End less love story (part 9)

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Part 9

Ragini wakes next morning with the knock of the door. She opens her heavy eye lids. Her eyes are bulged and her face is pale still. Ragini slowly gets down from bed and opens the door.
It’s Laksh standing there. His eyes become very bright as he looks her. Ragini bends her eyes as soon as she looks at him.
Laksh: sorry to disturb you Ragini, but it’s already 9’ O clock…
Ragini looks at the time. She says in low voice,
“I’m sorry, I didn’t see the time. I will fresh up soon..”

Laksh: no no.. no need of it. you may take rest Ragini. I just came to wake you as your parents have come….
Ragini looks at other side Sumi is standing at back with Shekar.
“Maa.. baba..” Ragini says and goes and hugs them. Laksh smiles and leaves. Ragini wanted to shed into tears again, but all her tears were over by now.

Sumi: Ragini beta, today is your first day of marriage, so you have some rituals to do.. so, get ready..
Ragini: maa.. I don’t have interest plz…
Sumi rubs her head,
“Beta, this is your new life. If you say yes or no.. Laksh is your husband now..!!”
Ragini sighs.

Sumi: so, if your life has to be happier ahead, you need to do some rituals. So, get ready.
Ragini agrees unwillingly. Sumi makes her ready.

After one hour they both comes down. Laksh looks at his Ragini as she was descending the steps. May be she was tired due to sadness, but still she looks as diva..!

Sumi makes Ragini to sit opposite to Laksh. Ap and she places a big bowl of milk. And the pandit throws a ring in that.

Ap: now, who removes the ring first they won..!!

Ragini unwillingly places her hand in that bowl. Laksh was smiling looking at her. she was just searching casually, Laksh also searches still looking at her lovingly.
The ring happens to come into Ragini’s hand. But, she didn’t pick it up. Laksh happens to touch her hand as he was searching. Then, Ragini looks at him. Now, his smile becomes more wide. Laksh when touched her hand realizes that there is ring in her hand and she is not picking it up. Ragini drops her eyes understanding what Laksh got. Laksh’s smile vanishes and he picks the ring from her hand.

All cheers to Laksh. But, Ragini was looking at other way.
{the same serial incident, here vice versa. Now, Laksh is facing Ragini’s pain which she faced in serial}

The next ritual, Ap and Sumi places the cotton pieces on both Raglak. Now, they both have to remove them. First, Ragini’s turn. She keeps removing them unwillingly again. Then she happens to remove a piece near his ear, she moves front a little, their faces come very close. They both look at each other. Ragini looking into his eyes removes that piece, and her finger tips happen to touch his neck and Laksh closes his eyes in a smile. Soon Ragini moves back.

“Now, Laksh’s turn” says Sumi.

Ap: let it be sharmista ji, Ragini is feeling uneasy…
Sumi: no no. ritual shouldn’t be stopped in middle…!!

Now, Laksh moves forward. Ragini takes gulp. His expressions are normal. Laksh starts removing the cotton pieces holding the tips, without touching her. then he raises his hand to remove the one on her neck. Ragini looks at him shocked. He brings his hand closer… Ragini closes her eyes in grief. A tear falls on his hand. Laksh looks at that tear. He slowly removes the last one too without touching her. now, Ragini opens her eyes and looks at Laksh. Laksh was already looking at her. then he presents a smile saying her to be cool..

Sumi feels happy that rituals have completed.

Sumi: pandit ji said today night is ok for suhagraat..

Ragini shocks with those words.
“Maa..!! I did everything as you said, but not this..!! please..!!”
This time tears start flowing down as waterfalls from her eyes.

Laksh is about to say something, then they hear a voice…

“I know Ragini. You won’t accept this relation..!!”

All turns to door and shocks to see Sanskar.

