When we ended up together in a wrong yet right way—ShivIka TS

i was just thinking abt the new spoiler n the fact tht gul mam answered someone tht marriage is gonna happen..n reading the spoilers i dont feel tht anika saving shivaay by saying abt the one night stand dosent suit her personality…moreover if shivaay is with annika whole night it dosent mean thiings always have to be tht way round n so i want this not to lead to marriage…i mean things can be nrml too bt if gul is really going to show us a marriage…then this is wht comes in my mind…n here is a two shots story regarding it…..
shivaay and anika were sitting on the mandap marrying each other..n looking into each other’s deep eyes…

shivaay flashback * …him knowing tht anika didnt help dev…n then…
an: yes inspector he was with me..i mean at my home all night..(everyone shocked,specially shivaay)
ins:r u sure..?
an:ofcourse …else why would his phone be with me ..i mean it is definate tht he has to be at my place when the phone is tracked there…billuji dosent go anywhere without phone..
ins: ohk..for now,we r not taking u under arrest mr.shivaays ingh oberoi..bt etting u go now dosent mean tht u r free…cuz the footprints were yours..so u cant even deny being there..
we will approach u once we find out more things..till then u r free in ur mansion….
tej:thnku inspector….

all the time shivaay was staring at anika..n looking at her hurt ful eyes..n annika was looking at shivaay….om was confused
ru:oho! bhaiya aap toh badhe chhuparustam nikle..ladhai ke baad bhi anika di ke yaha?
sh:shut up rudra!
pinky:vaise tu annika ke saath kar kya raha tha…kuch aisa vaisa toh nahi kiya..dekh teri shaadi hone waali hai shivaay…
sh ignored….n anika got a bit hurt……
an:ab mai chalti hoo..bahut late ho gya hai sahil bhi mera ghr pr intezaar kar raha hoga..
daadi: rukja annika puttar terko koi chhod kr aata hai…billu.! jaa chhod kr aa..
an:nahi daadi i ll go
daadi:no!shivaay will drop afterall u again saved us today

all this time shivaay kept staring anika n rudra had to hand over him car keys..n they both went…
the journey was silent..bt shivaay wanted the answer..feeling uneasy he broke the silence..
sh:vo prinku ka mujhe pata chala tumhaari..
an:agr ab bhi aap mujh pr chillana chahte hai toh mera mood nhi hai
sh:nno i wanted o say i was wrong in tht.i shouldnt have said all tht to u..i didnt mean it..
an:oh really u ‘didnt mean’ it? any of it?
sh: ohk some part but for u it is diff..*bits his lips*..diff bcuz u have helped us alot..n ur important..
an:oh please! atleast dont lie in front of me..
shi:then why did u lie in front of all?
an:my house has arrived i have to go..she opens the door bt shivaay holds her hand n says i want to know n i ll not let u go until u answer..he says tightening the grip..
ani:ohk fine! so u want to hear truth or lie..bcuz truth for u is hard to handle..
shi:truth..or whichever tastes bad ani:ohk fine..n she narrates the incident
shi:so annika there is no need to save me under any force u can take ur statement back n trust me till i m there badhe papa n papa wont do anything,i ll talk to them..nothing will happen(anika feels his concern,n she feels ggod)..u can change ur statement…
ani:no i wont bcuz i care…u didnt kill her..n i care for u *bits her lips*..ur family..

