End less love story (part 5)

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Part 5

Laksh is about to take Ragini to house in his car. But suddenly, Sanskar comes and splashes mug of water on Ragini’s face.
“Sanskar..!!” Laksh shouts in anger at him.

Ragini holds her head and opens her eyes. She shocks to see herself wet.

Ragini: what happen to me..??

Sanskar holds Ragini’s arm tightly. She looks at him shocked.
“what is this Ragini..? did you drink just now..??”

Ragini looks at him in hurt eyes.
“what are you talking Sanskar..?” she asks sadly.

Laksh: sanky, leave her..!

“Don’t come in between us..!” Sanskar pushes Laskh back. Laksh tights his fists to kick him right there for behaving rudely with ‘His girl’

Sanskar holds both of her arms, “what the hell is this Ragini..?” he asks rudely again. Ragini gets tears and she pushes his hands and runs away.

Laksh and Sanskar feels sad looking at her.

Next evening,

Laksh comes to baadi.
“Hai aunty, I have brought groceries from the store.”

Sumi: but why did you..?

Shekar: he didn’t listen to me sharmisita.. he carried all of them to house.

Daadi: laksh has become a boy among our family..!

Later, Laksh sees Ragini is struggling with a radio as it’s not working.
“Ragini ji, it’s not like that.. let me set it..!” Laksh takes it from her hand and repairs it. Ragini is seemed to be upset with Sanskar’s behavior. So she, silently goes to terrace.

‘jaane kaha gaye vo din..’ song plays in radio which was repaired by Laksh. He comes to radio to terrace, Ragini looks at him.

Laksh: this is your favorite song right Ragini ji..

Ragini: laksh, plz stop saying ‘ji’ ‘ji’ again and again..

Laksh smiles. He is happy for her permission. He sits beside her a little far.

Laksh: are you angry on Sanskar..?

Ragini: how do you know that I like this song..?

Laksh smiles a little: you didn’t answer my question.. I just know it.. that’s it..

He says in himself,
“bcz I love u Ragini, I know everything about you..”

Ragini stands and about to go away, she steps on a thorn without seeing.
“aahh..” she shouts in pain. Laksh looks at it.. and runs to her. he makes her sit and removes the thorn from her leg slowly. Ragini looks at him amazed. He rubs her feet. Ragini stops Laksh, and stands.
“Thank you..” she says and runs to her room.

Laksh looks on…


Laksh helped Gadodiya family to gain good name in their eyes. Swara started ruining Ragini’s name to gain Sanskar. Laksh started ruining Sanskar’s name to gain Ragini.
Sanskar started doubting Ragini. But, Ragini has love on Sanskar.

In this loop of love war.. who wins at last..? the true love or the grand obsession..?

Who is obsessed and who has loved..?

Does true love have doubts in relation..?


Ragini is not talking with Sanksar. Sanskar was calling her 50th time to her mobile. But, Ragini was confused how she became a drunkard suddenly. But, she don’t even doubt Swara having blind love on her.

At last Ragini lifts the call.

Ragini: what..?
Sanskar: I love you..
Ragini: but I don’t..!
Sanskar: come out once..! just once..!!

Ragini wipes her tears and comes out. Sanskar is standing down, with balloons. On each one a sorry is written. He smiles and holds the board,
“I felt you as mine..!”

He changes the board,
“that’s why I felt concerned on you..!”

He changes other board,
“I felt I had right on you..!”

He changes board again,
“I’m sorry for hurting.”

Last board, “I love you”

Ragini smiles. Sanskar too smiles. Ragini runs down from steps and hugs Sanskar. He too hugs her back.
“I love you Sanskar.”

“I love you Ragini.”

The pair of jealous eyes looks at them. It’s Swara.
“You are only mine Sanskar..!” she says.

Within 3 days, Ragini and Sanskar’s marriage is there.