Laksh face becomes anger looking at him and he tights his fists.
Sanskar’s face is swollen and he smiles looking at Ragini. She moves her head away. Sanskar keeps looking at her and comes forward,

“The marriage was happened on force. But, truth is you still love me. That’s why, you can’t accept this…” Sanskar says and comes infront of Ragini. Laksh comes and places his hand on his chest.

Laksh: don’t come till forward sanky, she is my wife..!

Sanskar removes Laksh hand.
San: Ragini, the time is still there. Come with me…

He holds her hand, Ragini shocks at once. Laksh gets anger and pushes Sanskar back.

Laksh: get out sanky..!!
San: I will. But, with Ragini…

He says and about to go near Ragini again.. Laksh comes in front of him. Sanskar pushes him down, Laksh falls.

“Laksh..” Ap shouts.

Sanskar goes to Ragini again,
“Ragini.. I will fall on your feet if you want. But, plz come back into my life..!! I love you so much..!!!”
Ragini doesn’t even look at him once. But, tears form in her eyes.

Laksh gets up and goes near him.
“Sanskar..” he keeps hand on his shoulder. Sanky looks at lucky.

San: just marrying her don’t make you have rights on her dude..!! she is mine till she loves me..!!

Lucky anger touches the peaks with his words. he hits him on his face.

Ragini shocks and keeps hands on her mouth.

“How dare you..!!” Sanskar says and hits him back. Laksh grabs his collar and he too.

Ap: laksh, Sanskar.. plz stop..!!

Sanskar hits Laksh, and next Laksh.. both goes out in the fight.

The rain starts. {Same as in serial}

{Guys, I wanted to see same SanLak fight for Ragini instead of Swara. Now, I’m writing this.. dedicated to all Ragini fans..!!}

Laksh and Sanskar glares at each other. They both are getting wet in rain. Ap, Sumi and Ragini are watching them.

San: don’t you have shame to snatch away my Ragini from me..?

Lak: not me, you don’t have shame to blame her..!!

Sanskar raises his hand, Laksh holds his hand. Sanky hits him in his stomach with other hand. Laksh gasps and then he holds his hand and twists it. laksh holds both hands of sanky and twists them, Sanskar hits him with his leg, Laksh falls down. Ragini and Ap shocks.
Laksh stands soon and fumes towards him and hits him on face making him bleed at mouth edge. Now Sanky holds his head to his head strongly.

Ragini gets tears.
“Please stop it..!!” she shouts. But, they both don’t listen. Sanlak keeps fighting. Ragini holds her head in tears.
They both start bleeding. At last, Ragini runs to them. Sanlak were holding each other’s collars. Ragini holds Laksh’s hand instead of Sanskar.

“leave him..!! I said leave him Laksh..!!” she pushes Laksh slightly. Laksh moves back looking at her confused.

Rag glares at Laksh:: what will you do..?? are you going to kill him now..??

Laksh face becomes sad as she was supporting sanky a little and sanky gives a smirk.

Ragini turns to Sanskar and joins her hands.
“Plz leave this place right now Mr. Sanskar..!!” she says. Now, Laksh smirks.

“Ragini..” when sanky about to come near her, Ragini moves back and holds Laksh’s hand.

Rag: he is my husband..!! do you understand..?? he is my HUSBAND..!!

Laksh looks at Ragini in amazingly smiled. Sanskar face becomes blank..

San: don’t say like that Ragini… you still love me..!! it’s truth. If not, why are you not accepting function tonight..?

All looks shocked at Sanskar. Ragini tights her lips in annoyance. She goes near Sumi.
“Maa, arrange my first night today. I’m ok with it..!!”

Now, Sanskar shocks like hell. Ragini goes inside silently without looking back.

Laksh looks on…

Sanskar keeps stepping back in upset and as lost something. He has broke completely now.

Precap: Raglak suhagraat…?? What sanky gonna do..??

Be ready to face the more twists and turns ahead. Get ready and wear your seat belts without falling off from seats.

An work of Astra
From Astra’s creation box.

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