then there is an intense eye lock i.e. broken by bua..
bua: annika itni raat ko aayi hai vo bhi ladhke ke saath kuch toh sharm kr..what will everyone think of u ,of me n my reputation..i ll throw u out of this house if it happens…naukri maangne toh gyi nhi hogi..bas sadak chaap ladhko… sees shivaay’s angry face n continues… i mean its good….bt it is late u go…
_____________ shivaay’s fb ends

annika’s flashback:

tej n shakti enters her house…
annika in her mind:beta bhi aisa tha aur uske daddy bhi same to same..bina bataye ghar pahuch gye…
shakti:annika we r sorry for what shivaay said..i hope u r fine now….
annika confused…
tej:ohk chuck tht..lets come to point..annika u r going to telll the police tht shivaay was with u whole night since u have his phone n it is tracked at ur place….n i ll pay u any price for this… (anika gets angry)
shakti(trying to pacify); annika bets he means tht shivaay have been falsely alleged in gayatri murder case…n its only u who can save us now…though we are already burdened with the ehsaan of u saving our family several times bt beta..if u cn help us..once more it would be great..please save my shivaay
tej:what please u have to do this,…. (anika in her mind :mujhe toh lagta hai billuji tej uncle ke bete zyda hai)
annika: no uncle u dont have to pay me anything…u cannot buy things..n i m not ready to do this..
shakti:no annika please dont say this
tej: what please shakti…here is a simple deal u say what i told u r free bt if u dont then i ll make sure to make ur life the way we will lead if shivaay goes to jail…ik abt ur brother sahil..

this hurted annika n she grees forcibly..bt she never knew situations would turn this way round after she gave this statement…
her gali mauhalle waale news waale everyone showing one news:shivaay spent a night with his ex-wedding planner…is something going b/w them…n to add on tia gave the mms of party day…which played n severl nagging session started..same headlines everywhere…bua was also very bitter…annika was crying..bcuz she faced thousand of people commenting on her…omru came to her house..n then too annika was told the culprit that after the big brother the small brothers…n omru felt bad…n they told the situation to shivaay.two-three days passed annika didnt move out of house..now everyone was tensed…n suddenly sahil had a health issue so she had to move out of the house….bt she faced alot of people pointing on her…in the hospital when she was done with sahil checkup n she went out…she was gathered with a no. of people commenting on her personality n alot of reporter..she was quiet bt hurt…n this was shown live..so shivaay saw the news furiously,broke the tv as he saw anika getting almost teary ran to the hospital..

now shivaay came…n held her hand in front of everyone….this shut their mouth literally…n annika looked towards shivaay who signalled her dont…n she quickly understood tht he asked her to stay strong n dont get hurt n he is here to handle..
shivaay ansered to all:i pity on u al n the society..u have so spare time to insult a girl n put dirt on her personality unnecesarily….if u would have spent this time on urself u would have done wonders in ur life..
rep1: the society is like this..n we cant ignore tht she is feeling embarassed…..tht means there is something..
this made shivaay extremely furious…n he wasnt unable to ctrl..bt this time annika signalled him no..
so shivaay made the announcement tht changed the things : he told, “ohk! we had things,is that what u want o here then take it..bt also listen to this…tht i luv her tht is why i was there to apologise…n she luvs me..tht is why she is standing here saying nothing even after so many direspectful words of urs….she is quiet bcuz of me..else if she would have been the girl she is she would have hit u with her chamelis..she is strong,independent,n has self respect..n talking with u makes her esteem down so she didnt say a word…now happy?
(anika was literally shocked,wht was baggad billa saying)
when the public suddenly went down in total silence…
shivaay started to leave …he was still holding her hand n sahil’s…..while walking something hit his mind n he said “one more thing..i would be glad to announce this on a large scale tht i and annika r getting married day after”

anika jaw dropped… everyone in oberoi mansion listening to the news had same expression…

n shivaay made annika n sahil sit in the car…anika was all shocked not able to think a thing..so there was drop dead silence in the journey…until sahil said tob aap meri did se shaadi kroge baggad bille? n anika was back again n she shouted r u mad pointing towards shivaay..n shivaay said no i m not!bt enough is enough..n i couldnt see u like tht!
“watch out shivaay singh oberoi..u r doing something terribly wrong “anika said…n continued “u would have to pay for this!”…shivaay said” n i m every ready” he said with a wikid smile… n before she could say another thing..shivaay spoke” ghar aa gya….n tell ur bua tht u n sahil r leaving her..” she went n so did shivaay….

