End less love story (part 4)

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Part 4:

“Laksh.. Laksh..” calls Ap and enters into the dark Laksh’s room. She switches on the lights.
Ap is shocked to see Laksh was sitting at a corner and he was crying. He was holding some photo frame.
Ap goes near him concerned.
Ap in tears: Laksh, what happened to you..??

Laksh keeps the frame aside and keeps his head on her lap and cries.
“maa, Ragini loves Sanskar. She trusts him a lot. Why not me maa..? why Ragini don’t love me..??” cries Laksh. Ap looks at the photo frame.

Ap rubs Laksh’s head.
“Laksh beta, moon will be in the sky and no one can catch it. only some lucky fellow will get chance to catch it. she is not lucky to get a good boy like you..!”

Laksh raises from her lap.
Laksh: am I a good boy mom..?

Ap: yes, you never did any bad things in your life. You never cheated any one. Look at all those trophies and medals of yours. You are a successful man Laksh. You need not cry simply for a girl..!!

Laksh looks on.

Ap: now, stop this rona, and eat something..!!

Ap leaves and Laksh looks himself in mirror.

“I’m a good guy Ragini. Then why I’m not your choice..? you love Sanskar only bcz your parents have fixed that alliance..? if my parents have approached your family first, you would have loved me right..!”
Laksh says and he thinks something.

Next morning,

Sanskar goes to office and finds Laksh has not come. He goes to Laksh’s cabin and he finds him nowhere.

So, for the other file he happened to go to Swara’s cabin. He doesn’t want to go, but he goes.

‘Miss Swara’ Sanskar calls.

Swara soon hides something from him.

San: what are you hiding..?

Swa: nothing sir..!

Swara hides it.

But Sanskar grabs it from hand, thinking she might be leaking any company secrets.

Then, photos from her hands fall down. Sanskar shocks looking at them. He takes those photos into hands and unbelieves.
Ragini is wearing shorts, sleeveless, and she is drinking and talking with many boys.

Sanskar’s eyes turn red.

San: what is this swara..?

Swa: those are nothing boss. May be someone morphed her pics..?

San: I’m asking, how did you get these pics..?

Swa: I found them in Ragini’s cupboard. I kept them with me, to prevent my parents may see it.

San: what do you mean..? ragini drinks..?

Swa: no..no. this is false. Don’t believe this.

Sanskar keeps looking at the pics still shocked.
Swara silently goes away as if she is covering Ragini. But, going out.. she smirks that the plan is working out.


Laksh was busy in observing Ragini who was doing shopping with her friends. She was buying bangles on the road side shop, she was smiling and laughing. Her friends say bye to her after the work and she waits for an auto, just then rain starts.

Ragini starts getting wet and she couldn’t find any shelter for a while. Then Laksh runs out of his car and removes his over coat. He places his over coat above her.

Ragini: aap..?
Laksh: yes, shall we go..?
Ragini: thanks Laksh ji..!
Laksh smiles and he looks at his car and laughs. He wants this chance with his girl, then why he need a car..?

They both start running from that rain in that coat shelter. Sanskar who was going somewhere happen to look them together like that. he holds the steering tightly and bites his teeth.

Later Ragini and Laksh reaches baadi.

some men are making dispute with Shekar.

One man: when will give the debt money..?

Shekar: what non sense? I have taken them from you for my daughter’s marriage. I said I will clear as soon as my next income comes.

Ragini: papa, why are you convincing them? Give their money to them..!

Shekar: but I have already bought all jewellery for you with that amount dear. How can I get money right now..? we have many thinks to done.

Ragini: give that jewellery then papa. Nothing is important than prestige.

All already many people are looking at them and Shekar is feeling guilty.

Laksh just enters the scene.

“Yes. Prestige is important. And same way your marriage is also important Ragini.” He says.

Ragini amazes looking at him.

Shekar: who are you?

Laksh: uncle, I’m Sanskar’s friend. Plz, take this check of mine and clear their debt.

