when they ended up in a wrong yet right way ShivIka SS (Part 2)

hey guys this is the second part of my TS…though i thought to make three parts of it..bt seriously..i m short of time…n this is also to complete tht things i left…thugh i origanally thought to make this longer bt i m stuck….n now i will update ony after 6 november bcuz this is the day my major test would be completed…n i m quite scared of tht as i have to crack this exam anyhow…just give me ur blessing n wish me luck..
n thanku

now without wasting much of time let me proceed……n i feel so bad ishqbaaz ne mera idea chura liya , i had thought tht shivaay n annika should meet for atleast 5 mins tht day..bt they showed it b4… 🙁 poor me
it had been 10 days since inspector had gone..n now it was the time for someone else to arrive……

it was morning time,around 8 am ..n oberoi mansion was busy in their daily morning routine…..om writing two pages of shayari,rudy drinking 2 glasses of protien shake,elder people on the dining table,annika–the new bahu serving them,saumya studying in her room..n shivaay honking someone on phone for delay……

shivaay(on phone): i wont leave u if the work isint completed in an hr..!
someone from background…
acp: u genunely dont leave anyone if he or she does something…right mr.sso (sso- shivaay sing oberoi n SSO-is sso)
annika was passing by……n she hears him..n shivaay turn around…annika goes too acp…n starts speaking

annika:keh aap bilkul sahi rahe hai..he is like this only…itni tadhiya maarte hai i tell u..bt jab krne ki baat aati hai bhappp ho jaati hai inki..vaise toh bade tunnam khan bane phirte hai par jab inko kuch krne ko bolo toh bass char baate sunaa ke furr chale jaate hai…n if he gets angry then toh he is like i ll kill u..bt then also he does nothing bt moves his mouth phurrr like scissors.. vaise toh naa chhodhne ki baat krte hai aur vaise toh chhod kr bhi nahi jaate kyunki inki zubaan kisi ko chhodti nhi,bt he dosent have guts to do anything else..

shivaay was angrily staring at annika n asking her to keep her gob shut..bt annika toh annika hai bhai..kisi ki baat sunti hai n acp was listening nodding his head n writing something on notepad…
now finally annika asked…

annika:vaise mai itna sab kuch toh bol rahi hoo par yeh toh poocha hi nhi ki aap hai kaun?n mujhe tukur-tukur dekh kr notepad par likh kya rahe hai?
acp: i m acp.randhawan,here for gayatri’s case (annika goes like oh shit n shivaay too gets serious..listening to this everyone comes) …n u might be the girl who saved mr.sso umm yess miss annika oberoi right?
annika:no ! mrs.annika shivaay singh oberoi…nice to meet u!
(acp gives a tedha smile n shivaay has asudden proud feeling like he owns the most precious thing int his world so he smiles a bit)
acp:pleasur meeting u as well….so miss annika i mean mrs.annika shivaay singh obeori..last time ur one statement helped mr.shivaay..bt tody i m here for a bit of interrogation from ur side..
shivaay(angrily): what interrogation? see if u have to interrogate i m here…wht is the need of annika to get involved..
acp:ofcourse there is…she gave a statement abt u two being alone for a night..u didnt say anything..so i m here for a proof…..
annika:wait a min..
(annika shows the video recorded by sahil of their tashanbaazi..it has date n time both)
shivaay n annika remencise how he came after looking for gayatri n took his phone from annika…
acp:what happened b/w both of u the night? annika:aapko badha interest aa raha hai?
acp: when a girls pulls her image down for a man,calls him at home at night n they stay together till morning…why n what question has to arrive
shivaaay:just shut up, mr.randhawan! firstly u came into the house at this hr of the day,then u r continously hurting a female with this sort of question unnecesarily pointing out fingers on her n then u r interfering..interferin in our personal life.. (he said holding her hand)
(acp looks at it ) acp:first of all thts my work mr.sso..n secondly it wasnt ur personal life until u two got married..n u were a gair mard for the lady..so this q. has to arrive..or oh maybe,u did something with her thtswhy u dont wish to…?
annika:enough! u want answers so take them 1. he came cuz our phone got exchanged 2.i asked him to come 3.then we confronted each other,fought,then he apologized n thts it n then we spent a night together…
acp:oh so u spent the night together in the kamra after so much..how did this sort of passion aquire ur souls? were u drunk?
shivaay:firstly it was not a room bt a total house…..secondly wht ur n rest all dirty people’s mind say it…
annika: billuji chhodiye naa..bata dijiye sab ko..now we r already married who will point out..let me tell u…he apologised n i threw water on him n he ran to throw water on me…then we were running around the house…when i slided n landed upon the sofa n he too landed upon the sofa(shivaay thinking yeh bol kya rahi hai)…then we had an eyelock..n then he tried to move up but my bracelet got tied with his watch n he again fell on me…n then our prximity level increased so he who was already holding me by my waist caressed my face n we kissed as when he fell accidently…..n yess we gave a french kiss n thenn ..she blushed(shivaay getting all red thinking is she mad n all family members keeping hands on their mouth n trying nt to listen) ..french kiss toh jaante hi hoge naa aap..nhi jaante toh kr ke dikhaaya..live of tht day?(going near to shivaay n shivaay coming near to her–shivaay understood tht she was trying to make acp embarassed) or now is it fine for u (she said angrily)
acp:no madam thts enough..bt there r a few mre questions to ask..tommorow police station at 11 am u n sso..till then i ll go…i think it isint the right place to ask q…
n he wears his goggles n turns n tries to leave…..