flasback ends
now they were taking vows… a common flashback…

tej:annika u n shivaay r having a contract marriage which ends as soon as the media gets low n shivaay gets clear from the murder case…then u can leave this alliance n live ur life spereately…n annika i have assigned 12 crore allumini for u as well…toh bolo manzoor shivaay-annika?

shivaay for a sec thought tht annika asked for money n contract marriage so furiously he said yes..(though he wanted this not to be a contract marriage )

bt anika she had other plans, she said “sorry uncle i cant specially if there is money envolved…if it is money i dont agree” shivaay was shocked yet satisfied in his herat listening to her words as his bechaini could settle…

tej:ohk then without this 25 crore u r ready to do a 6 months contract marriage…

annika: uncle i have never had a family..so its better to prtend we r married then..cuz i dont believe on contracts…i meani can understand billuji is forced to marry a girl with no surname,family n lineage n he wants to gett rid off this asap…n i dont even want to marry him (her words were hitting him bad) bt tht dosent mean i say i want a contract marriage…bt if it is all that billuji ..i mean shivaay singh oberoi wants i m reay to do this..she said grabbing the papers n pen( shivaay was saying no anika no no annika no please dont do tht)
bt alas! annika signed..n they had a marriage contract..(n i showed shivaay like this bcuz one thing is undeniable tht he has developed feelings for her internally n is obilivious)
e was g
everone specially rudra was happy tht his bhai wouldnt be paray dhan like he was going to be when he was going to marry lady baba…cuz ofcourse for him annika didi was family…so now he thought he got a companion…om was also happy.infact everyone was happy bcuz somewhere they all knew tht shivaay was marrying a good person..takkar ki ladhki…daadi was hoping tht now soon shivaay bcums isqbaaz..bt pinky didnt like it..nor did tej,shakti didnt concern… bt om still thought abt th factt told by annika to proof shivaay innocent… this looked like a proper shaadi….bt with short span of func…engagement happened within an hr…then mehendi happened in two hrs…then it was haldi whit to went off rapidly…..n now it was shaadi in a 5 tar hotel hall…where shivaay really came with a baraat after session of requesting n puppy faces by rudra since last 1.5 day tht he wanted to dance in his superman’s baraat..

n now they r in present (PS flash back ends)
they get married…though its a contract bt its not hate marriage….it is a tashan bhari shaadi…

the night after getting married…..
anika didnt say a word as she was tired..sahil went off to sleep with rudra…n since sahil was peacefully sleeping n getting married was a tough task she fell lithargically on the bed not caring abt anything,not caring abt the fact tht she was in shivaays room, n him giving her a disgusting look cuz she almost jumped on the bed.(moreover she did tht intentionally cus she like the disgust in biluji’s eyes n she would love to irritate him from today)..n she slept like she was dead as if a feeling tht said “mai hu hi nahi iss duniya ki”…. this made shivaay angry as she was taking his blanket n most of the space on bed so he too…snatched the blanket n used the same blanket n fit on the bed intentionally spreading his hands n legs as far as he could..so tht she faces prblm..n bcuz of the fact tht she didnt care so why should he…
n he slept..not realising the fact that due to their tadhi n tashan they were on the sme bed,in the sme blanket…n shivaay hands wrapped annika neck/shoulder while anika hand was on his chest….the night went…

