In the end all I really want to hear is….I love you (part 3)

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Time was really moving with jet speed
It was 7th day n tomorrow it’s do or die case for her

She tried her level best to turn sanskar from a introvert to an extrovert but still she was fearing …… Fearing not to loose but if not tomorrow then she fear that he will again get back to his original self n people will use him as they wish

In these six days she tried all possible ways to change his attitude …. But still he is not free to talk to everyone …… There is still hesitation in him ……

Now they are standing in front of mall for there last step ….. Makeover

Sanskar – Swara I can’t come in look it is so much crowded

Swara – stop complaining like a five year kid ………

Saying this she held his left arm in her tight grip n literally dragged him inside men cloth shop

Sanskar – ary aram say I’m not running anywhere that you are holding me so tightly

Swara in low dangerous voice – once try running next second you will experience hospital bed

Sanskar made faces n was about to reply her back but till then she was already gone ….

Sanskar – ary yaar iske pair me paye lage hai kya ( has she got wheels in her leg )

He looked around in search of her when a bundle of cloths came flying from nowhere n hit his fore head

He removed the shirt angrily which was covering his face but his expression changes immediately seeing Swara standing in front glaring him

Sanskar in mind – beta now what you did …. This angry little wild cat will surely kill you one day from her dangerous big black eyes

His thoughts were disturbed by Swara
Swara – go and try them ( she said pointing to the pairs of cloths in his hands)

Sanskar eyes wide seeing them
Sanskar -itni sare (so many) ??

Swara glares – any problem

Sanskar gulps n nods in no with a tight smile ….
Swara was waiting for him outside trial room …..
After few min she heard door clicking sound
She curiously looks at door waiting for him to turn up
N here stands out hero looking dashing in faded blue jeans n white shirt
For a sec swara forgot to breath looking at him ……
Swara in mind – omg …. Babaji he is looking so so so handsome n cute too ….
She smiles on her thought
When someone poke her making her come out of her thoughts ….
She looks at sanskar who was looking at her nervously …..
Swara raised her eyebrow
Swara – what
Sanskar – am I going to wear these cloths
Swara confusingly – don’t you like them
Sanskar nervously – nothing like that but swara – but
Sanskar – look at this jeans it is torn from so many places ….. (he asked innocently)
Swara burst out laughing listening his complain
Swara – oh my god sanskar it’s not torn but it’s fashion yaar
Sanskar – hain . .. Aisa kaisa fashion hai
Swara – uff sanskar you believe me na . ..
Sanskar immediately – ye bhi koi poochne ki baat hai (is this the thing to even ask )
Swara – toh just follow what I’m saying
He nods his head like a obedient child
Swara – you look so cute ….
She pulls his cheeks
Sanskar unknowingly admires her
She selects more cloths for him n now both were standing in line for billing
It was there turn
Swara keeps the selected cloths on counter …..
Cashier packed there cloths properly n told them the amount
Both Swasan at a time forwards there hand ….. Swara has her credit card n sanskar forwards money
Cashier looks at them confused
Swara senses it n pushes sanskar hand
He tried to protest but stops seeing her sharp glare
Swara pay the bill n both came out from shop
But ….
She noticed sanskar’s sad face
Swara – off sanskar why are you sad now
But he kept quite
Swara – ary why are you not speaking
But still he kept quite n turned his face other side
Swara sighed n turned him forcefully towards her holding his hands
Swara – sanskar why are you sad on such a small thing
Sanskar – Swara but you buy them for me so I should have paid the bill
Swara – sanskar what’s the difference you pay I pay same thing
But he still not get convinced n Swara easily senses it so to Change his mood she thinks something
Swara – aur vaise bhi dont think I will leave you easily …. I will surely take a treat from you that too a big wala …..
She said extending her hands in air
He finally smiled
Swara – finally you smiled vaise ….. You look cute when you are angry …..
Saying this she pulls his cheeks …..
Sanskar runs his cheeks
Sanskar irritated – stop pulling my cheeks Swara it hurts yaar
Swara – oh sorry …. She says in fake sad voice but again pulls his cheeks n run from there laughing
Sanskar – Swara …. I’ll not leave you
He also runs behind her
Both were enjoying fully laughing cracking jokes teasing each other ….. But not to forget doing shopping also side by side
Say turned into night so both parts there ways with a huge smile on there lips ….
Next day
Morning around 9
Sanskar was standing near park under a tree …..
Seems like he is waiting for someone ….
Sanskar – ary yaar where is this Swara becoz of her I have to bear this hot Sun ….. ufff she will make me mad one day ….
His cursing session came to end when a black Mercedes stops just few inches away from him
He jumped a little from his place becoz of sudden halt ….
He was breathing heavily keeping his hands on his chest …..
His side car window slowly slowly starts to pull down reveling the person inside it ….. He looks on shock …..
Person huskily – baby come sit we are getting late …..
He comes out of shock hearing him
Sanskar – you …… Car ….. How ….. Why
(Till now you all might have guessed who is it) but still
Person – will you keep asking questions aur will sit also
Sanskar – but swara …..
His words left incomplete as Swara interrupts him
Swara – first sit then we will talk ….
Sanskar nods his head n sits on passenger seat …..
Swara starts the engine n drives off…..
But pur sanskar is still full of question …. He is continuously gazing her
Swara felt his gaze on her ….
Swara – what
Sanskar – whose car is this
Swara casually – mine why?
Sanskar – but how
Swara – what do you mean by how
Sanskar – you never told me that you are having such expensive car
Swara shrugged her shoulders – you never asked me
Sanskar – but I never saw it
Swara – becoz I don’t like to show off …..
Sanskar – one last ques…..
Before he can complete Swara suddenly applies break …..
He looks her confusingly
Swara – get down
Sanskar – what
Swara – can’t you hear get down
He looks at his surroundings n then back at swara
Sanskar – did I do some mistake or I asked wrong question …. Pls don’t be angry
Swara smiles – ary sanskar chill I’m not angry …..
Sanskar – then
Swara – first you come with me …..
Both gets down from car ….. Swara takes out one bag from back seat n turns to him Swara – chalo
She held his hand n took him few steps inside a small lane …..
Finally she stops
Sanskar gaze fall on the huge holding of men parlor
He looks at swara but she drags him inside
A man in hus mid 20s was standing there facing his back
Swara ran n hugged him from behind tightly
Swara shouting happily – hey unlucky boy
Sanskar feels a bit uncomfortable seeing them
Person breaks the hug n looks at her in fake anger
Person – shona stop calling me unlucky …aur vaise bhi hai itni beautiful ladki pass khadi hai toh how can someone be unlucky ( he winked at her )
Sanskar unknowingly stares him in anger …. He didn’t knew why but surely he is not liking this guy clutching to swara n above that flirting with her …..

