Endless Love Everlasting Family By Fenu (Chapter-08)


Hello i came with next part hope u like it.

Karthik : Naira today I will tell u about my life and I hope that u will trust me .

Naira : I trust u so now go ahead.

Karthik : Avantika maa was my mother who bring me in this world and goes in flashback

Flashback Start :

I was 8 years old when my mom and her friend Suwarna Aunty met with an car accident and admitted to hospital all family members and Singhanias were at hospital.Suwarna Aunty had little injury on head and hand but my mom was critical .

Manish to Doctor : How is my wife now ?

Doctor : see Mr.Goenka she lost much blood and her condition is critical but we are trying hard to save her .

Dadi : Kuch bhi karo jahan se doctors bulane ho wahan se bulao .

After some hours

Suwarna comes : Manishji, how is avantika now ?

Manish : Under observation still , but u should take rest .

Karthik : he hugs her and ask maa thik ho jayengi na ?

Suwarna : Ha Karthik , your mom is strong she will fine soon .

Doctor came and says mrs. Goenka ko hosh aa gaya hain she wants to talk with u all but her condition is still weak .

All are get glad to hear that .

In Avantika’s room

Karthik : Maa and hugs her and cries

Avantika : Karthik beta stop crying and wipes his tears .

Manish : first u take rest and get absolutely fine,baad mein baat karenge jo baat karni hain.

Avantika : No ,I have no time , karthik beta suwarna aunty aapki nayi maa banegi, woh tumhe bahut pyar karengi….

They all get shocked hearing this.

Suwarna : R u mad ? u have to get fine for karthik ok

Manish ; yes suwarna is right, tumne kaise soch liya ki mein dusri shadi karunga .

Dadi : ha beta tum thik ho jaogi aaise behki behki baatein mat karo .

Avantika : No mera waqt aa gaya hain and I want to make sure that our son get love and care of mother and father whole life .promise me suwarna and manishji u both will do marriage and karthik beta aunty ko bahut pyar karna jaise muje karte ho.

Suwarna : Kya bole jaa rahi ho tumhe kuch nahi hoga .

Avantika’s breaths get unstable ,they shout for doctors

Avantika (in cracky voice ) : promise me !! promise me !

Dadi : hmm hum aapki wish puri karenge .but aap ab chup raho doctor aate hi honge .

Avantika smiles and close her eyes ,doctor came and check her and declared that she is no more .

They all badly cries .

After 2 months :

As per Avantika’s wish manish and suwarna get married only for karthik sake.They all lives happily and karthik is also happy with suwarna maa but misses her maa .

After 1 year

All is going well in both family but one day…

Manish ,dadi,akhilesh ,surekha sits in hall and suwarna and kids are plying in kids room.

Suwarna : I will bring some snacks and juice .

Karthik : maa mein bhi aata hun and they both goes

They are on staircase suddenly suwarna’s sari get stuck under karthik’s feets and she losses balance and falls down …kathik screams loudly .Hearing that manish and all came and shocked seeing suwarna in full of blood .

Manish : Akhilesh calls docter and bring car .

Akhilesh does and goes to get car , manish see karthik on upstair .

At Hospital

Doctors treats suwarna .

Karthik : he hugged dadi and says I didn’t do anything and cries

Dadi : ha beta and console him

Manish (Angrily ) : stop your drama, u pushed her from up stair mana kiya hain itni mashti mat karo.about to slap but stop seeing doctor…

Doctor : Mr.Goenka suwarna goes in coma and leaves.

Manish and all shocked.

Manish ( Angrily ) : Shout at karthik and says get lost from here and my house.

Dadi : She slap manish hard and says he will not going anywhere its just a small accident .

Karthik get scared

Manish : he didn’t want to listen anything in his anger and repeat .

Dadi : she leaves with karthik at home she makes him sleep and goes downstair.

At night when dadi and other slept then karthik left home .

Flashback End :

Naira : she cries and says too much happened with u !

Karthik :nods and cries .

Naira : Don’t cry pls and hugged him .

He hugged her back but he needs love and care . Zarina maa sign naira and leaves with karthik in his room and console him .

Naira : Muje aaj mera dost karthik mil gaya but uncle ne humse jooth bola that he is at abroad . Aaj pata chala yeh wahi karthik hain jo mera dost hain.

At night they had dinner and sleeps.
Precap : Gayu and rahul at jewelers showroom .


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