End less love story (teaser)

Hey there all,
I have submitting this one in watty and thought to submit in TU too..

Teaser 1


A huge hill

A deep valley

At the edge of the hill two guys are standing.

Both of their faces are reflecting anger, jealous, hatred.

Laksh and Sanskar.

Sanskar: let’s keep the end for this game today.

Laksh: what is the deal?

Sanskar forwards the gun to Laksh. He frowns his eyes.

Sanskar: there is only one bullet in this gun. Let’s fire to ourselves. Whoever survive, he gets Ragini..!

Laksh without thinking anything takes the gun into his hand. He points to his head temple.

Sanskar shocks.

Laksh: anything for Ragini..!

He says and about to press trigger, Sanskar shocks.

But, Laksh stops pressing the trigger. And laughs a loud.

Laksh: I won’t give up Ragini this easily. She is mine.

Sanskar: she is mine not yours..!

Laksh: then, you die. She will be mine..!

Laksh points gun to Sanskar. Sanskar grabs his collar. Both fight to take the gun from hand.

But…. bullet sound…!!!!

SanLak shock.

What might have happened..??

To know what happened… wait till the further episodes.

Teaser 2

“Ragini, I love you..!”

“I love you so much Ragini..!”

“Ragini, you are my life”

The words are echoing in her mind. The words which she loved to listen once are killing her now.

For her, he has become mad.

For her, he has done many things which he shouldn’t

For her, he has become enemy to his best friend.

But still, He loves her…

But she..??

The tale of three burning hearts which are surrounded by the loop called ‘love’


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    Awesome sis

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    Wowww it’s so intense..can’t wait to read this

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    Interesting keep going

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    superbbb prologue dear…i think it’s going to be Soooooooo interesting…eagerly waiting for ur update…tkcr dear…

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    Awesome astu..I love this wala infact I was thinking about asking u to post it here

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    prema deesham concept tho konjo different ga try chesthunavu ankuntanu.. anyway all the best..

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      no. it’s not that concept. i always try new ones. thanks for regards..

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      moreover.. u know very well di, i have many ideas, i need not follow any others..

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    Awesome and Interesting…..

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    Interesting concept. Loved it.??

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  10. Interesting and plz continue

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    Waiting for this, now i am happy. Update soon

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    Post the next part soon….

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