End less love story (part 6)

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Part 6

While, Laksh was busy in beating those goons, here Sanskar was with Ragini.

Ragini: Sanskar.. why did you come at this time..? go away..!!

Sanskar: I came to see my beauty…

Ragini: Sanskar… you can see me happily after marriage. You need not climb balcony and come here.. now go..

Sanskar moves towards Ragini and holds her hand. Ragini shocks. “Sanskar..!” she says.

“Kiss me..” he asks.
Ragini shocks.
“Sanskar, are you mad..? go away..!”

Sanskar: what’s wrong in this..? we are going to be married..!

Sanskar moves nearer to her. “No Sanskar..!” shouts Ragini and pushes him, he falls down.
Both look each other shocked. Ragini runs into her room and locks her door. Sanskar gets up and silently goes away looking at her.

Next day,

“wah.. Wah.. Ragini, yours hand cooked food is awesome as nectar..! just trust me..!!” says Laksh eating food served by Ragini.

Ragini smiles.

“My Sanskar is really lucky..!!” he says again. For this word Ragini feels a little shy. But, Laksh didn’t like it when she feeling shy when he said his name.

Ragini::: your friend has become busy these days.. tomorrow is marriage and he didn’t talk to me today at all..!!

(Ragini thinks that Sanskar is angry because she pushed him.)

Laksh: maybe he is busy in some business..??

In the office,
There in office Sanskar is busy in watching a video he got to his whatsapp from unknown number.
Ragini was proposing an guy. (that restaurant scene)
Sanskar is burning in hatred.
Swara smiles wickedly that her plan going to success.

Then Swara happens to come near Sanskar.

Sanskar: what kind of girl is Ragini swara..?

Swara: she is a nice girl sir..

Sanskar: tell me truth…

Swara: nothing is wrong about Ragini, but she had a love failure at her 15 years of age.. from then, she addicted to drink and all…!!

Sanskar throws the chair aside… Swara shocks.

“I’m not a fool to believe whatever you say Miss Swara..! I believe Ragini..!! are you not saying this just to cancel this marriage bcz, you loved me actually..!!” Sanskar roars and Swara shocks.

Swara: no sir..! why I will..??

Sanskar: you are fired from the job..! don’t ever dare to come in between me and Ragini again..!!

Swara looks at Sanskar in upset and leaves the office. She was frustrating her all plans were flopped.
Then she looks at Laksh who enters into Sanskar’s cabin.
“This is my last hope..!” thinks Swara.

Laksh: hey Sanky, why you are seemed upset..??

Sanskar: nothing dude. What’s up..?

Laksh: take this juice. I have prepared it at home..!

Sanskar: haha, r u joking…?

Laksh: taste it and say, maybe I have cooking talent too..?

Sanskar drinks a glass of it. it is juice but, Laksh has mixed the drug in it. soon, Sanskar head spins. He feels dizzy. His voice becomes as drunken voice.

Sanskar: lucky, I’m feeling dizzy…(in drunken voice)
Laksh: ya, let’s go home.

Laksh takes Sanskar to his house.

Then only Shekar happens to come to Sanskar’s house to talk about the video they have seen. Shekar enters at the gate, at the same time.. Laksh brings Sanskar.

Sanskar was in drunken state. He is falling here and there. Shekar looks at Sanskar in disgust and leaves the place. Laksh who observed this, smirks.

In baadi…

Shekar: this marriage won’t happen.

Ragini: but, I imagined only Sanskar as my husband..!

Shekar: he is a bad guy beta..!

Ragini: papa, I love him. If this marriage doesn’t happen, I won’t marry anyone else. And, I don’t believe these things against Sanskar. He is a noble soul.

Ragini goes inside. Shekar looks on…


“Sanskar, you are not my enemy. You were my friend always. but, I love Ragini. I have seen her before you. I met her before you. But, god has destined her for you. But, I even go against to that destiny for her. I’m going against to destiny, then our friendship is a small case Sanskar. I want Ragini. She is mine. Only mine..!!” Laksh says making Sanskar sleep on bed who is drunk.

In baadi, Swara who is looking at her and Ragini’s pic together,
“Ragini, I came six years before you to this Earth. And it’s me who has seen Sanskar first. I loved him. And I don’t even care to harm you for him. Bcz, I have not been married all these years just for him..! I have waited for him. So, he is mine. Only mine..!”

Next day,

Ragini and Swara happened to go to shopping. Swara insists Ragini to come to the temple.
Sanskar was following Ragini secretly from morning. He goes to temple also. Swara takes Ragini to the bridge.

Swara: do puja now, everything will be fine in future.
Ragini smiles and starts sprinkling flowers into the river. Swara looks at Ragini rather cruelly from back. An intention keeps running in her mind. Sanskar is observing both of them.
They both hears a voice,

They both turns and finds Laksh. Laksh comes in a run there and he holds his knees bend, and he is panting. Swara looks at Laksh angrily, that he came at correct time..!

“Laksh, you here..?”

Laksh says, “yes..!” and he forwards a red rose flower to Ragini.
Sanskar holds steering tightly who sat in car. Ragini looks at Laksh confused.

Laksh: hey, you bought flowers there and forgot take change, the shop keeper gave this instead of it. that’s it.

‘oh..!” Ragini smiles and takes it. now, Sanskar gets angry. He gets out from car.

Rag: btw, are you observing us..?
Laksh: yes..! I came to temple, and saw a pretty girl buying flowers and I was observing..!!

Ragini thinks Laksh is talking about Swara and she laughs. Laksh doesn’t understand why she is laughing and he too laughs. Swara just smiles. Ragini and Laksh are laughing whereas Sanskar comes as fire arrow there. He takes flower from Ragini’s hand and throws it in river.

Ragini, Laksh and Swara shocks at once.

San: laksh, she is my honewali wife..! stay in limits..!

Ragini shocks with his words,
“Sanskar, it’s nothing like that.. he just..” while Ragini is telling like that.. Sanskar holds Ragini’s hand.
“Come..!” he demands.

Ragini feels offended with his order. “Sanskar, leave my hand” she says as it’s paining at wrist. Laksh tights his fists to kick him as he was gripping Ragini tight.
“Come..!” Sanskar pulls Ragini. Swara intentionally keeps leg in front of Ragini. For which, Ragini skids and she loses balance.

With that jerk, her hand from Sanskar’s hand separates. She falls off from the bridge.

{Guys, don’t ask me logics here, how could she fall when her hand was in his hand..? if she keeps leg, how can she fall off from bridge..? Just imagine it. keep going.. hehe}

“Ragini” shouts Sanskar. Swara looks on. Sanskar runs at bride edge, Ragini has fallen in water. “Ragini..” he shouts and gets tears.
Without wasting any time Laksh runs and jumps into the river, shocking Sanskar and Swara.

Precap: the twist..!

Who is obsessed now..?

From Astra’s creation box.

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