Swara hits that person on his shoulder n takes him near sanskar
Swara – sanskar this is laksh my …. Laksh interrupts
Laksh – her bf
Sanskar really wanted to break his nose but control himself just for Swara
Swara – shut up lucky …. Sanskar don’t listen to him we are best friends
Laksh immediately adds – that too best wala …..
Sanskar looks at him with a tight smile on his face …..
Sanskar in mind – chipku kahika …. Look how he is hanging around my innocent Swara …. Once I get chance na I will surely rearrange his face very well ….
His trance was broken by Swara
Swara – ok sanskar he will do some changes in you so just listen to him n ha (she hands over him a bag ) wear these cloths …..
Sanskar nods his head n takes the bag from her
Swara – you go with him I’m waiting here
Sanlak left n Swara say down on couch …
She starts playing candy crush on her mobile ……
It’s been more than 30 min n now Swara starts to get bore …..
She was posing with her fingers n looking around ….. When a voice gains her attention


She looks there n found laksh standing there
She can scenes sanskar standing back of laksh but her view was not clear

Swara – lucky move aside

She tried seeing sanskar but in which ever direction her head moves laksh blocks her way

She gets irritated n moves towards them
She forcefully pushes him

N then gone
She was dumbstruck seeing sanskar
Her eyes free wider
Mouth hung down
Her breath stuck in her lungs …..
She was not able to belive her eyes ……

She blinked her eyes twice thrice but alas he was sanskar standing there in front of her looking smiling hot in black jeans faded white shirt … Sleeves folded till elbow …. Perfect skipes ….. Perfect shave …
Swara ???? – OMG is he sanskar only ….. Lucky pinch me

Laksh smirks seeing her n pinches realy hard on her hand

Swara screams in pain

Sanskar gets worried hearing her scream n looks at her skin which turned red from that area

Swara – ouch ! You idiot duffer unlucky donkey …. You pinched me so hard

Laksh innocently – you didn’t tell me how hard should I pinch

Swara – so you thought to take out my life n kill me

Hearing her sanlak get a straight ….. Both turned serious

Seeing there expression swara realised what she said n bites her tongue ….

Before they start there scolding session Swara interrupts

Swara holds her ears (sweetly)- sorry …..

Both melts seeing her n smiles

Laksh – but next time dare you say such thing

Swara – ok baba fine now we should leave getting late for college

Swasan were about to move but laksh stops them

He takes out shades n make sanskar wear it

Laksh – perfect

Swara looks at sanskar like omg expression

Swara naughtily – I think today all the girls of our college will loose there heart

Laksh – correct shona …. (he keeps his hand on sanskar shoulder ) dude I’m jealous of you …… How can you look better than me …. He pouts

Swara – better ….. He looks best …. (slowly)
N hot

Sanskar who heard her smiles …

Soon both bid byes to laksh n came out ….

Swara passed car keys to sanskar

Swara – you drive

Sanskar – but how can I no ….. It’s your car I can’t

Swara fake sad – sanskar you still not consider me your friend that’s why you are saying no go I will not talk to you
She turned her face other side

Sanskar sighs n sits in driving seat ….

He looks at swara who was on same position

Sanskar – are you not coming now

Swara looks at him n pouts
Swara – you are very bad …. You never listens to me at once

Sanskar joins his hands ? – ary meri mata I will listen to you in once

Swara – pinky promise

Sanskar – fine

Swara – no first say pinky promise

Sanskar – pinky promise …. Now come

Swara happily sits on passenger seat n both drives away

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