End less love story (part 7)

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part 7:

Sanskar and Swara looks shocked into the river. Ragini and Laksh were both drowned in river. Sanskar runs at other side to find them.

Laksh successfully saves Ragini and brings her to shore carrying her in arms. She is unconscious. Laksh makes her lie on ground and he rubs her hand.
‘wake up Ragini.’ He says concerned.

Laksh closes his eyes and sets her choli on her chest properly which went aside. Then he opens eyes. Then he holds her hand and places her hand on her tummy and presses tummy with her hand. He doesn’t use his hand directly. Ragini splits water out.
“I’m sorry for touching you without your permission Ragini.” He says with tears. Ragini opens her eyes coughing.

She did listened to his words. Ragini keeps looking at Laksh. Laksh smiles. Just then Sanskar comes shouting there, ‘Ragini..’ they both looks at him.

Sanskar sits beside her and about to touch her cheek, Laksh holds his hand. Both glares at each other. Ragini looks confused.

Swara comes there running and makes Ragini stand. “let’s go home” she takes away Ragini. They both goes away.

SanLak looks at eo.

San: why were you here Laksh..?
Lak: and you..?

San: it’s my wish to see my wife..!

Lak: not wife, honewali wife. Btw, you aren’t seeing. I think, you were spying..!

“Laksh…!” shouts Sanskar and holds Laksh’s collar.
Laksh just looks at him normally. Sanskar leaves his collar. And sets it.

Sanskar: you were helping Gadodiya family a lot it seems Laksh..?

A white flash appears on Laksh face.. (tish tish.. just as in serial)

San: paid their debt, helped in groceries, you became a boy in their family..? why Laksh..? why do you love them a lot..?

Again tish tish flash appears on Laksh’s face.

San: what’s going on in between you and Ragini..?

Lak: Ragini will feel very bad if she listens this Sanskar..!

Now flash on sanky face. He looks at Laksh.

San: why are you concerned for her this much..??

Laksh looks on..

San: lucky, Ragini mera hai. It’s better if you stay far from her..!

Lak: ‘Destiny’ there will be a ‘Destiny’ Sanskar. Till the marriage, no one can claim right on her..!

Sanskar looks on…

Now Laksh laughs.
“Sanky.. Sanky. Chalo. Don’t be that serious. I’m kidding..!!” he says and keeps hand on his shoulder. Both walks away.


Ragini in her house, she is remembering how Laksh held her and brought her out from water. she remembers Laksh’s eyes which were looking at her with kind of passion.
She soon brushes away her thoughts,
“what am I thinking..?” she thinks.

Just then she gets a phone call. Sanskar..!

San: how are you Ragini..?

Rag: I’m fine…

San: hey, are you angry on me..??

Ragini gets tears.
“Sanskar..” she says.

Sanskar feels sad. “I’m really sorry Ragini..”

Ragini wipes her tears.

San: I love you..!!

Rag: love you too…!!

Swara looks at her fumed who listens their convo..


Shekar decides to stop the marriage in whatever manner. But, Ragini trusts him blindly. Shekar is just waiting for any chance.

Here Swara has successfully edited all the videos and photos.
“This plan won’t flop.” She thinks.

Ragini is looking at her engagement ring and her marriage saree in a great smile. And Sanskar is walking in here and there thinking something.

Laksh was alone in his room looking at the photos of Ragini. He remembers the past…

Ap: Laksh, this is not good..! stop everything now..!!

Laksh: what did I do maa..?

Ap: do you do anything for Ragini..? this is madness Laksh..!!

Laksh: that means, I have to leave Ragini..??

Ap: yes..!! she doesn’t love you. She loves only Sasnkar..!

Laksh remembers it. he falls on his knees.

“Why this whole world is against towards my love..?? Ragini, I love you truly. I have just made each and every plot only for you..!! Ragini, I can’t imagine any other girl than you in my life..!! it is impossible..!!”
Laksh says and sits upset on floor.
“why don’t you like me Ragini..? Am I not handsome..? Am I not the smart guy..? I’m I not better to Sanskar..?? it’s me who has seen you before him. It’s us who met before you and him. It is me who happened to have love on you at first Ragini…! Still..???? why him and not me..????”
Laksh closes his face among his hands and cries.