Ragini: we don’t want strangers help..!

Shekar: yes. I can’t take from you.

Laksh: uncle, I’m not showing pity. Just concern. Bcz, I too have a sister. I know, daughter’s marriage is important work to father. I’m not showing mercy. You can give me my money back when your next income comes. I’m not like this merciless people. Plz take uncle…

Shekar: no..! I will ask my relatives. Who are you to help us..?

Laksh’s heart pinches with that question.
“I know. I’m nothing to no one. But, something to someone.”
He looks at Ragini. Ragini doesn’t understand his feelings.

Laksh gives money check to those men, they go away.

Shekar: what is this boy..??

Laksh: uncle, now treat me as a boy in your family. I will eat lunch and go. Daadi, can I eat lunch here..??

Daadi smiles: come beta…

Sumi: at least some one helped us at time.
Shekar nods head. But, Ragini remains silent.

Just then Ragini gets call from Swara.

Swara in crying tone: Ragini… don’t say anything out. Listen to me silently.

Ragini shocks but acts as nothing happened,
“what’s wrong swara..?”

Swara: come to ‘xxx’ restaurant soon…

Ragini cuts the call,
“mom dad.. I will come just now.”
Ragini runs out.

“where Ragini is going? I have come for her..!” Laksh thinks.

Laksh: daadi, I will eat later. Bye..
He rushes out.

Laksh follows Ragini.
“why Ragini is tensed?”
But, Laksh happened to stuck in traffic.

Ragini goes to restaurant as Swara mentioned. Swara is sitting on a table. Ragini rushes there.

Ragini: swara.. is everything fine..???

Swara: fine baba.. fine. I was just funny..!
Ragini beats on her shoulder.

Swara: hey, I’m six years elder to you. You shouldn’t beat me..!
Ragini sits opposite to her.
“Swara di, why don’t you get married.? Mom dad are concerned for you.”

Swara thinks: after clearing my way..! soon I will..!
She orders two drinks and Swara insists Ragini to drink it.

Ragini: why did you call me this hurry..??

But soon, Ragini’s head start spinning. She feels a little dizzy. Swara smirks. Everything becomes blur in front of her eyes.

Sanskar happens to come to same restaurant on an office meeting.
“Laksh, we have a meeting here. And where have you been..? come fast..!!”

Laksh beats steering in car and says,
“Yes, I’m coming.”

Meanwhile, Ragini goes in between the boys who are dancing. Dj is being played. Sanskar happens to look at that side.

“dum maro dum..
Mit jaye gam…
Bolo shubah sham…”
Ragini is dancing for the song… and Sanskar shocks.

‘hare krishna hare ram…’

Sanskar is stunned to see that Ragini was drunk and dancing being drunk. Swara who was standing at a side smirks to see this.

Laksh just comes to that place. And Laksh too looks at that scene and he too gets hell shocked.

“who is that girl..?” one board member asks.
“she is Sanskar sir’s fiancé.” Other says.

Sanskar tights his fists as he was embarrassed bcz of her.

One boy among that group is about to touch Ragini, then that boy gets a tight slap and he falls down. He looks ahead and it’s Laksh.
“Stop that hell music..!” he roars.

The Dj becomes silent. Ragini is still staggering in drink effect. Laksh holds Ragini,
“Ragini, come into sense. Who did this to you..?” Laksh pats her cheek.

“Sanskar..” he calls but Sanskar already left in disgust.

Ragini opens her eyes and looks at Laksh…
“Sanskar..!! I love you..!!” she says and hugs Laksh.

Laksh’s heart breaks into 1000 pieces even she hugged bcz she pronounced the name of Sanskar.

Ragini becomes unconscious.

Precap: love confession between Ragini and Sanskar. Who is obsessed actually..?

Trust is the first element in love..! Ragini was successful in it..! will Sanskar fail..? Laksh’s feeling is love or obsession..?

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