End less love story (part 8)

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Part 8

“This marriage will surely happen..!” Shekar says and Sanskar, Sujatha feels happy. Whereas Laksh and Swara looks shocked.

“But..!” shekar says…. All keeps looking at him.

“Not with Sanskar…!!” now Sanskar shocks.

“My daughter’s marriage will happen on the same plank and the same time but not with Sanskar..!!”
Shekar says and Sanskar, his family looks shocked at him.

Shekar comes near Laksh,
“Laksh, will you marry my daughter..?”

Laksh shocks but he was happy. Sanskar looks at Laksh.

Sanskar: Laksh, I know you can’t accept this. I’m your friend..!!

But… Laksh looks at Ragini…

Ragini is looking at Laksh in shock,

Laksh: if Ragini is like OK, I’m ready uncle…

Now Sanskar shocks with Laksh’s statement. He comes near Laksh.

San: what is this lucky..? she is mine..!!

Lak: you don’t deserve her Sanky…

Sanskar holds Laksh’s collar.

San: Laksh, she is mine..! leave this place right now..!!

Laksh: why so worry sanky dude..? let’s wait for Ragini’s decision.

Both looks at Ragini. Ragini was bending her head. Shekar comes near Ragini.

Shekar: beta, I was always going according to your wishes. I have agreed this marriage only on your wish. Now, tell me. What should I do..? think about this father too.. who can’t raise his head in samaj.. when his daughter’s marriage has stopped..!

Ragini: papa, I have made a wrong choice by selecting Sanskar like man.

Sanskar shocks with her words.

Rag: now, I’m leaving choice to you. I will do as you say papa… but I will not marry Sanskar.

Shekar smiles and holds Ragini’s hand.
“Laksh, come here..!” Shekar calls. Laksh smiles and goes. Sanskar looks shocked.
The groom will be Laksh..!!!”
Shekar announces.

Everybody are hell shocked, whereas only Laksh feels happy.

Sanskar: you can’t do this to me uncle, I know I have done mistake. I will ask apolozy for 1000 times, but.. don’t separate Ragini from me… she still loves me..!!! Say it Ragini, you love me naa..!!

Ragini looks at Sanskar in hurt of tears. Sanskar becomes silent and shocked looking at her.

Shekar makes pandit to perform Raglak’s marriage. While they are taking promises, Sanskar looks at Ragini in heart broke.
In those holy chants and in that pious fire, Sanskar’s heart also burns. While in the same fire, Laksh’s dream is fulfilled. But, on other hand, even Ragini’s heart has broke. But, she never looked at Sanskar even once.

Ragini and Laksh are married now. a ghat bhandan is tied in between them. Sanskar looks at that knot with tears.

Sanskar turns his face away in lots of tears. He starts walking away in broken heart. His parents follow him. Sahil comes near Swara.

Sahil: there is no way your family or Sanskar accept you. What will you do..?
Swara: let’s go Sahil…

Sahil places hand on Swara and he takes her away.

Pandit makes Ragini and Laksh join their hands.

Shekar: don’t feel sad that your love has failed beta, he doesn’t deserve you. But, I’m sure Laksh will..!!

Laksh keeps looking at Ragini in a complete smile and heart full of satisfaction.

Daadi: we always liked only Laksh. We never liked Sanskar much..!!

Ragini closes her teary eyes and a tear falls on Laksh’s hand. Laksh smile vanishes and he still keeps looking at her.

Sanskar goes away from his family. He was walking alone on the road. He was remembering the way he blamed Ragini.
And he also remembers the marriage scene between Ragini and Laksh.

“His dreams are shattered..! only with the one word he said..!! he was not angry on Ragini.. but, it was his over possession which made to talk those words. the time would have come back, he would have trusted his Ragini. He would have not lost his mouth on her. why…?????”
Sanskar shouts and falls on knees.

The rain starts.
He just stands on knees and cries bitterly. His face turns very red.

Screen shifts to Ragini who was sitting in the car, Laksh was talking with her parents out.

Ragini keeps hand in her mouth to calm the sound coming from her sobs. Laksh just enters the car. She covers her face and still tears keep falling from her eyes. Laksh observes that wetness on her lehenga. She was cluthing her lehenga to control her cry.

Sanskar goes to a bar and drinks in frustration…

He places bottle on table and laughs bitterly as mad as he could,

Ragini and Laksh enters Laksh’s house. Ap shocks to see Laksh is married to Ragini. Shekar and Sumi who has come with them explains everything to Ap.
Ap silently accepts everything. She observes a satisfaction in Laksh’s face which she missed to see all these days.

Sanskar was laying in bar as lifeless piece. The bar people will throw him out. Ram who came in search of him, cries for his state and takes him to house.
He makes him sleep on bed.
“Ragini… I love you Ragini..!!” he keeps dreaming. Sujatha cries looking at him.

Ap takes Ragini to a room.

Ap: Ragini, you need not worry about this forced marriage. As a woman I can understand your feelings. You can stay in this separate room until you accept Laksh.

Ragini was bending her head. Her face was too pale. Her cheeks are covered with black kajal showing that she has cried a lot. Ap holds her chin and makes her look at her. Ragini’s eyes are rolling with tears still.

Ap: Ragini, whatever happened is happened..! but, I will surely tell you. Your life is not over with here, you are really lucky..! Laksh will make you happy always..!!

Ap leaves the room, Ragini sits on bed shattered.

She remembers Sanskar holding her hand, saying ‘love you’

Ragini tights her fists to control her tears. She has to admit the fact she is in her sasural, but it’s not Sanskar’s house.

Ragini bolts the door, and then she bursts her grief out in load moans of sadness. She sits at the door and cries as loud as she could.
Ap listens to her voice, but Ragini needs loneliness than and consolation now. so, she leaves from there with tears.

Ragini remembers how Sanskar has blamed her character. She closes her face in her palms and cries even more bitterly.

At last Laksh who comes there to talk to her listens to her sobs. She was taking breath heavily due to the sobbing. Laksh gets sad listening her situation. He can’t see Ragini’s this state. He is about to knock the door… Ap holds his hand and takes him from there.

Ap: at last, you have separated them..!!
She asks in anger.

Laksh: maa, believe me. I have not done anything. It was all Sanskar’s fault.
Laksh turns in other direction in upset,
“He said a lot on Ragini. He humiliated her maa..!! I wanted to kick him there itself..!! what can I do if he has done like that..? and Shekar uncle has choose me..! there is no fault of mine here..!”

Ap: but Ragini is still very sad..

Laksh: don’t worry maa, I will make her forget this pain with my pure love. She will get well soon. My love is too powerful..!

Here Laksh is talking in this way…

In a dark room,
A person was holding Raglak’s marriage picture. And he burns at Laksh side.
{this is common scene in many movies}

“Ragini, you are mine only..!! I have done only one mistake and you rejected me..? but, the truth is you still love me..!! and I love you still..!! that just marriage is not a big barrier between us..!! Eventually you will be mine one day..!! I swear..!!!!”
He says and holds the fire.
His eyes are dark red.
He is Sanskar.

Precap: war between SanLak.

/*the obsession mode has shifted..!! but, it’s not gone… till where this obsession leads..*/

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