The marriage day has come at last..!!

Laksh as usually goes to Shekar’s house. Sumi makes Ragini ready and brings her down. Laksh mesmerizes looking at Ragini. He keeps looking at her.

Ragini who is coming down, stuck to something and is about to fall, Laksh holds her. Ragini looks at him. She can sense a deep pain in his eyes, but she ignores. She stands.

Laksh: Ragini, will you forget me after the marriage?

Ragini: you and Sanskar are friends. So, you are friend to me also..!!

Laksh smiles. Both gives shakehand to each other.

Shekar brings Laksh aside,
“Laksh beta, Ragini is loving Sanskar. But this Sanskar is not seemed to be correct..!”

Laksh: no uncle, Sanskar is nice guy..!!

Shekar: don’t say just bcz he is your friend..! tell me truth..!!

Laksh closes his eyes. It is him who has ruined Sanskar’s character in front of Shekar. Laksh was about to tell this truth to Shekar…

Then.. suddenly…

Sanskar comes towards Laksh furiously and slaps Laksh suddenly shocking all.

Laksh: Sanskar..??
Laksh questions in anger and frustration. Sanskar holds Laksh’s collar.

Sanskar: you both were cheating me making me blind..??

Laksh: what the hell you are talking..??

Then Sanskar takes out some photos and throws them down. In those photos, Ragini was kissing Laksh and both are hugging. Even Laksh gets hell shocked looking at them.

Ragini and her family too shocks.

Sanskar glares at Ragini,
“In the name of love, you are trying to cheat me..? for name sake, I’m husband and later both of you will do romance..??”

Ragini looks at Sanskar in disbelief and soon she gets tears in eyes.

Laksh tights his fists he goes near Sanskar and slaps him.

Laksh: don’t take a word against Ragini..!!

Sanskar: why are you getting angry..? why are you concerned..?? I know, only bcz you both have affair..!!

Ragini closes her eyes with tears shed with Sanskar’s blames towards her. swara smirks that her plan was complete.

Laksh: so, you are doubtful on Ragini..? you believe that she is characterless..! you believe these photos and videos, but not her..????

Ragini looks at Laksh…

Sanskar: I wouldn’t have believed it Laksh. But you know, I was seeing with my own eyes, the closeness between you both..! Ragini, you were close to him than me right..!!

Ragini looks at Sanskar in disgust.

Laksh: how many times are you going to doubt Ragini..? She believed you in every path, but you..!!

Laksh shows his finger towards him.

Sanksar: don’t try to show finger to me Laksh, all the people here are talking about you both..!!

Laksh shocks with his statement.
“Ragini and Laksh are made for each other..!!” Sanskar says sarcastically looking at both of them.
Ragini’s eyes becomes blur due to tears as she forgot to wipe.

Laksh: I will prove Ragini is innocent..!! not for you Sanskar..!! bcz, all people have started to whisper about Ragini. For them..!!

Laksh looks at all.
“Listen everyone. Give me an hour time to prove these are wrong..!!”

Now, Swara gets tensed as she knows very well that Laksh is very adamant and he don’t leave anything until he gains it..!

Laksh runs out. Sanskar stands aside still in dilemma. But, Ragini is broken completely. And Swara is tensed. She is not even sure, what Laksh is going to do..!!

Exactly after one hour, Laksh comes to baadi. All looks at him. Laksh was glaring at Swara and she takes gulp looking at him.

Laksh brings one man with him and Swara shocks looking at him.

Everyone just looks what news Laksh has brought.

“This is Mr. Sahil. The Ex boy friend of…” while Laskh is telling, Swara runs to Laksh,

“Laksh sir, plz..! plz don’t say this to anyone..!!” she joins her hands and requests Laksh.