annika from behind: umm champak lal….
he turns around n gives a weird look… annika:shivaaykya naam bataya inhone apna?
acp: randhawan…harshvardhan randhawan….
annika: ab naam badhe aur darshan chhote hi krke jaane hai toh ..ek baat meri bhi maanlo..next time please get these three things along…
acp gets confused…. she shows 1 through fingers n points at brain,she shows 2 n points at mouth n dil together..which meant tht he should be polite, she shows third n says proofs, she shows 4 n says more information..abhi toh mera naam bhi nahi pata tha n she shows 5th n says tameez…agar ek lavz badtameezi se kaha toh yeh toh bass trailer hai mr…
n she goes to him….catches goggles given by rudy….wears them n moves out…(acctually annika was leaving)….bt turns back n says to acp: bahar garmi bahut hai aur tapp toh aap pehle hi chuke honge..aap kaho toh lift dedu? meanwhile shivaay comes n keeps one hand on her waist..n she moves around again in full swag doing sso signature step n sso does the same(feeling extremely proud of her beewi)..n she leaves…
leaving everyone ‘ 😮 ‘
the case was solved in a around 20 days more n the actual murderer of gayatri was gayatri herself…she did tht so tht shivaay gets caught n is sent to jail..cuz she wanted justice to his husbands death…………..
__________________________________6 months passed in full tadhibaazi,tashan n being a wall for each other in shivika’s life..they grew closer….(i had thought to show more of thing bt.. sadly i cant)
after the duration of 6 months the contract marriage has to be finished….
it was time for annika to go..no1 wanted her to go bt she was inclined towards going until SSO blurts out the truth…the truth of them with his mouth in front of her…….
bt shivaay didnt n she went….shivaay was sad after she lef..n omru convinced him to atleast now understand his feelings…
after 3 days…..
shivaay came to annika…n annika threw water on him…n he rn behind her…they fell on the sofa…. n they got up… :p
annika:kahiye kyu aaye hai shivaay singh oberoi?
shivaay:apni shaadi ka card dene?
annika:oho! toh iss baar mujhe aapn billu ki shaadi hogi,billu ka sehra sajega,billu ghodi chadhega bolne ka mauka nhi denge?
shivaay:no iss baar u wont get tht chance bt i wud…pannika ki shaadi hogi,pannika dulhan banegi,pannika maaeke jaayegi,panni billu ki hogi,pannika gabru banegi,pannika pannika pannika!
annika:isse bettr tareeka nhi mila!(giving tedhi eyes)
annika:propose krne kaa!
shivaay: chalo…i..i ..i..
annika:ab i pe hi cassette atkaae rakhoge ya kuch aage bhi bakkoge?
shivaay:what king of launguage is tht annika?
annika:lo topic krdiya naa chnge..aap jaaeye billuji..apse naa ho payega…..
shivaay: sso kuch bhi kr skta hai..
annika:ahaan! shuru ho gya aapka..sso yeh kr skta hai vo kr skta hai…asliyat yeh hai sso kuch nhi kr skta..ek i luv u bola nhi jaa raha sorry bola toh vo bhi paani giraane ke baad…aree haa..paani! (she chuckled)
shivaay:noo annika!
annik:yes shivaay!
shivaay:noo annika!
annika:yes shivaay!
shivaay:no not at all annika
annika: no not at all shivaay
shivaay:no i mean yes annika
annika: caught you..!

n as she throws one more glass of water on his face he says i luv u…n drags her closer……..they both look into each other eyes…shivaay comes more near her…annika closes her eyes…n water falls on her……

shivaay:yess! finally 1 on 2…..
annika is all angry on him…n says i wont leave u…
n they run n run n run..till shivaay finally takes her in car n drives offf to oberoi mansion

__________ik it was a bit boring n it had nothing muchc bt then still i hope u like it!
n ty everyone for ur lovely omments…sorry for ending it abruptly…getting scolded so bye…lots of luv for u alll

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    Hey it was Gud… Shivika scenes r awesome n the way Anika talk to act was mind-blowing…. Waiting for next episode

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