Laksh is tensed how to stop the marriage..? his 1st plan was flopped already. Then a boy comes near Laksh. He handovers a CD to Laksh. Laksh plays it on his TV.
“good..!” he smirks. And he sends that CD to Shekar’s address.

There in Shekar’s house Laksh is helping them in all house hold works.

Shekar: you are doing all works as a son…

Laksh in himself: just wait uncle, soon I will be your son in law.

Laksh: uncle, I think.. we have to go and get flowers for decoration.

Shekar: yes beta.. chalo..!

Laksh smirks to apply his plan.
He sends a message to Sanskar. “collect the contract file from MR. XXX near flower market”
Sanskar looks at the message. As, it’s confidential only he has to go.

Laksh takes Shekar to the market. Sanskar too comes at same time.

Sanskar meets some guy.

Sanskar: so, you are Mr. Xxx men..? where is the file..?

Man: hai sir,. Are you going to be married to a bi…?

Sanskar fumes in anger and starts beating them.,.

Shekar happen to see that fight. People around will be talking,
“these days, the galli rowdies are increasing.”

Shekar fumes in anger looking Sanskar avatar like that. laksh smirks looking at the scene. He has sent those men.

Laksh: now, my turn.
Laksh runs to Sanskar and pretends fighting with them. Those men will run away.

Laksh: you ok sanky..?
Sanskar nods his head and looks at Shekar. Shekar comes in a smile towards Laksh.

Shekar: a friend means you Laksh..!
He appreciates Laksh, but he don’t even look at Sanskar. Sanskar feels a little sad.

“the 1st plan may be flopped, this was success. Now, my CD plan will make everything upside down..!!”
Laksh smirks.

Later, Laksh and Sanskar goes to office.

Sanskar: yaarr.. what is this lucky..?? I always get booked before Shekar uncle.

Laksh: then, why did you fight with those guys..?

Sanskar: I couldn’t tolerate yar. They said a bad word to Ragini.

Laksh eyes turn red in upset to hear that,
“what..? they said a bad word to Ragini..? what is that..?” Laksh asks in fierce tone.

Sanskar looks other way,
“I bet them like hell, just imagine what would they have said. Even though, why are you concerned lucky..?”
Sanskar says and turns and Laksh is not there.

“Lucky..?” he calls.

Shekar in his house.

“I feel Laskh is better over Sanskar. But, we can’t change decision now.”

Ragini: but I love only Sanskar.. always..!!

Then only, a CD happens to come to Shekar’s house. (the one which Laksh sent)

Shekar amazes and keeps that in CD player.

Shekar and Ragini shocks to see what’s in the CD. Sanskar is killing some person.
Shekar shocks: Sanskar is a murderer..?

Ragini: papa, once someone tried to ruin Sanskar’s name. I think this is same..! Sanskar can’t do such things..!!

Shekar: I have to talk with Ram and Sujatha ji.


Laksh goes near the men who fought with Sanskar that morning.

A man: hello Laksh sir, we did as you said. We made him get anger.

Laksh: why did you use Ragini’s name for that..?

Those men look at each other.

Laksh: who the hell has used bad word against her..??
He asks in a dangerous fierce tone.

One man comes in front of him,
“our work finished..! now get lost..!” he pushes Laksh keeping hand on chest. Laksh raises hand and slaps him hard and he falls down unconscious.

Laksh looks at the other men just as going to kill them.
“who the hell is it.?” he shouts loud. Those men come in run towards Laksh holding rods. Laksh holds their hands… and big fight happens.
Laksh beats all to floor. All have fell on floor with blood oozing from their heads and hands.

Laksh says in one’s ear..
“don’t dare to open a little word against my girl..!!”
Tells Laksh again beats him with leg and he leaves the place.

Laksh’s hand is wet with the blood. He wipes it with kerchief.

Precap: the final plot..!

Destiny Vs love

Which one survives..?

Who’s love will be true for Ragini..!

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