All looks at Swara in shock.

Laksh: so, tell what have you done. Otherwise, i will tell what you have done earlier..!

Swara cries,
“those photos and videos are edited by me..! i have done everything with Ragini from the start..!!”

All shock now. Sumi comes furiously near Swara and slaps her hard. She holds her hands tight,

Sumi: why..?? why did you do this to your sister..??? you are elder to her by 6 years and you still hate her..??? how sick you are..!!

Swara shouts: yes i’m sick..!! i wanted Sanskar that’s it and nothing more..!!

Then Swara gets other slap from Sumi.

Sanskar remains shattered for doubting Ragini. He is the one who believed her yesterday and he has not believed her today..! why..? it’s bcz, he was grown too jealous when he found her with his friend..? he forgot all his love just being jealous…??

Sanskar comes near Ragini who was sitting on the steps in upset and hurt. He kneel downs before her.

Sanskar: Ragini, I’m sorry…
He says in tears.

Shekar comes near Sanskar and grabs him far from her.
“Don’t dare to talk to my daughter more..! She has believed you even if you are a mean guy..! but you, kept doubting her always.!!” he says. Sanskar looks at Shekar in confusion,
“He is a mean guy..??” he shocks.

Laksh was just looking at Ragini who was hurt. He has spoiled Sanskar’s character but.. he never wanted to hurt Ragini. He just wanted Ragini should hate Sanskar and she should love only him..! only him..!!

Sujatha requests Shekar:: bhayya ji, misunderstandings are common in all relations. Leave this one mistake and let this marriage happen..!

Shekar: this marriage will happen..!!!

All looks shocked at Shekar and a small smile creeps on Sanskar’s lips…

To be continued…

/* did i give the shock..? i feel happy if you guys are shocked..!! if not shocked, don’t worry there are still shocks ahead..!! */

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    woahhh….astra dear…it was too damn shocking…but the episode was awesome…I think shekhar will make ragini marry laksh….don’t like sanskaar here…so gullible he is…will believe anything….next update fast…eagerly waiting …unite ragini soon with her true love

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot jayanti. hmm, let’s see what shekar will do. yes, ragini will go to her true love at last..

  2. Interesting episode and loved Raglak scenes. Feeling bad for Laksh. Hope Raglak will be united soon. Ur story is very interesting dear. Keep rocks

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    Marriage will happen but the groom is lovey dovey lucky na ashtra ? Awesome episode

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      thank you so much dear. yes, sahil is her ex. let’s wait n see…

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    I was really bowled over, I read the last two updates together and to be honest, I seriously don’t know who I ship: Raglak or Ragsan. Whatever you choose. Amazing plot???

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      hahaha, ok aim.. but decision depends on Ragini. let’s see what Ragini will do..

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    I know who is that groom ?but wait for the answer until next part…. ??

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  25. Akshata

    chalo in this game cum war between sanskar, laksh got one point and sansku zero. sansku why didnt u jump into river ha, showing so much love but didnt trust her and when she jumped u were standing like statue and crying ragini. i mean how will she come back to u without ur help, insane fellow. learn something from laksh. see how he jumped into river to save her though he and swara are the reason behind it. look at ragini’s love n trust and then yours. she is way to ahead from all of you. you guys will never match her. swara laksh n sanskar pls think beyond selfishness. so everybody can live their lives perfectly n peacefully.

    its a big lecture, see Astra i scolded them very badly. stupid fellows. you also teach them a nice lesson otherwise katti.
    N guys this is Astra;s ff never ask her about the pairs she loves only one pair n you know it very well.

    1. Astra

      oh my akshi.. at last you have broke the pot..!! u said the secret..!! now no one will have doubts… but…… u r tooooo late..!! see, all have went away by now. and u scold sanskar and swara.. don’t scold my poor cute handsome choco laksh.. everything is fair in love n war..? hehe.. (not really) but laksh is not reason for ragini falling in river.. swara is reason..
      i will surely teach them a lesson.. don’t worry.. but…. it have some time…

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