the next morning they were sleeping in the same way they were sleeping behind the moon…shivaay wakes up the same way like in the moon sees her bt actually dosent n then flips over to take angdaai like he did every day…bt today was diff..he flipped over only to land above annika..n the sme moon scene..bass then he quicly moved out of the bed n went to take shower….annika continued to sleep..shivaay was back… shivaay to himself”abhi bhi so rahi hai…how lazy” n he started doing his work in the room…
pinky:”oye annika …if u ready then come down with shivaay we have to complete rituals” hearing no reply she shoute “kahi soi toh nhi padi tu”….
the next thing shivaay did was quickly put his laptop aside on get on the mission “wake up annika”
he asked annika 5 times to wake up,two time polite n rst three times sso style..so he jerked her… so annika in sleep said “sahil! tameez nhi hai terko itni zor se koi soyi hui bacchi ko hilaata hai kya” he laughs n jerks a bit more ..anika:” sone de naa sahil!please bass 5 min..vaise bhi uss baggad bille ne sapne mein aakr aur zindagi mein akkr dimaag kharaab kr rakha hai..n abhi toh mai bina sapne ke so rhi hoo..sone de!” now shivaay who got a little mesmerised sleeping her sleep suddenly went to sso style..he was happy when he heard he came in her dreams bt agian angry when he heard dimaag khaata hai so he jerked her badly this time….
annika getting out of sleepy mode b still closing her eyes furiously n badly shouted “tameez nhi hai terko sah…(then she sees shivaay) billuji?(she asked shockingly bt shaadi tape plays in her mind) she gets embarrased thinking what she said in sleep now..n gt lost..s o shivaay now frustrated tht even after his so much efforts she is not opening her eyes n is still sleepy throws water on her…
anika looses her control…n says “pehli baat toh billuji appne merko itna zor se jhatkayaa,dusraa aapne mujhe bataaya nhi ki aap sahil ho aur teesra toh aap ne hadd hi paar krdi…aapne merpe paani feka??” shivaay said:”haa meri pannika” annika:vo..vo.. matt boliyega firse shivaay:kya? annika:vohi jo bola..! shivaay:ohh panika..
annika:yes billuji shivaay:n u dont call me tht…! anika:bt billuji it is a cute name n i ll call u billu..idc u want to hear it or not cuz the truth is u r such a billu…n she throws water on him as well… shivaay souting:pannikaaa…… annika:billuji….!!

the whole mansion shaked….n daadi thought to herself ho gyi inki ishqbaazi shuru whereas omru n sahil thought “ho gye yeh dono shuru!vo bhi abhi se…” saumya added “ab toh yehi har roz hone waala hai” rudra:”mujhe koi bachao” omsau:”shut up rudra! sahil:”inka kuch nhi ho sakta tadhiya maarte hi rahenge…” om:”haa! yeh toh bass shuruwat hai..entertainment toh ab humaara roz hi hona hai” n they all laughed….

annika went to shower shivaay changed his shirt n they went down for the rituals…..———

as they walked down…everyone was happy to see them..cuz they looked like shivaji n parvati maata…… shivaay wearing blue checked tuxedo whlie anika wearing a blue suit which was give by daadi to her fortnight..as daadi knew ki annika ko kuch nahi pata…z actually if daadi wouldnt have gifted her suit she wou

n yupp annika thanked daadi bcuz if daadi wouldnt have given her the suit she would have some down wearing her yellow shirt n trouser with her chameli..n would have been the victim of taunts from many…..

now they played various games like the one in which they have to find the coin…n rudra continued pulling their leg….while they took even this compedition seriously n were fighting with each other like kids n showing tadhi.while others looked at them with an expression “inka kuch nhi ho sakta” ….shivaay won in this game n he chidhaofy her badly
n then the romance started when the opening the knots game same n they were holding each other hands n had an intense eye lock n completely forgot the game…..n were deep into each othr…..bt a few coughs n whistles brought them back to the game..n annika won it so she started chidhaofying shivaay…
they both were irritated with each other n were fighting….until rudra tried to come in b/w n got scolded n then seeing everyone’s face om took initiative n seperated the two yr old kids who were pulling of each other hairs..n acting..pheww i dont have words…everone laughed n were rather surprised at this gesture……….

