Gayu dii ne special mujhe kaha hain aapko invite kar ne ke liye .

After sometime Naira leaves for Udaipur ,Karthik and Aman leaves for college and school respectively . Zarina maa busy in her tailoring and Tiffin service .

Udaipur, Rajasthan

Rahul picked up Gayu & now they are at Jeweler’s showroom .

Sales boy : Welcome sir and mam !! how can I help u ?

Another boy comes and gives them water bottles and some snacks .

(I know this becoz in big showroom’s these types of facilities are available as my father have showroom )

Rahul : Thank you , show us beautiful rings for engagement for both gents and ladies.

Sales boy : sure sir, after sometime he shows them ring boxes and trays .

Rahul : Gaytri ,pls select rings for both becoz my choice is very bad and tell her his finger’s No.

Gayu : oky and get busy in seeing rings and checks finger No. on lables.

After sometime she selects two simple but beautiful and unique gold rings .They paid bill and leaves.

They arrives at garden and sits on lawn & talks about their life ,their likes dislikes and all .They are trying to know each other .

Gayu : Rahul, I bring something for u …can I give u ?

Rahul : yup , why are u asking ? , I also bring something .

Gayu : thanks and takes small box from her purse .Its a silver chain and in that round shape silver ring as pendent on ring “Rayu” is written. She gives him .

Rahul : ohh wow such a sweet gift on first meeting.Thank u so much and gives her gift .which is also same.

They both smiles seeing their same gift . they helps each other wear it .they leaves as evening is going to happen in sometime.

Rahul : can u give me some more time , I want to take u for coffee.

Gayu : Oky

They leaves in car for coffee shop.

At coffee shop

They sit on corner table, waiter comes.

Waiter : welcome sir , nice to see u after a long time , 3 months complete sir when u came last time and where is your chotu and dii?.order pls

Rahul : yup thanks Raj , two cold coffee with extra chocolates and meet my fiancée Gyatri pointing towards Gayu.

Raj : Namste mam ,nice to meet u !!

Gayu : Namste Raj , me too … I will come if I need help regarding your Rahul sir.

Raj : Yaa sure and leaves.

Sometime later order comes.

Rahul : Gayu, coffee kaisi lagi ?

Gayu : Osam

Rahul : U know , me, Maithili dii and karthik always used to come here with suwarna maa in childhood and get sad which is notice by Gayu.(Gayu didn’t know anything about karthik)

Gayu : lets go now and they leaves.

In Car

Gayu: What happened when r u talking about childhood ? & who is Karthik ?

Rahul : Karthik is our chotu , my younger brother and told everything and cries.

Gayu(cries): hmm, don’t cry pls and wipes his tears as he is driving car and console him.

Rahul : u know he used to talk about my marriage , he is only one who seen dreams about my marriage .

Gayu :smiles and make him free to share anything with her.

Rahul drops Gayu at home and he leaves . Naira also arrives at home.

Precap: Rayu’s engagement but Gayu gone missing !!

Where is Gayu ?
Is everything alright with her ?

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