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Endless Love Everlasting Family By Fenu ( Chapter-04)


Hello Friends , hope u all are fine ?!!
Sorry for the mistake which was I did in previous chapter in Rahul’s Flashback Part.
Rahul’s Correct Flashback part :

Flashback Start :
“On the same day where gayu show him on sidhhivinayak temple after that rahul hires cab for airport and leaves from temple before gayu and rinks left .
In the middle of the road his cab stopped because of tier punctured and he comes out of cab . gayu’s cab comes there and he waved hand for lift but driver didn’t stop but gayu notices him and identify him and asked driver to stopped cab and came out from cab and goes towards him .
Gayu : Hello…come with me we will drop u .
Boy : Hello. But why u give me lift . btw your name pls ?
Gayu : Gayatri , because I show u at temple when u helped those boys .
Boy : oky good. I’m Rahul. Airport tak le jao mujhe .
Gayu : oky Rahul ,I also ,come .
Rahul nods and they sit in cab and talk formally .they reached airport .”
Flashback End :

California Airport
Airport Officer : Ms.Maithili ,U have to remove some stuff from bags because of over weight .
Maithili : No sir , how can I ?, I want take all stuff to india .pls do something.
AO: No mam , pls come aside .
Boy : hey beautiful girl ,may I help u ? , I’m also going to India and u can out some of your stuff in my bags !

Maithili : Ohh Nik , u are here ?
Naksh : yes Maithili , I’m here for my Krishna’s work .Now talk wid me in flight ,first give your stuff .
Maithili :yaa Nik ,she gives him stuff .
They sit in flight.
Maithili: Nik ,me chachu ko call kar deti hun .
Naksh : yaa sure
Maithili ( calls akhilesh ):hello chachu ,I’m coming .
Akhilesh : ya Maithili I will come in some hours .
Maithili : Ok chachu bye.
Akhilesh : yaa,take care.
After some time flight take off .
After some hours flight land off at Udaipur Airport.
Naksh : Maithili ,pls jaldi se take your stuff ,mujhe jldi ghar jana hain.
Maithili : yaa Nik ,and takes stuff from naksh’s bags.
Naksh: ok Maithili bye,sorry me tumhe akela chod ke jaa raha hun.
Maithili : It’s ok Nik , u go chachu is coming….Bye
Naksh : ok bye .he leaves.
( Maithili and Naksh know each other from childhood , Singhania and Goenka are very good friends )
Akhilesh comes to airport and find Maithili and goes towards her.
Akhilesh :hey Maithili ,how r u ?
Maithili : hello chachu,I’m fine . Chalo jldi rahul bhai se milna hai.
Akhilesh : yaa ,lets go.
They leaves and reached home after sometime .Maithili runs in house.
Maithili : hello moms ,how are u both ?

S&S : we are good , u say ?
Maithili : I’m good ,where is my bro ?
S&S : In his room .
Maithili : Oky, and rushes to his room .
In Rahul’s room
Rahul is peacefully sleeping on bed .
Maithili (comes to his room ) : ohh toh mere bahi so rahe hai , lets have a fun , she takes jug which have water and splash on Rahul.
Rahul ( Angrily ): kaun hain ?
Maithili : Me hun….kya karoge aap ?
Rahul ( Calm down as soon as he shows Maithili and cry ) : mai..mai…maithili and hug her .
Maithili (Also crying ) : Bhaiya , sorry pls don’t cry .
Rahul : yes and wipes her tears and his also and asks how are u ? Aaj 3 saal ho gaye tumhe dekhe .
Maithili :I’m fine bro. sorry bhai after divorce I want to be stay alone so mein California chali gayi .
Rahul : oky . now u came na toh ab khushi hi khushi aayengi ghar mein . Tum jav thoda rest karo .
Maithili : oky bhaiya and she leaves.
At night
Goenks Villa :
Rahul and Maithili meets Manish and they had dinner and share some cute moments .
Singhania Sadan :
Naksh and Gayu meets each other and they all had dinner and share cute moments .

Precap : kaira’s Entry .

Thanks Friends For Supporting and Sorry for not write FF according to previous Precap.Actually first time likh raha hun toh ye sab mistakes ho rahi hain.hope u all can understand my sistuation and further my office works se picha nahi chhut raha .

sorry guys ,mene ek din ko 4 chapter tak drag kia .

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  1. Vrushy

    Its ohkay fenil. All of us understand your situation so theres no need to apologise.
    This chapter is nice.
    but eagerly waiting for kaira’s entry so if possible post the next chapter today itself !!

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Vrushy
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  2. Vinni05

    Cute one

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    1. Fenil

      Thanks hales
      next will be soon
      mere pass khud ka laptop ya pc nahi hain toh friend ka ya office mein hi likhta hun toh wait karna padega.

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    Anyways…amazing one over all

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