____________________ days passed,they didnt even leave one chance to show tadhi…bt they slowly got close to each other by nagging eavh other,fighting,n doing something i would mention in the next part,cooking…they were becoming best friends n an imp. part in each others life only if they could realise b4 it is to late….

n this is a short trailer sort off for the next part..i hope u like this…all i want is it should happen in a similar way if marriage happens else gayi bhais paani mein

n ty everyone for ur motivation n praise..though i mm not a good writer n my ideas n my story is just OK…bt u guys be extremely sweet n supportive..increasing my confidence…i hope i will gt bettr day by day..until then thanku! n have a nice day!

regards kashika

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  1. It was just awesome I also wish ke ager. Marriage ka drama ho toh asahi Kuch Hona chahiye…..:-)

    1. I toh wish abhi barbaadi i mean shaadi hi naa hoo….

      N tysm girl…means alot

      1. Hey….you can call me nisbat or nishu….:-)

  2. Sat

    Hey kashi dear, very nice Yar. Your fictions are awesome just like you. And Yar they both were like kids, that was funny and shivaay supporting annika in hospital was awesome. Please update the next epi ASAP???

    1. Mai koi awesome nahi hoon i m total mad…abhi i read ur comment n i got confused reading hospital part..socha ki kahi kisi aur ff ka toh mix nhi krdiya????
      See such a fool i m…

      Bt tysm…waiting for the next part of ff…. Lots of luv

  3. Kashika first of all you’re tremendous writer the way you turned the storyline was awesome I wish this could happen in real IB too but you know I was smiling and laughing at the time thanks for this special treat I really loved it dear and a small request to u Dr I was slightly facing problem in reading as you used abbreviation I no abbreviations but only some so could u plz write …..
    And you’re awesome can we be friends dear???
    Plz do read n suggest

    1. Thanku so so much…..yr i commented on ur os as well…wonder where does my comment go…n i write…bt not as awesome as u do 🙂

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      N tysm ….i got ur first comment on any of my works…makes me feel delighted to get this from u

  4. wow kashi awesome yaar plz update next one plz

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    a wonderful piece of work…the anika wake up mission was icing on cake for me…
    this is awesome dear..loved it to the core…..

    1. Thanku cutie pie…
      n ur comment is cherry on the cake?

  6. Awesome plz continue with it
    Wow what a wedding description
    Just amazed…!!!!

    1. U know wht as difficult is wedding to perform as lengthy it is to write…bcuz tge length is short..bt i was really scared tht my marriage writing would work or not bt ur comment gives me peace so tysm?

  7. Priyanka_22

    Plz post next part today itself
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    1. Priyanka ji…aap toh naa ji bahut sweet ho…ty for always commenting on my ff…i will post the next part after school only now yr..bt i will …
      N tysm ??☺☺

  8. Super Duper se bhi Upar!!!!!! U nailed it yar!!!!! Spectacular work!!!!!!!

    1. N aapke comment ne bhi mera mood supar dupar se bhi upar krdiya yr…tysm ?☺ it means alot to get such good wrds from uh

  9. Tulasi

    Nyc one dear….their cute fights r always worth seeing n lovelyyy……

    1. Yup…n tysm…i have seen n commented?☺ ty tulasi for always encouraging by giving comments

  10. Raksha.manan

    Very good
    Shivika scene nic

    1. Tysm☺??means alot!

  11. This was sooo dam cute…I just hope this happens…Takkar wali ishqbaazi

    1. Not as cute as u r…n dont worry it will hapoen…
      Ty for ur precious comment?☺

  12. wow kashi awesome episode i am smiling while reading shivika cute fights

    1. I m hapoy tht i could bring smile on shivaay singh oberois face…..?? tysm for eveeytime….

  13. Woww..itwas really a nice one shivaay and anika were very cute and pls post the next one sooon..

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    Excellent and vvvvvvvvvvv great ?

  16. Amazing loved it

  17. Very nice kashi… pls post next part soon

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