Endless Love Everlasting Family By Fenu ( Chapter-07)


Hello Friends !! hope u all are fine .Sorry for late update becoz I m busy in my brother’s marriage .Thanks for your support till now .hope I can stand up to yours expectations.i will not drag my last precap so I will post 2 chapter today itself .
On wall Naira had written about their first meeting in Rishikesh . They reminds that day .

Flashback Start :

[ Naira and Naksh had same past which was in real show , Karthik came Rishikesh for his mom’s barsi pooja with Zarina maa and Aman ,Naira came here because asharam needs some help and she wants to meets them ]

3 years before

At Railway Station ( Rishikesh )

Karthik and Naira came in the same train for rishikesh .they get down from train and manage their luggage while this they heard someone shouted at old aged coolie because old can’t handle bags and falls down .

Rich Boy : Abey Buddhe nahi kar sakta toh ghar pe baith jana , iss mein mera precious glass showpiece hain .

Coolie : Forgive me sir ab nahi hoga and try to manage bags but all bags falls down again .

Rich Boy : He slapped coolie tightly and suddenly someone slap him tight across his face and someone helped coolie to get up .

Rich Boy : How dare u to slap me blo*dy girl ? and one more slap on his face by boy .

Girl : You seems to be young ,u can manage your bags by yourself right ?

Boy : Yes who the hell give u right to slap someone !!

Girl and Boy ( Unison) to coolie : Uncle pls come and slap this idiot .

Coolie : No he is young and like my son and do mistakes .

Boy : see he is regards u as his son but u rich ppls can’t have manners .

Rich Boy : Shut up !! mind your own business and angrily looks at coolie .

Girl : She slap him again and ask him to say sorry to uncle .

Rich Boy :No way .

Boy : he holds his collar and says we are asked u to say sorry to uncle .

Rich Boy : He pushed boy and says how dare u to hold my collar .

Boy : he slap him again and says now u have to touch uncle legs and ask forgiveness ok…nahi toh hum sab milke tumhe kahi ka nahi chhodenge .

Some ppls also came around them and agree with boy and girl’s point .

Rich Boy : scared seeing so many ppls and said sorry to coolie .

Girl : Better now touch his feets.

Rich Boy : he touched coolie’s feets .

Girl : much better now get lost from here

Rich Boy goes angrily after lifting bags ownself .

Girl & Boy : Are u oky na Uncle ?

Coolie : Ha ….thanks and says stay happy and leaves .

Girl : Hii I am Naira , thank u for support me and uncle .

Boy : Hii I am Karthik ,thanks to u too for support uncle .U R like Sherni.

Naira : smiles hearing sherni and reminds something after listening name and word sherni .how Karthik Goenka calls me only Sherni but don’t know where is he ? Uncle said that he is at abroad but why he is not coming for holidays also in so many years passed .

Kathik : Oky bye maa wait kar rahi hongi.

Naira : Bye and they leaves towards their directions .

Flashback End :

They smiles .Naira takes him another side of wall where written about Rain –Dance-Friendship.They goes in Flashback

Flashback Start :

After somedays of Railway station meeting

At River Ganga’s Bank

Karthik : he throws stones one by one in river and says Maa today u r not with me but your absence filled by Suwarna maa she loves me a lot but phir mein unse bhi door ho gaya today I have Zarina maa ,she loves me more than her own son Aman ,Aman also loves me a lot he calls me Bhaijaan very sweetly ,I also loves them a lot and tears makes it way from his eyes .

Naira with Ashram’s childs also came there for fun and they are eating ice creams . sudden it started raining . ( Song : Koi Ladki Hian….Film : Dil Toh Pagal Hai )
Naira and Karthik strat dancing cutely and enjoy rain with children. While dancing..

Naira : What a dance karthik ? Is it your hobby ?

Karthik : Thanks and says no , whenever I’m sad I like to do dance.btw u look like trained dancer ?

Naira : Ohh , yes I’m trained dancer & has dance academy at Udaipur . why u r sad ?

Karthik : Nothing , ohh great u r from Udaipur ?

Niara : yes, U ?

Karthik : Udaipur but now lives at Jaipur .

They stop dancing .

Naira : I like your dance…can u be my friend ?

Karthik : Oky and shakes hands with naira .

They are now friends and enjoy a cool moments at river bank with children .

Flashback End :

Naira : she holds her ears and start sit ups and says sorry mendhak pls forgive me na …see I m not mendhak like u that do sit ups and I m not get tired u can jump many times but I get tired my legs are paining and do drama .

Karthik ( smile on face ) : he hold her by her shoulders and says stop your drama I forgive u , I love u .

Naira : Thanks ,I love u too and kiss on his cheeks .

Karthik ( Naughtily) : Ohh bahut pyar aa raha hain chalo door close kar lo .

Naira : ha ha chalo and goes towards door for closed..

Karthik : came there and holds her hand they came in hall .

Zarina maa : maaf kar diya aapne now talk with her about your past ok .

Niara shocked and looks at karthik .

Karthik : haa maa and looks at naira .
To be continue……

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